Timed to perfection: Steve Smith confesses love to Dani Willis, on Valentine's day!

In nine days time he would be leading Australia in India, but just ahead of that, he has confessed his love for law student Dani Willis.

Hopefully, this will draw a full-stop to the rumour that is being carried by the grapevine for quite some time now.

Australian skipper Steve Smith, who in 9-days time would lead Australia in their tour to India, took to social media on the occasion of Valentine’s day and confessed his love for his girlfriend, Dani Willis.

The two had been spotted in public places on umpteen occasions before Smith finally went public with it. And what a day he chose to make this announcement, Valentine’s day.

Steve Smith’s post read, “Happy Valentine’s Day @dani_willis I love u. Xxx”

This makes it pretty evident about his feelings for the law practitioner, Dani Willis. She is a law student at Macquarie University, apart from being a former competitive swimmer and water polo player.

While Smith and Dani may be poles apart when it comes to their career goals and achievement, she has always been at the forefront in showing support for her boyfriend.