Love bites: When Chris Gayle confessed his love for Natasha!

In the picture, that was posted along with the message, we see Chris Gayle, who is looking like a royal king in a chair with nice backdrop.

Self confessed ‘world boss’ Chris Gayle’s antics can at times be to hard to digest or too loud and he does not make an effort to do it, it happens. He loves a drink or two, never shy of wooing girls and with the willow in his hand he can destroy careers, that is how this reggae king functions. Uncanny, but beautiful. The monstrous hitter has also been blessed with a lovely, supportive and caring family, his wife Natasha and baby girl, Blush.

Yesterday, from Dubai, Gayle made it a point to make the little one feel special by posting her video with a adorable message. Well, he exactly knows how to impress, what an art!

A few hours back, Gayle did the same for his lovely wife, Natasha. He took to Instagram to post the cute, lovey-dovey message which read, ” Valentine’s Day To You & Natasha !! Stay Many Many Years Together, Always Stay Blessed !!” The message was also padded up with a whole lot of emoji’s, we guess he did that for styling purposes.

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In the picture one gets to see Gayle sitting in a chair wearing a black colour tee with gold colour imprints suggesting probably, birds opening their wings wide. The backdrop is gorgeous giving one a sense of royalty. Some parts of his backdrop has gold colour in the architect.

As of now it seems everything is looking up in the Gayle household. The sun is shining really bright!