India vs Bangladesh one-off Test Day 2, Hyderabad: As it happened

India seem to be in control of one-off Test at Hyderabad, we might be looking at a gigantic first innings score at the end of Day Two.

The day ends with Bangladesh trailing by 646 runs with 9 wickets in hand. Will they be able to avoid follow-on? Will R Ashwin take those 2 wickets and become the fastest to take 250 wickets in Tests. I will be signing off, for more updates tune into our live blog tomorrow at 9:30 IST.

16:33 IST Bangladesh- 41/1, 14 overs, India 687/6 dec, Tamim Iqbal 24(48), Mominul Haque 1(5)

Indian skipper’s plan worked, Bangladesh lost one of their openers at the end of Day Two’s play. Indian seamers Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled tight lines, giving the openers no chance to work it away or knock around. Ishant Sharma returned to the side after an injury. A lot was expected from him but he got hammered for runs, Ishant gave 30 runs from the 5 overs he bowled. Third seamer Umesh Yadav came into the attack and got the wicket of Sarkar. No one appealed for but Kohli for an edge past Sarkar’s bat. He opted for DRS straightaway which went in India’s way. R Ashwin too created problems for the batsmen. His spell will prove vital on Day Three.

Bangladesh openers have a tough task ahead of them, will they be able to keep their wickets intact at the end of Day 2’s play? Let’s find out!

Innings Break! 

15:18 IST India- 687/6 dec in 166 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 106(155), Ravindra Jadeja 60(78)

After humiliating Bangladesh on Day 2, Virat Kohli has decided to declare the innings. Last 3 overs saw 27 runs being scored in 3 overs. It is going to be a tough task for Bangladesh. Their batsmen need to be on the top of their game to save themselves from follow-on which is why Kohli made India score such a gigantic total. If previous series performance are to be analysed, India will win this match by an innings.

Stat Alert: This is India’s fifth highest total in an inning!

Bangladesh bowlers are desperately waiting for Virat Kohli to declare, the fielders’ body language isn’t a happy sight for their fans.

15:08 IST Wridhhiman Saha reaches his second ton in style, dances down the wicket and hits the ball over bowler’s head.Ravindra Jadeja shows his fencing skills after reaching his fifty.

15:05 IST India- 660/6 in 163 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 98(152), Ravindra Jadeja 41(63)

Nothing is going Bangladesh way, now Jadeja decides to open his arms. A gigantic six towards long on, the ball went deep into the crowd. The message is loud and clear, score runs at a rapid rate. Saha too is just two runs shy of his second ton. Meanwhile, Jadeja was dropped in long-on region.

14:56 IST Wriddhiman Saha moves to nervous 90s!

14:46 IST India- 633/6 in 158 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 86(133), Ravindra Jadeja 25(46)

Just one boundary after Tea Break, that too from Ravindra Jadeja. Saha has taken a defensive approach now. Mahmudullah is bowling from one end whereas Taijul Islam from another. Bangladesh are trying out their options in hunt of a wicket. But, it seems they are waiting for the hosts to declare.

Will we see another ton from Indian batsmen? Let’s find out!

Tea Break! 

14:12 IST India- 620/6 in 153 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 83(124), Ravindra Jadeja 16(31)

Saha has been rather quiet in the past few overs. Again, Mehedi-Taijul duo is trying to put pressure on the batsman. Boundaries have been hard to come by. Saha will try to score a hundred after Tea Break, this will be his second Test ton.

Stat Alert: This is India’s highest innings total against Bangladesh.

13:52 IST India- 602/6 in 147 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 70(98), Ravindra Jadeja 11(21)

Saha has accelerated from second gear to fourth in no time. He is dancing down the wicket and hitting boundaries. Jadeja is trying to assess the pitch conditions. He does not need to take any chances as the run rate is well above four runs per over. Saha will be eyeing his century in this session.

13:36 IST FIFTY! Wriddhiman Saha reaches his fifty!

13:34 IST India- 572/6 in 142 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 49(85), Ravindra Jadeja 2(4)

Mehedi Hasan gets rewarded for his hard work, discipline takes the wicket of Ashwin, a similar delivery which he used to get rid of Cheteshwar Pujara. Sarkar is slips made on mistake taking the catch. Jadeja comes in to bat. Saha on the other side has taken an attacking approach. He struck a four and a six off Shakib Al Hasan. He is having a bad day at the office today.

13:27 IST, Wicket! Ravichandran Ashwin c Soumya Sarkar b Mehedi Hasan 34(45)

13:10 IST India- 544/5 in 137 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 28(68), Ravichandran Ashwin 29(36)

Saha is playing cautiously upon his comeback in the Indian team. Taskin Ahmed was introduced into the attack. However, it did not matter much for Ashwin, he is timing the ball without any fuss. Ashwin struck back-to-back boundaries towards the third man region. India are expected to reach 600 by end of the second session. It will be interesting to see whether Kohli declares after 600 or lets his batsmen pile on runs through the day.

