India A vs Australia, Day 1, three-day warm-up game: Highlights

India A vs Australia live score: India A bowlers getting a beating from Smith-Marsh after lunch break, getting struck for fours and sixes.

Australian batsmen had an upper-hand despite a few hiccups in the first session of the three-day warm-up game. Hardik Pandya-led India A has not been able to keep the pressure on the visitors beyond the first session. However, with the new ball taken, they bowled in the right areas bowling maiden after maidens. It will be interesting to watch whether Smith declares after the first session or let’s their players have a crack at India A bowlers on Day 2. We will be back with Day 2’s coverage tomorrow at 9:00 IST. Stay tuned to InUth!

Day 1, Stumps!

16:41 IST Australia 327/3 in 90 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(43), Mathew Wade 7(28)

Navdeep Amarjeet Singh comes in to bowl the last over of the day, he was away from the field for a while due to a minor injury. Marsh on strike, he bowls another maiden over, he has been brilliant today, his fourth one today.

16:41 IST Australia 327/3 in 89 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(37), Mathew Wade 7(28)

Pandya to bowl the second-last over for Day 1. Wade hits his first boundary off Pandya. Welcome boundary for the Aussies, just 4 runs from the over.

16:36 IST Australia 323/3 in 88 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(37), Mathew Wade 3(22)

Dinda continues, he is still searching for a wicket on Day 1. With Wade on strike he will try to make him drive and edge the ball towards slip fielders. A maiden over from Dinda, 2 overs left today.

16:31 IST Australia 323/3 in 87 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(37), Mathew Wade 3(16)

Pandya to Marsh. He is hitting the ball in right areas. Another maiden from Pandya, Marsh and Wade trying hard not to lose wickets before Stumps, Day 1.

16:26 IST Australia 323/3 in 86 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(31), Mathew Wade 3(16)

Dinda continues, two back-to-back no balls from him. Dinda has bowled several no-balls today. Just one more single from his over from Wade’s bat. Dinda remains wicketless.

16:20 IST Australia 320/3 in 85 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(31), Mathew Wade 2(8)

Pandya continues, bowls a maiden over to Marsh, he is tyring to put pressure on the newcomers early on in the innings. Just 5 overs left in the day’s play.

16:14 IST Australia 320/3 in 84 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(25), Mathew Wade 2(8)

Dinda to Mathew Wade. The wicketkeeper-batsman tries to settle himself, trying not to throw his wicket away before the day’s play. Picks up a couple by working the ball through the gap, just 2 runs from the over.

16:10 IST Australia 318/3 in 83 overs: Mitchell Marsh 16(25), Mathew Wade 0(2)

Pandya continues, Mitchell Marsh decides to put pressure on the bowler, hits two boundaries in the over. 8 runs from Pandya’s over.

16:06 IST Australia 310/3 in 82 overs: Mitchell Marsh 8(19), Mathew Wade 0(2)

Ashoke Dinda to bowl with the new ball. Marsh hits a boundary in the over, his first of the innings. Just 4 runs from Dinda’s over, 8 overs left in Day 1’s play.

16:02 IST Australia 305/3 in 81 overs: Mitchell Marsh 3(13), Mathew Wade 0(2)

16:00 IST WICKET! Peter Handscomb cPriyank Panchal b Hardik Pandya 45(70)

Pandya continues, Handscomb hits him for a boundary, hammers the ball towards the ropes.  Pandya has taken the new ball. WICKET! Pandya takes his first wicket today, caught in slips. The new ball plan has worked. Mathew Wade has come into bat now. Two dot balls to end the over, 2 runs from it.

15:55 IST Australia 301/2 in 80 overs: Peter Handscomb 41(66), Mitchell Marsh 3(13)

Singles are easy to come by now. Nadeem gave away three runs in his over. The new ball is due now. Will Pandya opt for the new ball or depend on his spinners?

