Much-Awaited India vs Pakistan Asia Cup Clash Was Dull After All, Except On Twitter

We want nail-biting finishers!

The previous three matches between arch-rivals India and Pakistan have all been one-sided. Whether it was the Champions Trophy 2017 group stage match, followed by the final, or the Asia Cup clash. They were not competitive. Though India did manage to win two of them, fans had to wait a long time for them to meet on the international stage. The neighbours barely play any cricket now, until and unless it’s a multiple-team ICC event.

Despite the home advantage for Pakistan (as they host teams in Dubai), their batting lineup was derailed by Indian bowlers. They could not really recover from the two early breakthroughs. Barring Babar Azam and Shoaib Malik, no batsman posed a threat to the fast bowlers and the spinners capitalised on that in the middle overs.

People who left their offices early to go home and enjoy India going head-to-head with Pakistan after more than a year were the most disappointed. The ones who brought the tickets were even more so.

Even though we love to see India be on the winning side, the only interesting stuff that happened during the match was on Twitter and the only threat that was posed to India was from Hardik Pandya’s injury.

Infinite loop!

When the match is too boring

That’s below the belt

Hasan Ali had it coming

There is still a match left guys

His haircut depends on the match’s result

Watching this on loop

This is how we do it

Endangered species


Someone help him!

Even after a lowly score of 162, the Pakistan bowling lineup was expected to put up a fight. In the previous Asia Cup clash, Mohammad Amir did cause a few problems for the Indian batsmen before Virat Kohli made batting look like a child’s play.

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Similarly, fans expected Pakistani fast bowlers to move the ball sideways and put up a fight. But the run-chase looked like a cakewalk for India. Well, all is not lost for fans waiting for the two giants to see each other on the field. They will lock horns again on September 23. There is even a chance for a third match if both the teams reach the final.