Live Cricket Score, India A vs Australia, three-day warm-up match, Day 3: An inevitable draw, Australia 110/4, O'Keefe biggest plus!

Shreyas Iyer showed some spine and resistance remaining unbeaten on 85 of just 93 balls, he hit five sixes and gave the Indian innings some respectability.


Day 3 live updates: 

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3:57: The batsman is again here to roll his arm over. A tight runless over.

Wade: 6*, O’ Keefe: 19* Australia:110/4

3:55: Wade picks up three of Pant, Keefe is picking up singles on offer.

Wade: 6*, O’ Keefe: 19* Australia:110/4

3:51: Matthew Wade walks out to the centre for the last mandatory rituals. Opener Akhil has the ball. Wade of the mark straightaway. The batter bowls a good over.

Australia lead by 177 runs.

Will the young wicket-keeper get another over?

Wade: 1*, O’ Keefe: 15* Australia:103/4

3:49: Play resumes after drinks, Australia notch up 100 on the board. Handscomb out!! Surprisingly, it is Pant who picks up a wicket. Handscomb departs for 34.

Wade: 0*, O’ Keefe: 15* Australia:102/4

3:40: New over starts, the story is the same, Handscomb picks up a single.

The lead has been extended to 165 runs.

Handscomb: 36*, O’ Keefe: 15* Australia:99/3

3:37: Gowtham continues, Handscomb picks up a single. Keefe too gets a single. Singles on a canter. Another one, three of.

Handscomb: 35*, O’ Keefe: 15* Australia:98/3

3:35: Nadeem is bowling such lengths that is stifling the batsman. Handscomb gets a single.

Handscomb: 33*, O’ Keefe: 14* Australia:95/3

3: 32: Gowtham is bowling, Keefe solid in defense. He picks up a single of the penultimate ball. Handscomb does the same of the last ball.

Australia have maintained a run rate of 3.2.

Handscomb: 32*, O’ Keefe: 14* Australia:94/3

3:30: Handscomb works it on the leg side and picks up a four. Nadeem who has been disciplined, gets dismissed for a four.

Handscomb: 31*, O’ Keefe: 13* Australia:92/3

3:27: Gowtham meanwhile is keeping it tight not giving anything away. He then gives a single of the fourth ball to Handscomb.

Handscomb: 27*, O’ Keefe: 13* Australia:88/3

3:22: Alas, a boundary, thanks to Handscomb, Nadeem drops it short Handscomb is all over it. He tucks it on the leg and picks up three runs. Handscomb is 25 of 46 balls not that it makes a difference.

Handscomb: 25*, O’ Keefe: 13* Australia:87/3

3:18: Gowtham, who starred with the bat get the ball in his hand. Handscomb gets a single, seems like he wants to remain not out. Keefe too gets a single.

Handscomb: 18*, O’ Keefe: 13* Australia:80/3

3:13: Even the crows have dozed off at the CCI. Handscomb quietly dabs it for a well earned single. Nadeem is not being ambitious he is keeping the ball flat and the run scoring has been stalled for the moment.

Handscomb: 17*, O’ Keefe: 12* Australia:77/3

3:04: Nadeem bowling sharp line and lengths. Handscomb gets a single.

Handscomb: 16*, O’ Keefe: 12* Australia:76/3

2:59: Dinda has also bowled his heart out without much luck. Dinda is a bowler who will run in all day, bend his back, and notch up speeds of 140+ consistently. He bowls a maiden, which has been rare today.

Australia lead by 120, that is anyways inconsequential.

Handscomb: 14*, O’ Keefe: 12* Australia:74/3

2:54: Mean as a miser till now Nadeem will look to at least pick one wicket. O’ Keefe picks up a single. It has to be said Keefe has shown character. Handscomb hits another four, three on the trot.

Handscomb: 14*, O’ Keefe: 12* Australia:74/3

2:50: Handscomb breaks the shackles, hits Dinda for a boundary. Dinda is now bowling probing lines and keeping it tight. Handscomb hits another boundary, he is getting on a roll.

Handscomb: 10*, O’ Keefe: 11* Australia:69/3

2:48: Nadeem continues, he is looking for some purchase of the pitch, will he find some? Handscomb get just a solitary run from the over.

