Move Over Azhar Ali, This Run Out In New Zealand Domestic Tournament Will Leave You In Splits

Azhar Ali, you have got competition!

Azhar Ali’s run out is one people will talk about for decades. This cricket season has been flooded with rare incidents and records. Not long after the first comical run out, there came another one. In a domestic First-Class match between Wellington and Otago in New Zealand’s Plunket Shield the batsmen running between the wickets slipped their way to a hilarious run out.

In Otago’s first innings, batsman Michael Rippon flicked the ball off his pads towards deep square leg. As Wellington had an attacking field for him, it looked like a comfortable couple of runs but then Rippon slipped right after taking the first run. He tried to regain control but fell flat on his chest.

Nathan G Smith looked unaware of what happened on the other end was jogging towards his end. As soon as he saw Rippon on the ground, he tried to go back but slipped and fell on his back making the run out look hilarious.

Here are a few reactions to the farcical run out:

We agree

Hard luck, Nathan!

This guy is in disbelief

Keeping them grounded

Nice one

But both of them fell on the ground

Okay, last one.

And here’s the video of Ali’s run out which may become the most-watched run out on YouTube soon enough:

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