Mashrafe Mortaza, Subhashish Roy almost fight on the field in a BPL game, resolve later — WATCH

Mashrafe Mortaza doused the flames after the match by apologising for his mistake in the heat of the moment and defended Subhashish Roy

Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) 2017, Match No.7 saw an unfortunate moment between two Bangaladeshi international players. With 38 needed off 21 balls for Rangpur Riders, the match was heading towards the climax. Things were bound to be tense. Chittagong Vikings bowler Subhashis Roy after getting hit for a boundary in the same over bowled a perfect yorker. Mortaza could do nothing but play it back to the bowler. Roy wanted to throw the ball back at stumps in the heat of the moment which ignited a ‘war of words’ between the two. There were a few words exchanged between the two in an argument started by Mortaza. Before the issue got bigger, the players were separated.

The video of the spat went viral as it involved a former Bangaldeshi captain and a promising fast bowler. Both of them have played in the same team recently representing Bangladesh in international cricket.

Here’s the video of the incident and Mortaza’s clarification-

Mortaza later posted a video clarifying and apologising for the incident and urging fans to forget the incident –

Assalamualaikum. I hope everyone is doing well. First of all, I want to congratulate Chittagong Vikings. They played well to beat us. Bat or ball, they played exceptionally outstanding cricket. We were unable to play well. Of course, at times we played well but overall, they deserved to win. Actually, the reason for me doing this video is because of something that has gone way beyond control.

I want to say I have received a lot of love from people. I got a lot of things from them. But at the same time I think Subashish also deserves love because he too plays for Bangladesh. The incident that happened at the field, I have already said in the press conference that as a senior, I should not have reacted in such a way.

Mortaza also took a player like a senior player and lauded Roy’s journey to the cricketer he is now.

Because you can say it all started with me. Maybe he wanted to throw the ball but if I had not reacted, he might have returned to bowl the next ball. I have already said sorry. I think you guys have understood already. It is better to leave behind the things which happen on the field.

At the same time, he is a very promising fast bowler. It is not like he has appeared all of a sudden and started playing. He has also overcome a lot of obstacles in order to play for Bangladesh. I am also doing the same thing. A lot of incidents take place on the field. We all treat them casually. I don’t know why [Wednesday] should be an exception. Obviously, he is my younger brother so I apologised to him.

The match went Vikings’ way as Mortaza got out under pressure in the 18th over. The required run rate increased at an alarming rate in the ending stages. In the end Vikings won by 11 runs as Roy bowled a brilliant last over giving just 4 runs where 16 runs were needed for Riders to win the match.