Handscomb: 2*, O’ Keefe: 11* Australia:61/3

2:45: Dinda is keeping a lid on the scoring. Handscomb is finding it hard to get off the mark. Alas, he gets off the mark, what a relief!

Handscomb: 1*, O’ Keefe: 11* Australia:60/3

2:42: Shahbaz Nadeem has been introduced in to the attack, can he add a wicket or two? He starts off with a maiden.

Handscomb: o*, O’ Keefe: 11* Australia:59/3

2:34: Dinda resumes the proceedings, will Australia choose to play this session in T20 style? Warner OUT!! Handscomb replaces David. This means Warner will enter the first Test with very little runs. Warner slices catch to gully immediately after tea, out for 35.

David Warner ct B Indrajith (Sub) b Ashoke Dinda 35 off 49.

Handscomb: o*, O’ Keefe: 11* Australia:59/3

2:30: This session does not promise much, it seems it is heading for a inevitable stalemate.

2:10: Lets all have TEA!!

2:07: This in all probability is the last over before tea. Navdeep is bowling what could be the last over before tea. He continues to bowl tight lines, not allowing the Aussies to break free. It is rare, but he bowls a no-ball! It seems like bloggers curse has got him. Warner gets a single.

Warner:35*, O’ Keefe: 11* Australia:59/2

2:02: This could be the second last over before tea, India will be eyeing a wicket. Warner starts of with a couple. Warner backs it up with a single. This is good. Dinda is steaming in, literally, putting in all the gas he has into his delivery. Keefe gets a single. The Bengal pacer is really bending his back.

Warner:34*, O’ Keefe: 11* Australia:57/2

1:58: Tea is 15 minutes away and they will not like to lose another one before that. It has to be said Saini is one for the future. Australia still trail by 18 runs. Keefe hits a boundary to end the over.

Warner:31*, O’ Keefe: 10* Australia:53/2

1:50: Warner looking positive picks up a couple of runs, he has looked comfortable in his short stay. He picks a single, gets off strike. Keefe does the same, gets Warner back on strike.

Warner:31*, O’ Keefe: 6* Australia:49/2

1:44: O’ Keefe is off the mark in style, he hits a boundary and immediately takes a single, PERFECT! Seems like we are heading for a draw but Aussies will look to make every moment on the field count. Warner picks a single of the fifth ball.

Warner:28*, O’ Keefe: 5* Australia:45/2

1:40: Australia is reeling now, Warner has a lot of resurrection to do. Warner in the meanwhile, hits a boundary with a lot of disdain.

Warner:27*, O’ Keefe: 0* Australia:39/2

Another surprise Keefe who did oh-so-well with the ball has to bat now. Smith wants all his boys to get a feel of things.

1:34: Maxwell will be on strike, this is probably the first time he is coming in at 3 in the whites. The thing to watch out for is will he play like a number 3? As expected, Maxwell is BOWLED!! Young Navdeep strikes.

Warner:21*, O’ Keefe: 0* Australia:32/2

1:30: Apart from the first innings here at the CCI, Warner has been in good form. Pandya could look to bounce Warner out. Five dot balls can he finish it equally well? He does, it is a maiden over.

Warner:21*, Maxwell: 1* Australia:32/1

1:26: Navdeep has an opportunity to get the better of Maxwell, because knowing him he is bound to give you an opportunity. Maxwell is pretending to be cautious, surely there is a wild attempt around the corner. To our surprise he does not do anything hash as was expected of him.

Warner:21*, Maxwell: 1* Australia:32/1

1:18: Pandya strikes, captain sets the example. Renshaw’s timber disturbes, he has cleaned him up. Captain draws first blood. Maxwell is of the mark as we speak. Warner hits the last ball for a boundary.

Surprise, surprise, Max has walked out to the centre!

Warner:21*, Maxwell: 1* Australia:32/1

Will Handscomb come ahead of Smith?

1:15: Navdeep has a point to prove as he comes in to bowl. With the first three balls it seems he is trying to not allow Aussies any freebies. Warner breaks the momentum, hits a four. Both of them are going at a run a ball.

Warner:17*, Renshaw: 10* Australia:27/0

1:10: Renshaw looks belligerent, hits a boundary of the first ball and backs it up with another. Australia are looking to make a statement. He takes a single and gets off strike. Warner hits a boundary, it is raining fours!!