15:53 IST Australia 298/2 in 79 overs: Peter Handscomb 40(65), Mitchell Marsh 1(8)

Handscomb is slowly moving towards his maiden First-Class fifty in India. Marsh gets off the mark and gives the strike back to Handscomb. The wicketkeeper-batsman keeps the strike by taking a single off the last ball.

15:50 IST Australia 295/2 in 78 overs: Peter Handscomb 38(61), Mitchell Marsh 0(6)

Handscomb takes a single off the second ball of the over. Marsh is trying to assess the pitch conditions at Mumbai. Just a single off the over. The new ball will be due in two overs.

15:47 IST Australia 294/2 in 77 overs: Peter Handscomb 37(59), Mitchell Marsh 0(2)

Pandya comes back into the attack. Just a single off the over after four balls. New batsman Marsh tries to defend the next two balls, just a single off the over.

15:43 IST Australia 293/2 in 76 overs: Peter Handscomb 36(55), Mitchell Marsh 0(0)

With Shaun Marsh retiring Handscomb will be expected to anchor the innings. Mitchell Marsh comes on strike. He hits a four in the over and takes a single, five runs from the over.

15:40 IST Australia 288/2 in 75 overs: Shaun Marsh 104(173), Peter Handscomb 32(49)

Herwadkar and Nadeem have failed to take a wicket on Day 1. Marsh hits two boundaries and reaches another First-Class century. He has played a commendable innings today, taking the pressure off skipper Steven Smith after early wickets. Shaun Marsh retires after scoring his century.

15:32 IST Australia 269/2 in 73 overs: Shaun Marsh 93(166), Peter Handscomb 28(44)

Herwadkar continues, Marsh hits another four, he is dealing in boundaries now. Marsh reaches nervous nineties with that shot.

15:27 IST Australia 263/2 in 72 overs: Shaun Marsh 84(163), Peter Handscomb 27(41)

Shahbaz Nadeem comes back to bowl, he was expensive in his previous spell.

15:24 IST Australia 260/2 in 71 overs: Shaun Marsh 82(158), Peter Handscomb 26(40)

Akhil Kherwadkar comes back into the attack. Just two singles from his over, new ball will be available soon. It will be intersting to watch whether Hardik Pandya opts for it or bowls with an old ball.

15:21 IST Australia 258/2 in 70 overs: Shaun Marsh 81(154), Peter Handscomb 25(38)

Marsh decides to stretch his arms, hits a boundary. He takes a single on the next ball. Handscomb decides to defend the ball for rest of the over, just five runs from it.

15:16 IST Australia 253/2 in 69 overs: Shaun Marsh 76(151), Peter Handscomb 25(35)

Iyer to start his over. Just two runs from Iyer’s over as Marsh-Handscoomb pick up a single each.

15:13 IST Australia 251/2 in 68 overs: Shaun Marsh 75(149), Peter Handscomb 24(31)

Panchal in his fourth over, Marsh hits the ball in gap, good running from the two as they pick up three runs before the throw reached the wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan. Handscomb takes him on and scores another boundary. He is trying to break loose now, 8 runs from the over.

15:09 IST Australia 243/2 in 67 overs: Shaun Marsh 72(146), Peter Handscomb 19(22)

Iyer to Handscomb. An expensive over for Iyer as Handscomb hits him for a boundary and runs a couple of runs back-to-back. 8 runs from the over.

15:06 IST Australia 235/2 in 66 overs: Shaun Marsh 72(146), Peter Handscomb 11(22)

Panchal continues, he has bowled well so far. Handscomb on strike, he takes a single off the last ball to retain strike. Panchal is bowling a good spell now.

15:03 IST Australia 234/2 in 65 overs: Shaun Marsh 72(146), Peter Handscomb 10(16)

Iyer continues, Handscomb takes a single off the third delivery. Marsh on strike, FOUR! Welcome boundary for Australia in the third session, five runs from Iyer’s over.

15:00 IST Australia 229/2 in 64 overs: Shaun Marsh 68(143), Peter Handscomb 9(13)

Panchal continues, just three singles from his over. Still no boundaries in the third session of Day 1.

