Watch: Michael Clarke turns auto-rickshaw driver post retirement?

Michael Clarke seems to be a very quick learner—now we know why he garners so much respect

Australia has walloped team India at home. They are leading one-nil up in the series. Now the focus shifts to Bengaluru; Team India have gone back to the grind and hit the nets. In the meanwhile, former Australian skipper Michael Clarke has taken some time out and seems to be in unwind mode. He was one of the most celebrated captains to don the baggy green. He did not hang up his boots long back when the tide wasn’t in his favour. He recently called it a day and since then, he has been caught up doing broadcasting duties.

Michael Clarke has been also been seen playing a few guest leagues but no serious cricket. It seems India is his second home. Yes, he has got umpteen runs in this country and now probably, he has retirement plans here as well. Has he found a new profession? It seems.

Clarke took to his Facebook page to show the world what he is up to nowadays. He apparently rides an auto along with a locale who teaches the ‘pup’ the know how of the three-legged autorickshaw. He shows him how the gear operates and the way to apply the brakes.

Finally, pup gets it started all by his own and rides it smoothly, risk-free. He seems to be a very quick learner—now we know why he was respected so much.

We are sure Michael Clarke is having a nice time in India. That’s the beauty of India, isn’t it? The love and the aura that makes even the foreigners feel like home.