Warner:13*, Renshaw: 10* Australia:23/0

Pandya will look to leave an impression. can he?

1:06: Navdeep is bowling the second over, Renshaw off the mark of the very first ball. Warner will look to make this outing count, for sure. Once bitten, twice shy. Warner hits a boundary of the fifth ball.

Warner:8*, Renshaw:1* Australia:9/0

1:00: Australian openers are out there in the middle, Pandya with the new ball bowls the first over and it is a good over Warner off the mark with a last ball boundary.

Warner will look to get in form.

Warner:4*, Renshaw:0* Australia:4/0

12:49: Iyer gets double, Navdeep is relieved he celebrates by hitting a boundary. And with that India is all out. Iyer remains unbeaten on 202. Lyon ends with four. Not bad! India A trail by 66 runs. ALLOUT!!

Iyer: 202*,  Navdeep: 4* India A: 403/9

12:40: Iyer has to target Keefe and has to take the aerial route if he has 200 on his mind. He hits a boundary moves to 12-runs shy of the magical figure. Another boundary, he is into the 190s. Another boundary to complete a productive over for Iyer and India. He is one hit away. He has done it with a six, massive it it, hey Keefe is having nightmares already.

Iyer: 202*,  Navdeep: 0* India A: 399/9

12:37: Iyer picks up three, he is 16 away. Dinda’s job is cut out for the last three balls, Dinda is off the blocks with a couple, two balls to go, he cannot keep them out, he is dismissed, Lyon strikes, Peter Handscomb takes a good catch.

Dinda out for 2, caught by Handscomb and Nathan Lyon was the bowler.

Iyer: 184*,  Navdeep:0* India A: 381/9

Dinda does just what the doctor ordered!! Little more.

12:35: Keefe with his tails up will look to bundle India out in two balls. Dinda blocks, blocks and blocks, it is a maiden over.

Iyer: 181*,  Dinda: 0* India A: 376/8

Dinda has to block one-end up allowing Iyer to go for it, he is 19 runs shy!

12:31: Bird is bowling to a set Iyer, what will Iyer’s approach be is going to be interesting. Bird has been dispatched for a boundary of the fourth ball.

Iyer: 181*,  Dinda: 0* India A: 376/8

Will this force Shreyas Iyer to go for broke and throw caution to the wind in order to get a 200?

12:25: Iyer gets a single of Keefe, rotates the strike. Keefe strikes, Gowtham BOWLED!!!! Out for a stupendous 74. He gets another one, Shahbaz Nadeem out! O’Keefe on a rampage. Oh Keefe! My Keefe where have you been?

Shahbaz Nadeem lbw Stephen O Keefe 1

Iyer: 177*,  Dinda: 0* India A: 372/8

12:21: Bird is trying to be disciplined but to no avail. Gotham has a strike rate of 111+, phenomenal one reckons. Bird gives an extra, the agony is just piling on. Gotham hits a boundary, no respite for Aussies. Iyer and Gotham have stitched a partnership of 138 runs. Priceless!

Iyer: 175*, Gowtham: 74* India A: 371/6

12:16: O’Keefe into the attack and Iyer continues his merrymaking, smashes a boundary and repeats the same, this is a ploy not to allow Aussie spinners any confidence going into the first Test.

Iyer: 175*, Gowtham: 70* India A: 366/6

12:10: Straight after lunch, Bird resumes. Iyer will look to complete his double quickly. Four dot balls it seems Bird is looking to be patient, now. Starts off with a five run over, an extra and a scorching boundary. India breeze past 350+.

Iyer: 166*, Gowtham: 70* India A: 357/6

11:30: O’Keefe is bowling, which should be the last over before lunch. Iyer should look to drop his guard and play for lunch. He picks up a single of the fifth ball, Gowtham will face the last ball before lunch.

Iyer: 166*, Gowtham: 65* India A: 347/6

11:25: With a couple of overs to go for lunch, Smith has gone back to his seamer, Jackson Bird. Bird has been hit off his length by Gowtham who picks up another boundary. India trail by 124 runs with fours wickets in the bank.

Iyer: 165*, Gowtham: 65* India A: 345/6

11:20: Maxwell is replace by O’Keefe, Iyer takes a single. Gowtham matches him by doing the same, takes a single.

