Marlon Samuels' STRANGE wish: I want to join Pakistani army!

Marlon Samuels admitted all of this in a video, in which he thanked the Pakistani army general Qamar Javed Bajwa for his role in the security of the PSL

He is no stranger to making controversial statements and headlines but this time he may have pushed the line too far. He was the captain of the winning Peshwa Zalmi team. Marlon also played the finals in front of a packed Gadaffi stadium in Lahore. Apparently, he was so impressed with the security personnel that he is contemplating being a part of the Pakistani army.

We are sure Samuels has not got his history right. In a country that is terror-laden like Pakistan, it is the weirdest thing a Caribbean can say, but hr did and how. The West Indian match winner wants to work in the army. He also went on to the extent to say, he feels like a Pakistani.

In fact, he admitted all of this in an emotional video, in which he thanked the Pakistani general of the army Qamar Javed Bajwa for his role in the safety and security of the Pakistan Super League Final in Lahore.

All that is fine Mr. Marlon, but are you sure you feel like a Pakistani? Do you even know, what is Pakistan all about? Are you living in Alice In Wonderland.

Sammy was leading the Zalmi’s in the final of the Pakistan Super League. The general was also present after the match and met all the Zalmi players including Sammy.