MS Dhoni's rare moment on the field as he stares at Kedar Jadhav after surviving runout | Watch Video

MS Dhoni lost his cool in the first ODI against Australia at Chennai as he almost got runout while taking a single in the 22nd over

MS Dhoni rarely loses his cool on the field but when he does it makes the news. The ODI series against Australia is always intense and the first ODI was no different. India lost four wickets in no time and the pressure was on finisher Dhoni to anchor the innings. Dhoni does look to take quick singles and keep putting pressure on the fielders through the innings. Dhoni intended to do that in the first ODI as well. Dhoni lost his cool on Kedar Jadhav as he was not on his toes when he wanted a single.

The rare moment happened on the second ball of the 22nd over. Marcus Stoinis bowled a good length delivery on the fourth stump line to Dhoni. The wicketkeeper-batsman worked the ball towards cover-point in his typical fashion and immediately pushed for a single. The debutant Hilton Cartwright was quick to respond as he attacked the ball, picked it up and threw it back at the stumps.

Dhoni was halfway down the pitch and had to go back to the striker’s end as Jadhav was not ready to take a single. Dhoni was stranded in the middle of the 22-yard pitch and also slipped while running back. Fortunately for Dhoni, the ball did not hit the stumps as Cartwright’s throw went wide.

Here’s the video of the incident-

The overthrow from the Australian fielder ensured that Dhoni gets the single he wanted in the first place. He survived but did not have a pleasant reaction for Jadhav as he stared him and shook his head.

Though Jadhav disappointed even more on the next ball Stoinis bowled. Jadhav tried to pull the short ball but ended up hitting it straight to Cartwright on the short midwicket. The debutant made amends on the previous ball and took the catch comfortably to send Jadhav packing for 40 from 54 balls and India in deep trouble.