14:57 IST Australia 226/2 in 63 overs: Shaun Marsh 67(139), Peter Handscomb 7(11)

Two batsmen are bowling from both ends as Shreyas Iyer continues, Marsh and Handscomb knock him around for singles, 5 runs from Iyer’s third over.

14:53 IST Australia 221/2 in 62 overs: Shaun Marsh 64(136), Peter Handscomb 5(8)

Handscomb takes a single and gives strike to Marsh against Priyank Panchal who has been introduced into the attack. Marsh turns on the defensive mode, pikcs up just a single from this over. Only 2 runs from Panchal’s first over.

14:46 IST Australia 219/2 in 61 overs: Shaun Marsh 63(131), Peter Handscomb 4(7)

Iyer continues, three singles off his over. Aussie batsmen have not scored a boundary after Tea Break. Marsh has refrained from hitting the ball in the air.

14:42 IST Australia 216/2 in 60 overs: Shaun Marsh 61(126), Peter Handscomb 4(6)

Dinda to bowl, just two singles from his over. Handscomb trying to play himself in, it is his first tour of India. He has been in good form lately which might come in handy in the series. He and Mathew Wade will be fighting for a berth in the side.

14:42 IST Australia 214/2 in 59 overs: Shaun Marsh 60(122), Peter Handscomb 2(4)

Shreyas Iyer comes into bowl. Hanscomb gets off the mark, scores a single. Marsh gives back the strike after two balls. The wicketkeeper-batsman scores another single, he will keep the strike.

14:38 IST Australia 211/2 in 58 overs: Shaun Marsh 59(120), Peter Handscomb 0(0)

Navdeep Amarjeet Saini opens the bowling after Tea Break. Meanwhile, Steven Smith has not come to bat and given youngsters to have a crack. Marsh on strike, Saini gets retired hurt after bowling his fourth ball. We will be getting back with more updates about Saini. Ashoke Dinda completes his over by bowling two balls.

The second session of Day 1 clearly dominated by Australians. They piled on 130 runs before the Tea Break without losing a wicket. They have shared a partnership of 166 runs for the third wicket. Hardik Pandya needs to come up with new strategy to break this partnership. The spin duo has not been able to make a mark on the day’s proceedings yet. We will be back with our coverage of third session in a while. Stay tuned.

Tea Break! 

14:13 IST Australia 211/2 in 57 overs: Steven Smith 107(161), Shaun Marsh 59(114)

Welcome boundary for Australia, Smith hammers the ball towards the boundary line. 11 runs from this over. Usually, teams play with caution before Tea Break but Smith-Marsh try to attack the bowler and take the momentum with them before they come on the fiedl for the last session of play.

14:09 IST Australia 203/2 in 56 overs: Steven Smith 101(158), Shaun Marsh 57(111)

The Day One of the warm-up game is heading towards tea break. Australia have dominated the second session of Day 1.

14:04 IST Australia 201/2 in 55 overs: Steven Smith 101(158), Shaun Marsh 55(105)

Smith reaches his century, he has played a brilliant innings today taking the team out of danger. He assessed the pitch well and his shot-selection was perfect.

13:59 IST Australia 193/2 in 53 overs: Steven Smith 93(150), Shaun Marsh 54(101)

Nadeem continues, Smith and Marsh are not taking chances now, they are not playing aerial shots instead nudging the ball arounds for ones and twos, four runs from the over.

13:56 IST Australia 189/2 in 52 overs: Steven Smith 90(147), Shaun Marsh 53(98)

Indian spinners have succeeded in keeping the scoring rate down. Meanwhile, Smith has entered the nervous nineties. Herwadkar has not conceded a boundary in a while.

13:54 IST Australia 186/2 in 51 overs: Steven Smith 89(145), Shaun Marsh 52(94)

Boundaries have dried up in previous overs. Marsh and Smith have resorted to scoring through singles instead of big shots. Just four runs from the previous two overs.

