Move over Gangnam, Chris Gayle's latest on 'Laila-o-laila' will take your breath away. Watch Video

Chris Gayle touts himself as 'CEO', we wonder of what. We know for a fact that he owns 'Triple Century 333 Sports Bar', but is he talking about that

Chris Gayle is a true character on and off-the-field. He was the one who introduced the world to the ‘Gangnam’ style of dance. Also known as ‘Universe boss’, Gayle has taken his dancing skills to the next level. Well yes, this time he is seen shaking a leg or two to the famous Bollywood number ‘Laila-o-laila’. Gayle is no stranger to Bollywood and India, still to do it so-well he deserves a pat on the back.

Chris Gayle took to his Instagram to upload the video and give the world a glimpse into his dancing antics. Whatever it be, it has to said that he nails it to perfection. We also guess that there has been a choreographer from India who has taught him these moves, because hailing from the Caribbean it is very difficult to do what Chris Gayle has done. In the video, Chris Gayle is seen in all whites like the yesteryear’s Jeetendra.

That is not it, he captions the post as, #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge, he also vouches to give USD 5000, to whoever does it best. He also makes the announcement that the winner will be decided on 24th of July, which is not far, just 8 days to go.


The post read, “I’ll give the winner USD 5000 who do the #ChrisGayleDanceChallenge __ the best _. Ladies, the challenge goes for you too…There’s the video so make sure you’re spot on as I am lol. #HaveFun I’ll post the top 5 on my page and the viewers choose the winner. Remember to use the HASHTAG! Will announce the winner on the 24th.”

It is strange that in the earlier post, just before the shoot of the dance he touts himself as ‘CEO’, we wonder of what. We know for a fact that he owns ‘Triple Century 333 Sports Bar’, so is he talking about that? May be.


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Gayle has about two to three seasons of cricket left in him and would dearly want to be a part of the Windies national outfit.