Watch Video: Logan star Hugh Jackman mocks Team India 'superheroes' after Pune Test defeat against Australia

Hugh Jackman aka 'Wolverine' scratches India's fresh wounds after humiliating Pune Test win before Logan's release on March 3 in India

Seems like Logar star Hugh Jackman wants some publicity for his movie releasing on March 3. His movie has created quite a stir as it is expected to be his last movie as the legendary comic character ‘Wolverine’. The Australian actor is loved in India for his role in the ‘Wolverine’. Jackman’s love for cricket is not new to anyone. He has featured in videos alongside Shane Warne, hitting him for huge sixes in the nets.

India were beaten by a huge margin of 333 runs in the Pune Test, thanks to huge batting collapses they suffered in both the innings. Indian batsmen could only manage to score 105 and 107 in first and second innings respectively. Following that Jackman took a dig at Indian players despite being a fan.

Though, he believes that Indian players will make a solid comeback in the second Test at Bengaluru starting March 4, he did not refrain from mocking India for the infamous Pune Test loss.

The Aussie actor Jackman said in the video, “Namaste to all my fans in India! Do you guys know that cricket is my favourite sport? And what a great journey you and your cricket team have been going through in the last few years! Your superheroes have been overpowering all the teams in the World. But my Aussie mates have just got the better of your team in the first match (winks). But I know that the Indian team is gonna play bold, bolder than ever because that’s what superheroes do, that’s what Logan does.”