Live Cricket Score India vs Bangladesh, Day 3: As it happened

Live Cricket Score India vs Bangladesh Day 3: Ravichandran Ashwin's fastest to 250 wickets record in Tests is a possibility today

With Bangladesh trailing by 365 runs at the end of Day 3, we bid you goodbye. The visitors live to fight another day. Catch all the updates of Day 4’s action here at 9:30 PM. Goodbye!

16:33 IST Bangladesh- 322/6, 104 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 81(206), Mehedi Hasan 51(103)

Mehedi Hasan completes his first Test. The young lad has played an innings of character today. He has responded to his skipper’s call and saved the day. On the other hand, Mushfiqur Rahim has shown an immense amount of patience today, he was running out of partners.

16:32 IST  Mushfiqur Rahim becomes the fourth Bangladesh batsman to score 3,000 Test runs

16:13 IST Bangladesh- 303/6, 100 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 71(191), Mehedi Hasan 42(94)

Jadeja and Ashwin have tightened up the screws at Hyderabad. Despite getting much help from the surface, they are doing really well to keep Indian bowlers at bay. Ashwin is still searching for his 250th wicket. Hasan is playing like a complete all-rounder defending the ball well, coming down the wicket, bringing his front foot forward. They have kept Bangladesh’s hope alive in this Test.

15:56 IST Bangladesh- 298/6, 96 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 70(182), Mehedi Hasan 38(79)

Hasan has switched gears again, he is trying to hit boundaries now. He is coming down the wicket and hitting the ball over the in-field. Rahim has taken up the role of an anchor in the innings. Meanwhile, Ashwin bowled a beauty of delivery to beat Hasan. The pitch has started to help the spinners now and skipper Kohli has refused to take the new ball which is due since 16 overs.

15:37 IST Bangladesh- 275/6, 89 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 63(164), Mehedi Hasan 22(55)

Welcome boundary for Bangladesh, Rahim hits two boundaries off Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s over. Hasan has taken a defensive approach. It seems obvious that they want to play out the session. So far, it has worked for them.

15:14 IST Bangladesh- 261/6, 84 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 50(145), Mehedi Hasan 21(44)

Boundaries have dried up now. It seems like Bangladesh skipper has started a block-a-thon against Indian bowlers, he wants to spend as many time as he can on the pitch.

14:54 IST Bangladesh- 256/6, 79 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 49(132), Mehedi Hasan 17(27)

Ishant Sharma is causing problems for Rahim. He is banging the ball short with a short forward leg in position for miscued shots. Kohli has been attacking in his approach. On the other hand, Mehedi Hasan looks in a rather good touch, timing the ball well and finding the gaps. Rahim is just one run away from his 16th Test fifty.

14:32 IST Ishant Sharma runs into bowl as Mehedi Hasan takes guard.


14:13 IST Bangladesh- 246/6, 74 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 47(119), Mehedi Hasan 9(10)

Hasan has struck two boundaries in his innings, he needs to score a lot more than that if Bangladesh are to avoid follow on. Rahim is on his way to score his half-century, he needs someone to stick with him on the pitch.

14:04 IST Bangladesh- 239/6, 72 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 46(112), Mehedi Hasan 4(5)

After a long spell, Ishant replaced Ashwin, he appealed fiercely for lbw appeal. Jadeja bowled with an attacking field with three fielders close to the batsmen, in catching position. Jadeja got the wicket of Sabbir Rehman, He was trying to play across the line and missed the ball completely, the ball hit Rehman on his pads and Umpire’s finger went up straightaway. Skipper Rahim is running out of partners. Mehedi Hasan comes into bat. He scores a boundary in square region. Hasan needs to do a lot more than that to save Bangladesh from follow on.

14:00 IST WICKET! Sabbir Rehman lbw Ravindra Jadeja 16

13:43 IST Bangladesh- 227/5, 67 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mushfiqur Rahim 46(104), Sabbir Rehman 9(18)

Rahim has turned defensive in past few overs. He has switched gears as soon as Shakib got out. It was an unnecessary shot to play. Hasan shimmies down the wicket in an attempt to clear the man at deep mid-on. Instead, he found Umesh Yadav inside the circle. It seemed like Shakib gave his wicket away to Ashwin in a platter. Rehman has come into bat, he has not tried anything fancy but to play himself in and take control of the situation. He knows Bangladesh need a partnership at this point.

Stat Alert: Ashwin inches closer to fastest 250 wickets in Tests, needs one wicket to reach the feat.

