Nathan Lyon burns toast in dressing room, play gets delayed as fire alarm goes off — WATCH

The JLT Sheffield Shield match witnessed a bizarre incident where the fire alarm went off but the players continued to play for a while

We have seen so many cricket matches over the years being interrupted for bizarre reasons. But, this one definitely takes the cake. A JLT Sheffield Shield match between New South Wales vs Queensland had to be suspended for half an hour because of a silly mistake made by Australia’s star off-spinner Nathan Lyon. He had been preparing a toast which got burnt and thus set off the alarm at the Allan Border Field, Brisbane.

Though the game continued for a few minutes despite the alarm being set off, the on-field umpires Phillip Gillespie and Simon A Lightbody had to evacuate the Stuart Law stand which housed both the teams, the scorers and the media. The play was delayed by 30 minutes

The players of both the teams were perplexed until Lyon confessed that it was his carelessness that caused the fire alarm to go off.

Here’s what the off-spinner had to say.

(The toast) popped up first and I wasn’t happy so I put it back down and I got carried away watching the cricket. There’s a first for everything. I was getting a bit bored in the changerooms. Steve Smith already said he’s going to cover it (the fire truck call-out fee).

Funnily, the 29-year-old also admitted that he intended to put peanut butter on the toast as well, though couldn’t because of the series of events.

Here’s the video of fire alarm going off posted by journalist Veronica Eggleton –

Despite the bizarre sequence of events, Lyon’s side New South Wales still managed to win the match by 6 wickets. Lyon will be featuring in the Ashes 2017 squad.