13:49 IST Australia 182/2 in 49 overs: Steven Smith 87(141), Shaun Marsh 50(86)

Marsh reaches fifty, knocks the ball for a single. Marsh looks in good form, a positive for Australia. Smith is playing cautuiously picks a single off the over, just 2 runs from the over.

13:46 IST Australia 180/2 in 48 overs: Steven Smith 86(136), Shaun Marsh 49(81)

Smith takes a single and gives strike to Marsh. He is just two runs away from his fifty, takes a single and reaches on 49. Just 2 runs from the over.

13:43 IST Australia 178/2 in 47 overs: Steven Smith 85(134), Shaun Marsh 48(80)

Spinners Nadeem and Herwadkar have not been able to put pressure on both the batsmen. Though, there is a slight dip in run-rate in previous two overs. Marsh is just two runs away from his half-century.

13:39 IST Australia 173/2 in 45 overs: Steven Smith 83(129), Shaun Marsh 45(74)

Nadeem has proved to be expensive today. Despite going for runs, Pandya has shown faith in the spinner. Marsh takes a single off the first ball. Smith takes on Nadeem once again, hits him for a boundary. Smith is moving towards another First-Class hundred. 7 rusn from the over.

13:36 IST Australia 166/2 in 44 overs: Steven Smith 77(124), Shaun Marsh 44(73)

Dinda and Herwadkar have not been able to pose any threat to Smith and Marsh. They are knocking the ball around for signals in an attempt to keep the scoreboard moving. India A in dire need of wickets.

13:30 IST Australia 159/2 in 42 overs: Steven Smith 72(116), Shaun Marsh 42(69)

Ashish Herwadkar comes into bowl. Once again Smith and Marsh focus on rotating strike, five runs from the over of right-arm off-spinner. 100-run partnership for the duo.

13:26 IST Australia 154/2 in 41 overs: Steven Smith 69(113), Shaun Marsh 40(66)

Dinda continues, Marsh on strike, he is moving towards another First-Class fifty. FOUR! Marsh times the ball in the middle of the bat, another boundary for him. Just four runs from Dinda’s over.

13:20 IST Australia 150/2 in 40 overs: Steven Smith 69(113), Shaun Marsh 36(60)

Nadeem continues, Smith and Marsh are easily knocking the ball around for singles. Five runs from the over. These two batsmen are edging closer to 100-run partnership. Australia reach 150, the current run-rate is 3,75 runs per over.

13:15 IST Australia 145/2 in 39 overs: Steven Smith 66(110), Shaun Marsh 33(57)

Dinda continues, Smith on strike. Takes a single on the first delivery. Marsh to face Dinda, he takes the single off the fifth delivery. Smith takes a single off the last delivery, four runs from Dinda’s over.

13:09 IST Australia 141/2 in 38 overs: Steven Smith 63(108), Shaun Marsh 32(53)

Nadeem continues, Pandya is showing confidence in the left-arm spinner. Just two singles from the over, Smith took a single early in the over. Marsh is refraining from hitting the aerial shots, takes a single off the last ball, retains strike.

13:04 IST Australia 139/2 in 37 overs: Steven Smith 63(107), Shaun Marsh 31(48)

Ashoke Dinda is back into the attack. Smith on strike. Just a single off Dinda’s over. Smith has switched back the gears. He is back to the cautious approach. He will retain strike in next over as well.

13:00 IST Australia 138/2 in 36 overs: Steven Smith 63(101), Shaun Marsh 31(48)

Nadeem continues, just three runs from the over as Marsh and Smith nudge the ball around for singles, a ggod over for Nadeem.

12:54 IST Australia 135/2 in 35 overs: Steven Smith 61(96), Shaun Marsh 30(47)

Saini is back into the attack, Smith takes a single and gets off strike. FOUR! Marsh scores another boundary, this time off in-form bowler. He does not seem to have any problem today, takes a single off the next. Smith on strike, the score remains still for the remaining overs, 6 runs from it.