13:29 IST Wicket! Shakib Al Hasan c Umesh Yadav b R Ashwin 82(103)

13:28 IST Bangladesh- 216/4, 62 overs, India 687/6 dec, Shakib Al Hasan 82(102), Mushfiqur Rahim 44(93)

Ashwin’s marathon spell continues, in past few overs the pitch has supported the spinners well. Jadeja too is trying to bowl into the rough in order to get uneven bounce. Meanwhile, this duo has put on more than 100 runs for the fifth wicket. Shakib is on his way to the century, will he succeed? only time will tell

13:10 IST Bangladesh- 199/4, 57 overs, India 687/6 dec, Shakib Al Hasan 74(88), Mushfiqur Rahim 35(77)

Shakib is doing some serious damage here, he is piercing the field with ease. After a good spell, Yadav got picked off for too many runs. Jadeja comes back into the attack and bowls a maiden over. Shakib has scored 13 boundaries. Spin from both ends as Ashwin continues, he too is getting struck for boundaries by Shakib. India desperately need a wicket now.

12:48 IST Bangladesh- 169/4, 52 overs, India 687/6 dec, Shakib Al Hasan 57(78), Mushfiqur Rahim 22(57)

Hasan-Rahim have shared 50 runs for fifth wicket now. The only partnership from Bangladesh batsmen who have looked promising. Shakib has impressed the most, scoring boundaries, trying to attack the bowlers and trying to take the pressure off. Rahim has played himself in, he is looking to score boundaries now, picking up a single or couple. Ashwin has not been able to work his magic yet. Umesh Yadav has been brought back into the attack. Rahim had his heart in his mouth. He survived a runout scared by a small margin.

12:29 IST 21st half-century in Tests for Shakib Al Hasan

12:27 IST Bangladesh- 146/4, 47 overs, India 687/6 dec, Shakib Al Hasan 46(67), Mushfiqur Rahim 10(37)

Ashwin and Bhuvneshwar have come into bowl after the lunch break. Rahim is being cautious whereas Shakib has decided to take on the bowling. Shakib is edging closer to his 21st fifty, he is using Bhuvneshwar’s pace to find the gaps and guide the ball towards the boundary.

12:10 IST Ashwin to bowl the first over after lunch, Shakib Al Hasan on strike

Lunch Break! 

11:32 IST Bangladesh- 125/4, 43 overs, India 687/6 dec, Shakib Al Hasan 29(55), Mushfiqur Rahim 6(26)

We all expected Ashwin to take a wicket straightaway. But, it’s not fair to ask too much from the Ashwin, he will unleash his wrath as soon as the ball gets old. Rahim is trying to play himself in as Ishant Sharma is banging the ball short making him play every delivery.

11:12 IST Bangladesh- 113/4, 38 overs, India 687/6 dec, Shakib Al Hasan 27(43), Mushfiqur Rahim 0(8)

It seems like Bangladesh have given up the fight already. Yadav is running in and bowling his heart out today, hitting the deck hard. Ishant Sharma replaces Yadav and gets a wicket on the fourth ball. Mahmudullah caught plumb in front of the stumps. Not a happy sight for Bangladesh fans. Sharma came back well after getting knocked around for boundaries on Day 2. Ashwin replaces Jadeja, a lot is expected from him today, starts off with a tidy over.

10:59 IST WICKET! Mahmudullah lbw Ishant Sharma 28(57)

10:43 IST Bangladesh- 96/3, 32 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mahmudullah 18(47), Shakib Al Hasan 19(25)

Yadav is leaking boundaries but at the same time beating the batsmen at regular interval. He is banging the ball on the deck. Jadeja is keeping a tight line and length. Meanwhile, Shakib is trying to break-free, picking up boundaries. Shakib struck a ball right past the bowler, Jadeja could not catch that as the ball brushed his fingers and went for the boundary.

10:26 IST Bangladesh- 78/3, 27 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mahmudullah 13(31), Shakib Al Hasan 8(11)

Umesh Yadav gets the breakthrough, second wicket for him, reverse-swing from him traps Haque right in front of stumps. Bangladesh in deep trouble, follow on is on the cards. A boundary and a wicket from the over, Shakib Al Hasan comes in to bat. Kohli won’t mind the odd boundary. Yadav is making life tough for the batsmen, he is bowling quick and extracting swing as well. He is complimented by Jadeja who is putting pressure on the two batsmen.

10:14 IST WICKET! Mominul Haque lbw Umesh Yadav 12(36)

10:12 IST Bangladesh- 64/2, 24 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mominul Haque 12(35), Mahmudullah 11(25)

Jadeja has been introduced into the attack, does not get much from the pitch, no surprises there. Mahmudullah got his first boundary guiding the ball to the third man boundary. Apart from that Yadav has bowled an excellent over. Kohli won’t mind a few boundaries. Jadeja continues, bowls a tight line to Haque. Jadeja appeals for a caught behind, Umpire is not interested. The skipper had a chat with wicketkeeper Saha, he decides not to review the decision, a single off the last ball, just one run from the over.