Iyer: 165*, Gowtham: 61* India A: 341/6

11: 18: Lyon will continue, Gowtham takes a single and that is fifty for him, take a bow!! A fifty he will not forget soon. He celebrates his fifty by tonking Lyon for a four and a six!! 

Iyer: 164*, Gowtham: 60* India A: 339/6

11:16: Iyer hits one for a boundary of Maxwell, he has shown why he is one of the most talented batsman in the Indian domestic circuit.

Iyer: 163*, Gowtham: 49* India A: 327/6

11:12: Runs at a premium, Gowtham hits another boundary of Lyon, seems like it is a flat deck. He repeats it with another one of the final ball. Tough times for Lyon. Gowtham is just one away from a good solid fifty.

Iyer: 159*, Gowtham: 49* India A: 323/6

11:07: Will this be Maxwell’s last before Smith replaces him. Gowtham is inching close to a fifty, it will be memorable for him. Gowtham tonks one out of the park, that is a SIX!!

Iyer: 157*, Gowtham: 39* India A: 313/6

11:05: Iyer hits a boundary to break the shackles. He is targeting Lyon, wants to send his line and length for a toss. Lyon has been forced to reduce his length and increase his speeds. Iyer has a strike rate of 90+ in this innings, commendable.

Iyer: 157*, Gowtham: 33* India A: 305/6

11:04: Maxwell persisted with, can he get Smith a wicket. This partnership is slowly but surely growing. Gowtham looks well set. Maxwell finally bowls a maiden to put a lid on the run scoring.

Iyer: 153*, Gowtham: 33* India A: 301/6

11:01: Maxwell is leaking runs. Gowtham is on song. 300 up for India, another milestone ticked. Smith will have to be judicious in not over stressing Lyon. Lots for Smith to think about.

Iyer: 153*, Gowtham: 33* India A: 301/6

10: 57: Gowtham joins in the party and hits a boundary. Iyer’s form is contagious.

Iyer: 152*, Gowtham: 18* India A: 286/6

10:53: Iyer hits a boundary to complete a well made 150 with a  boundary of Maxwell.

Iyer: 151*, Gowtham: 14* India A: 281/6

10:50: Iyer gets stuck into Lyon, hitting him for a boundary and then a six. He is dealing in boundaries at the moment. This is counter-attack at its very best. 12 of the Lyon-return over.

Iyer: 146*, Gowtham: 13* India A: 278/6

10:43: Maxi gets the ball, Glenn Maxwell can also get wickets, known as a partnership breaker, Iyer needs to be alert not complacent. Gowtham plays the entire over quitly only to hit the last ball for a four!!

Iyer: 133*, Gowtham: 13* India A: 260/6

10:41: Iyer after a period of lull, has finally hit a boundary of Marsh. He looks set for a double. giving major problems to the selectors ahead of the first Test. With that India go past 250, a mental thing! And a boundary to end the over, Iyer breaks the shackles. They are making sure O’Keefe does not settle to a particular line and length.

Iyer: 133*, Gowtham: 9* India A: 256/6

10:39: Gowtham is showing guts he has just hit O’Keefe who was bowling well for two boundaries, the ploy is not to allow him to settle.

Iyer: 125*, Gowtham: 8* India A: 247/6

10:33: Will Nathan Lyon change ends and return? Drinks taken by the players. After the first hours play India have lost two youngsters but Shreyas Iyer has been the talking point. He is marching on and on.

10:31: Marsh is now got into the zone, he is bowling within himself not looking for too many variations. Iyer still curates a boundary of the fourth ball, such is his form.

Iyer: 125*, Gowtham: o* India A: 239/6

10:25: Just a single of Bird’s over and a wicket of young Ishan Kishan. OUT!! Caught by the wicketkeeper. This will surely help Marsh’s case.

Ishan Kishan ct Matthew Wade b Mitchell Marsh 4 16 25.00 1 0

Iyer: 120*, Gowtham: o* India A: 235/6

10:18: O’Keefe follows up a wicket taking over with a maiden.

Iyer: 118*, Kishan: 4* India A: 233/5

10:14: Mitchell Marsh has been introduced, as we said in the preview he wants to bowl his way into the Australian team which will play India. Iyer gets a single of the third ball to hand over the strike to Kishan. Kishan gets a boundary to get off the mark.

