Mitchell Starc's this statement about Ben Stokes ahead of Ashes proves why Australians will never change

England do not have a good record down under in Ashes, something they would like to correct this time

With Ashes around the corner, the infamous mind games are underway and it seems Australian pacer Mitchell Starc really wants to get the back of English all-rounder Ben Stokes. Stokes was arrested and later released in Bristol after getting involved in a reportedly drunken brawl. He has now been included in the English squad, which is great news if you are an England supporter. With the latest coming in, it seems Mitchell Starc has requested Australian fans to “get stuck into” England bad boy Ben Stokes if he makes the trip for the upcoming Ashes calling for them to be “very loud”.

Whatever it be, Ben Stokes should certainly expect a hostile reception. Stokes would also hold the key to England’s chances in the upcoming Ashes as he has the ability to change the complexion of the match within overs.

“I guess I’d love if he was out here. I’d love for the Australian crowd to get stuck into him the way the Poms (English) get stuck into our blokes over there,” Starc said in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday, October 10.

“Regardless of whether he’s here or not, I think the atmosphere is going to be great at all the grounds,” said Starc.

“I’m really looking forward to that atmosphere and if Ben is playing I’m sure it’s going to be hyped up and really loud. But I’m sure Ben knows how to cope with that sort of stuff if he does play,” added Starc.

“Why not? Go for it. The Aussie boys will be backing you all the way in,” he said when the reporter suggested if the crowd should sledge Ben Stokes.

“On certain people, I think it can (affect their performance),” he said when asked if the banter would affect the opponent’s play.

“For certain guys, if they’re copping it in the crowd they enjoy the banter, they give it back and really enjoy that atmosphere and that banter both ways with the crowd. Other guys will go into their shell and it might affect their cricket,” he concluded.

The first Test is slated to start on November 23.