10:02 IST Bangladesh- 55/2, 20 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mominul Haque 8(25), Mahmudullah 6(17)

Meanwhile, Jadeja is warming up, he might get introduced into the attack in the next over. Haque takes a single off the next ball. Mahmudullah defends the next two deliveries. A couple from the next ball. Next one hits Mahmudullah straight on the pads. All hands go up, appealing in unison, Umpire denies. Skipper Kohli has reviews it straight away. The ball was hitting the leg-stump partially. As per DRS standards, field Umpire’s decision stands. Kohli does not look happy. A dot ball to end the over, 3 runs from it.

9:55 IST Bangladesh- 52/2, 20 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mominul Haque 7(24), Mahmudullah 4(12)

Mahmudullah gets off the mark with a nice stride forward, pushes the ball past mid on for a boundary. Next one takes and edge but fell short of the fielder. Yadav asking questions from the batsman many times in the over. It is going to be a tough first session for him.

9:51 IST Bangladesh- 48/2, 19 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mominul Haque 7(24), Mahmudullah 0(6)

Mahmudullah faces Umesh Yadav. A maiden over from the fast bowler. He is trying to adjust to the pace and bounce of the pitch. Haque faces Bhuvneshwar, he is trying to work the ball for single. Kumar is dropping it short now, testing the batsman. FOUR! first boundary of the day for Haque, though it did not look like the shot was a well-controlled one.

9:43 IST Bangladesh- 44/2, 17 overs, India 687/6 dec, Mominul Haque 2(12), Mahmudullah 0(0)

Bhuvneshwar maintaining a very tight length, barely giving Haque any room to work with. Third ball, Haque flicks it towards square leg region, attempt to take a couple. There comes the bullet arm of Yadav. Kumar dislodges the bails. Iqbal is on his way to the dressing room. He is not happy with his partner Haque. There was never a second run there. Bangladesh creating problems for themselves. Mahmudullah comes in to bat.No run of the last two balls Haque faced.

9:41 IST WICKET! Tamim Iqbal run out (Umesh Yadav/Bhuvneshwar Kumar) 24(53)

9:38 IST Bangladesh- 43/1, 16 overs, India 687/6 dec, Tamim Iqbal 24(53), Mominul Haque 2(12)

Umesh Yadav comes round the wicket to Tami Iqbal. Yadav bowls one outside off, the next one is directed towards the stumps, Iqbal flicks it towards square leg, no run. Edge! falls short of the first slip. Yadav is causing problems for the batsman. Two singles off the over, good one from Yadav.

9:33 IST Bangladesh- 41/1, 15 overs, India 687/6 dec, Tamim Iqbal 24(48), Mominul Haque 1(11)

Mominul Haque plays the first over cautiously, living the ball outside the off stump. Kumar is trying to shape the ball away from the batsman. Kumar got the extra bounce from the pitch which surprised Haque, the first session is going to be crucial for Bangladeshi pair.

9:30 IST Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts the proceedings of the day, Mominul Haque on strike!

Welcome to the live coverage of India vs Bangladesh one-off Test, Day 3. Stay tuned to this live blog for updates throughout the day. India are in a commanding position before the start of Day 3. Nothing has gone wrong for the home side so far. Bangladesh’s first Test on Indian soil is turning out to be a nightmare for them. They were left wishing for Virat Kohli to declare the innings as they were running out of options to bowl. Their fielding was a horrible sight to witness, they dropped catches, missed stumping chances, giving the home side an advantage over them.

After Virat Kohli smashing many records with his double hundred on Day 2, it is Ravichandran Ashwin’s turn to add a record to his name. If Ashwin succeeds in taking two wickets today, he will become the fastest to reach 250 wickets in Tests.

The pitch will wear off by the end of second session and with it the ball too. Indian spinner will make full use of the conditions and wrap up Bangladesh’s first innings as soon as they can. Ravindra Jadeja too will have a huge impact on the game as the ball gets old.

Mushfiqur Rahim’s captaincy will be under radar as soon as this Test ends. He became too defensive early on in Day 2. His decision to give Shakib Al Hasan a spell along with Taskin Ahmed seemed a bit abrupt.

On the contrary, Indian skipper Kohli will look to attack the Bangladeshi batting line-up. He has a mountain of runs in his bank. It is going to be a tough day for visitors as the ball has started to turn. Taijul Islam and Mehedi Hasan were able to extract spin from the surface which is a good sign for Indian spinners.