12:50 IST India- 515/5 in 132 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 16(51), Ravichandran Ashwin 13(23)

Wicketkeeper-batsman Saha is taking his time on the crease. Bangladeshi bowlers are trying hard to put the pressure on India’s lower-middle order. Ashwin is hitting the ball in the middle of the bat, a bad sign for the visitors, their ‘chasing-the-leather’ days are not over yet. India are clearly heading towards a gigantic first innings total.

12:27 IST India- 496/5 in 127 overs, Wriddhiman Saha 4(24), Ravichandran Ashwin 0(8)

Virat Kohli gets out soon after scoring his century. It is his fourth double hundred and fourth on the trot in terms of series which is a world record, he surpassed Don Bradman with this effort. This is also his third double ton as a captain in the season. Taijul Islam bowled a beautiful delivery to get rid of Kohli, the ball went straight to his pads as the skipper was caught plump in front of stumps.

WICKET! Virat Kohli lbw Taijul Islam 204

Meanwhile, Harsha Bhogle hails Captain Kohli!

Fourth double century for Virat Kohli, that too in the fourth successive series.

12:10 IST The stage is set for another double-hundred from Indian ‘run-machine’. Players have made their way to the field. Here starts the second session of Day 2!

Lunch Break!

All eyes will be on Kohli as soon as he returns to the crease. WIll he score another double hundred? Stay tuned!

11:32 IST India- 477/4 in 121 overs, Virat Kohli 191 (230), Wriddhiman Saha 4(24)

Virat Kohli survived a scare. Kohli was given out by the Umpire but DRS came to the rescue, the ball was clearly missing leg stump. Umpire had to reverse the decision. 200 is very much on cards for Kohli.

Mushfiqur Rahim made a blunder of a stumping chance, Saha came dancing down the wicket, he missed the ball completely. Rahim had all the time in the world to stump him out but dislodged the bails in his third attempt and that was enough for him to get back into the crease. Nothing is going Bangladesh’s way. It is going to be a long day for the visitors chasing the leather!

Taijul Islam has bowled brilliantly well today but has not been lucky.

11:19 IST India- 466/4 in 117 overs, Virat Kohli 180 (220), Wriddhiman Saha 4(10)

At last Bangladeshi bowlers succeed in breaking Virat-Rahane partnership. A spectacular catch at point region from Mehedi Hasan to get rid of Rahane. Another scare, this time from Hasan, Kohli gets beaten by the off-spinner. Wriddhiman Saha comes into bat. Saha off the mark with a boundary, dances down the track and hits the ball through covers.

WICKET! Ajinkya Rahane c Mehedi Hasan b Taijul Islam 82 (133)

11:03 IST India- 454/3 in 113 overs, Virat Kohli 173 (207), Ajinkya Rahane 82(132)

Boundaries have dried up now. Mehedi-Taijul duo has put a break on the flurry of runs. The spinners have made Kohli-Rahane cramp for room. This might lead to a phase where Bangladesh might manage to get a breakthrough.

10:50 IST India- 441/3 in 108 overs, Virat Kohli 165 (193), Ajinkya Rahane 76(116)

Hasan is bowling a tight line and length, where was he all this time. Rahane has turned on the defensive mode now. Islam continues, Kohli takes a couple after blocking the first ball. Next delivery, missed it completely. For the first time Kohli was outsmarted by a Bangladeshi bowler in this match. Good stuff from youngster Islam.

10:44 IST India- 438/3 in 106 overs, Virat Kohli 162 (185), Ajinkya Rahane 76(112)

Mehedi Hasan is introduced into the attack. Can he break the partnership? Three singles from his over, both the batsmen play him cautiously, not trying anything extraordinary. Taijul Islam continues, FOUR! Kohli brings up 200-run partnership. 8 runs from the over.

Drinks Break! 

10:32 IST India- 426/3 in 104 overs, Virat Kohli 152 (176), Ajinkya Rahane 73(103)

Kamrul Islam continues, a boundary from Rahane, took his time to play that shot, a mere punch off the back foot. Rahane is on his way to his century now. Taijul Islam comes into bowl, just a single off his over, bowls a tight line and length to Rahane.