12:49 IST Australia 129/2 in 34 overs: Steven Smith 56(92), Shaun Marsh 28(45)

Nadeem is showing immense courage today, tossing the ball up and inviting the batsmem to hit the ball. Though, he hasn’t been successful yet in taking a wicket. Smith on strike, Nadeem bowls beautifully, just a single off the last ball, retains strike.

12:49 IST Australia 128/2 in 33 overs: Steven Smith 55(86), Shaun Marsh 28(45)

The first session’s wicket-taking bowler comes back into the attack. Smith takes a single off the first delivery. Smith on strike, he plays the youngster with caution. Saini appealing for leg-before wicket, Umpire shakes his head. Smith retains strike as he takes a single through leg-byes.

12:45 IST Australia 126/2 in 32 overs: Steven Smith 55(81), Shaun Marsh 27(44)

Good comeback from Nadeem after getting hit for a boundary early on in his over. Smith defends a few deliveries and rest get fielded by within the circle, just four runs from the over.

12:42 IST Australia 122/2 in 31 overs: Steven Smith 51(75), Shaun Marsh 27(44)

Pandya to Smith, he takes a single to get off strike. Marsh hits Pandya for another boundary, India A need a bowling change now, 5 runs from the over.

12:38 IST Australia 117/2 in 30 overs: Steven Smith 50(74), Shaun Marsh 23(39)

Nadeem to bowl his left-arm spin. Smith hits him for a boundary, he is just one run away from his half-century. Fourth ball, FIFTY! Smith reaches his half-century. He came to the crease when Australians were struggling. Not only he steadied the ship but scored runs at a brisk rate. Marsh defends the rest of deliveries, 5 runs from the over.

12:34 IST Australia 112/2 in 29 overs: Steven Smith 45(70), Shaun Marsh 23(37)

Australia are trying to put Indian bowlers under pressure now. Smith gets off strike on the third delivery of the over. Marsh on strike now. He hits him four back-to-back boundaries, Marsh is getting into his IPL groove now. 9 runs from Pandya’s over. We might see a bowling change now.

12:29 IST Australia 103/2 in 28 overs: Steven Smith 44(67), Shaun Marsh 15(34)

Nadeem continues, Marsh on strike, he picks up a single off the first ball. Smith on strike, SIX! Nadeem is feeling the hit. Another biggie of the left-arm spinner. Smith takes a single after hitting him for a maximum. Marsh ends the over with a couple of runs as he succeeds in finding the gap. Another good over for Australia, 10 runs from it.

12:25 IST Australia 93/2 in 27 overs: Steven Smith 37(63), Shaun Marsh 12(32)

Pandya continues, Smith on strike. Just 2 runs from the over as Smith picks up a couple of runs after guiding the ball through the gap.

12:20 IST Australia 91/2 in 26 overs: Steven Smith 35(57), Shaun Marsh 12(32)

Nadeem continues after the lunch break, Smith on strike. Smith defends the first three deliveries. He takes a single off the fourth delivery. Marsh comes on strike. SIX! It was almost like an IPL flashback, hits a monstrous six. Marsh tries to open his arms. No run off the next delivery, 7 runs from the over.

12:16 IST Australia 84/2 in 25 overs: Steven Smith 34(53), Shaun Marsh 6(30)

India A skipper Pandya starts off the proceedings of the second session. Smith nudges the ball for a couple of runs. Marsh comes on strike as Smith takes a single off the second delivery. No runs from remaining four deliveries, 3 runs from Pandya’s over.

The highlight of the first session is surely Navdeep Amarjeet Saini. The youngster got the wicket of one of the most dangerous opener in the business. Had Warner stayed till the Lunch Break, the scorecard would have been different. Saini did not just stop there, he took the wicket of opener Matthew Renshaw by coming round the wicket and creating an angle through which he could get an edge past him.

The only positive for Australia in the first session is Steven Smith who has looked in good touch so far, assessing the pitch conditions well and playing the ball to it’s merit.

