Mutual admiration society: I admire Virat Kohli, says Kumar Sangakkara

In a recent chat show, Sangakkara heaped praise on Kohli. He was talking about the importance of hard-work and how some players do without it but for some, it is the key to success. Kohli, to him, fell in the latter category.

In 2015, when Kumar Sangakkara bid adieu to cricket, he played his last series against India, with Virat at the helm of affairs. That is when Virat Kohli in an interview said, “I am actually glad that he is going to be playing his last few games against us because it is a special occasion for us to be a part of. Such a legend of the game retiring, as a young side it will be an honour for us to give him that respect in his last few Tests, lot of left-handers really look up to him. His technique and the way he has scored runs all over the world, his numbers speak for themselves. He is a wonderful human being”.

This time round it seems Kumar Sangakkara is returning the favours. In a recent interview, ex  Sri-Lankan southpaw said,  “I admire Virat Kohli a huge deal. For someone so young, he answered he wants to be the best at everything he does when he was questioned. He said he wants to be the best in all aspects of the game.

Adding further he threw light on the fitness levels of Virat, saying, “His batting, fielding, fitness, weight-training, he does everything with such passion that it drives his on-field success forward. So to me, there’s no substitute to hard-work and working hard the correct way with a plan.”

Kumar Sangakkara may have called it quits but is still actively taking part in the Pakistan Super League (PSL). He leads the Karachi Kings franchise there.