10:22 IST India- 419/3 in 102 overs, Virat Kohli 151 (175), Ajinkya Rahane 68(98)

Kamrul Islam brought back into the attack. Rahane tries to hit him for a boundary, in the air and dropped! Sabbir drops the catch, it was a half chance. But, in international matches, players have to convert those chance into wickets. Shakib continues, FOUR! Rahane flashes his bat, just 5 runs from the over

10:16 IST India- 411/3 in 100 overs, Virat Kohli 151 (174), Ajinkya Rahane 60(87)

A question which will be on everyone’s watching the match is why was Shakib introduced into the attack. A waste of conditions is what they did, they should have at least given the youngster a chance with the new ball. Poor captaincy from Mushfiqur Rahim. Just three singles from the over.

10:12 IST India- 408/3 in 99 overs, Virat Kohli 150 (172), Ajinkya Rahane 58(83)

A flurry of boundaries followed in last few overs. Kohli has made a habit of scoring big once he settles and he has done it once again. Kohli reaches his 150, a double hundred is surely on cards, even a triple ton (according to fans). Shakib and Taskin;s bowling has been pretty ordinary today. India are on their way to a gigantic total.

India- 380/3 in 96 overs, Virat Kohli 129 (161), Ajinkya Rahane 51(76)

Shakib continues, Rahane scores no run of the first three deliveries. FOUR! Rahane reaches his fifty, there was criticism following his selection in the team. But, Rahane has proved himself once again.

India- 376/3 in 95 overs, Virat Kohli 129 (161), Ajinkya Rahane 47(70)

Kohli is in his zone today, he is playing each delivery on it’s merit. A boundary and a couple from the over. Ahmed has not been able to pose a threat in the first session so far.

India- 370/3 in 94 overs, Virat Kohli 123 (155), Ajinkya Rahane 47(70)

Shakib continues, tosses the ball up, Rahane leans forward and offers the full face of the bat, maiden over from Shakib.

India- 370/3 in 93 overs, Virat Kohli 123 (155), Ajinkya Rahane 47(64)

Taskin Ahmed continues, FOUR! poor delivery from Ahmed, wide, banged short, Kohli gives it a perfect treatment. FOUR! Another one, Ahmed is not learning from his mistakes, another boundary for the skipper. Next ball, pitched full, Kohli tries to drives it, fielded by the man at short cover. Ahmed nudges the ball towards mid-wicket region, no run. Defends the next delivery, another defensive shot to end the over, 8 from it.

India 362/3 in 92 overs, Virat Kohli 115 (149), Ajinkya Rahane 47(64)

Shakib Al Hasan comes introduced in the attack. Strange! Rahane blocks the first ball presenting the full face of the bat. Rahane takes a single of the next delivery. Kohli too presents the full face of the bat and blocks. He takes a couple of the next delivery, glanced towards the fine leg. Kohli blocks the next delivery followed up with a single. Kohli retains strike.

India 359/3 in 91 overs, Virat Kohli 112 (145), Ajinkya Rahane 46(62)

Taskin Ahmed is gearing up to the bowl the first over of Day Two, Kohli on strike! Kohli is being cautious, leaves alone the first ball of the over, takes a single off the next. Rahane on strike, there might be a runout chance there. Field Umpire seeks help from Third Umpire, Rahane survives, just in. Rahane takes a single of the next ball, right from the middle of the bat. Two dot balls to finish off the over.

Get ready folks, Day Two’s play is underway! Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane walk out to the middle. The first session will set the tone for the day. Stay tuned to this section for more updates.

Bangladesh failed to impress on Day One of the one-off Test at Hyderabad. The only session they looked impressive was the first one where they got an early wicket and were able to put on pressure on Indian batsmen. It all went downhill from there for visitors as Indian batsmen piled on runs, session after session to put the visitors on back foot.

India are in a commanding position before the start Day Two with skipper Virat Kohli leading the pack, playing for 111. Kohli has shared a 122-run stand already with Ajinkya Rahane who is currently batting on 45. Rahane started off with caution, in the initial phases of his inning, he was cautious not to give his wicket away. He proved his mettle as he getting picked in the side ahead of triple-centurion Karun Nair created a lot of

He proved his mettle as he getting picked in the side ahead of triple-centurion Karun Nair created a lot of drama among media. Rahane proved Kohli’s decision right in backing him for a berth in the Test side.

All eyes will be on Kohli as Day Two’s proceedings start, he looked in splendid touch on Day One. Speculations and permutations have already started that we might witness another double hundred from the ‘run machine’.

Before Kohli’s onslaught on Bangladeshi bowlers, Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara laid the foundation for a big innings total. They shared a 178 run partnership, they played out the new ball with caution which proved vital as the game progressed. Pujara scored 83 whereas Vijay went on to score his 9th Test ton.

The game plan for Day Two might be to post a big total on the score by the end of the third session. Kohli might declare the innings and invite Bangladeshi batsmen, late in the third session of the day’s play.