Iyer: 118*, Kishan: 4* India A: 233/5

10:07: As expected, Smith throws the ball to O’Keefe, can he make a difference? Iyer gets a single and rotates the strike, he looks comfortable. Field is being reworked for the left-hander on strike. One of O’Keefe’s first over and the breaktrough straighaway as Pant looks to take him apart, he is caught by the bowler!

Rishabh Pant W ct & b Stephen O Keefe 21 40 52.50 3 0

Iyer: 118*, Kishan: 4* India A: 227/4

10:03: Finally Bird bowls the first maiden over of the day, such has been the game.

Iyer: 117*, Pant: 21* India A: 226/4

9: 57: Lyon is finally concentrating on that one line, Iyer hits a boundary of the fourth ball, he is unstoppable, not allowing Nathan Lyon to settle down. Back to back boundaries, he is treating Nathan like a college bowler. So in the first half hour India has denied Australia and more importantly Nathan Lyon a breakthrough. Will Steve Smith consider Stephen O’ Keefe soon?

Iyer: 117*, Pant: 21* India A: 226/4

9:53: Pant smashes Bird for another boundary. This is as fearless as it gets. Bird is on the back foot. Just four of this over. Is Smith contemplating a bowling change?

Iyer: 109*, Pant: 21* India A: 218/4

9:49: Iyer picks up a boundary. He will not allow Lyon to bowl at one batsman. Shreyas is really making this warm up game count. He has got these runs in 112 balls which is phenomenal.

Iyer: 109*, Pant:17* India A: 214/4

9: 47: Bird is looking confused as he is bowling to Iyer. Iyer is looking fearless and wants to really press his case in front of the selectors at CCI.

Iyer: 104*, Pant:16* India A: 208/4

9:43: Pant joins the party, hits a four of Nathan Lyon. It seems Iyer’s form is rubbing off. Back to back boundaries for the young Pant. India off to a rollicking start on Day 3.

Iyer: 102*, Pant:16* India A: 205/4

9: 40: Will Iyer go for the glory shot? Bird is bowling and Iyer gets a boundary now he is two shy of what would be a commendable hundred. Back to back boundaries, Iyer breezes past a hundred. Congrats Iyer!

Iyer: 102*, Pant:7* India A: 197/4

9:35: Smith Goes to his big bowler as expected, Lyon has the ball in his hand and is looking to toss the ball to extract some spin. Pant gets a single of the fifth ball, one of Lyon’s first over. Tight start!

Iyer: 89*, Pant:7* India A: 184/4

9:30: Players on the field, the Australians are getting their field right before the first ball. It will be interesting to see who bowls the first over. Jackson Bird starts the proceedings. Seven runs of the first over, Bird bowled probing lines but Iyer put the last ball away for a boundary. It seems India will play fire with fire, no chickening out.

Iyer: 89*, Pant:6* India A: 183/4

8:59: Australian team gets into a customary huddle. Pant would be he impresses as that could see his chances getting brightened for a Test debut.

8:47: Nathan Lyon and Jackson Bird roll their arms over in the quest to loosen up before the match, to avoid injuries. Mitchell Marsh in an interview yesterday claimed in interest in playing for Australia as a bowling all rounder, so will he get to bowl a lot of overs.

8:42: Players are busy warming-up for the last time. Hardik Pandya leading the boys with their customary drills.

Good morning and welcome to the live coverage of Hardik Pandya-led India A take on Steve Smith-led Australia. Australia as expected are dominating the match and trying to get match ready come first Test against India. They will first look to run through the Indian line-up then make an impression again, second time around. The best India A can do is show some resistance and not lose wickets on a canter. They should look to deny Australian spinners wickets, or else they will enter the first Test against India high on confidence.

Shreyas Iyer showed some spine and resistance remaining unbeaten on 85 of just 93 balls, he hit five sixes and gave the Indian innings some respectability. Young Rishabh Pant is giving Iyer company and Hardik Pandya who got out at the end of the days play will be pinning his hopes on the two youngsters to see India to a comfortable position.

Brief scores

India A 176/4 (Shreyas Iyer 85, Priynak Panchal 36; Jackson Bird 2 for 15, Nathan Lyon 2 for 72) trail Australia 469 for 5 (Steven Smith 107, Shaun Marsh 104; Navdeep Amarjeet Saini 2 for 42, Akhil Herwadkar 1 for 64) by 293 runs.