Lunch Break! 

11:34 IST Australia 81/2 in 24 overs: Steven Smith 31(51), Shaun Marsh 6(26)

Here comes the spinner Shahbaz Nadeem! Steven Smith on strike. Nadeem starts off his spell, that ball beats everyone including the wicketkeeper. Four byes to Australia! Smith takes a single of the fourth delivery. Marsh defends one and knocks the last ball towards the gap for a single. Marsh retains strike.

11:30 IST Australia 76/2 in 23 overs: Steven Smith 30(47), Shaun Marsh 6(24)

Pandya continues, Marsh on strike. Pandya came back well in this over after getting hit for boundary in the previous one. First maiden over of the day for him.

11:26 IST Australia 76/2 in 22 overs: Steven Smith 30(47), Shaun Marsh 6(18)

Dinda continues, Smith on strike. He scores another boundary, this is a good sign for Australia. Smith is getting into the groove. With the conclusion of the first session, the ball will lose shine and would not move around much. He picks up a couple of runs piercing the field. Six runs from Dinda’s over. Is it time to introduce spin? We will have to see.

11:20 IST Australia 70/2 in 21 overs: Steven Smith 24(41), Shaun Marsh 6(18)

Hardik Pandya comes back into the attack, Marsh on strike. Pandya is running in hard trying to extract some bounce off the pitch.

11:14 IST Australia 66/2 in 20 overs: Steven Smith 24(41), Shaun Marsh 2(12)

Dinda to Marsh, he is trying to play himself in before returning to his natural game. Marsh has played a lot on Indian pitches. After defending five deliveries, Marsh takes a single and retains strike.

11:09 IST Australia 65/2 in 19 overs: Steven Smith 24(41), Shaun Marsh 1(6)

Saini continues, Marsh on strike. He takes a single off the first delivery. Smith back on strike, he is trying to break the shackles, scores another boundary. Saini concedes his second boundary of the innings. Five runs off his fifth over.

11:04 IST Australia 60/2 in 18 overs: Steven Smith 20(36), Shaun Marsh 0(5)

Another no-ball for Dinda, fourth of the day. Smith will try to bring Australia’s innings back on track, they desperately need a partnership now. Smith tries and succeeds in piercing the field, third boundary for him. Five runs from Dinda’s over.

10:59 IST Australia 55/2 in 17 overs: Steven Smith 16(29), Shaun Marsh 0(5)

Navdeep Amarjeet Saini is making a name for himself, gets his second wicket today. Gets rid of Matthew Renshaw by coming round the wicket and getting a nick towards the wicketkeeper. India A have started to dominate Australia in first session! Shaun Marsh comes in to bat. Marsh plays with caution, defends a few and lets the rest go straight into the hands of the keeper. Another maiden-wicket over for Saini!

10:55 IST WICKET! Matthew Renshaw c Ishan Kishan b Navdeep Amarjeet Saini 11(41)

10:53 IST Australia 55/1 in 16 overs: Matthew Renshaw 11(40), Steven Smith 16(29)

Ashoke Dinda is back into the attack, replacing Pandya. Renshaw is on strike. He takes a single off the third delivery. Skipper Pandya’s plan is straight, he will try his fast bowlers in the first session when the pitch conditions help the new ball. Smith on strike, he hits a boundary to end the over after defending two balls. Five runs from Dinda’s over.

10:48 IST Australia 50/1 in 15 overs: Matthew Renshaw 10(37), Steven Smith 12(26)

Saini continues, Skipper Smith on strike. Still, trying to play the youngster with caution. FOUR! Smith hits his second boundary of the innings. Saini concedes his first boundary today. Just four runs from the over.

10:44 IST Australia 46/1 in 14 overs: Matthew Renshaw 10(37), Steven Smith 8(20)

Pandya to bowl his 7th over today. Smith on strike, he is trying to assess how the pitch is behaving. Another good over for Pandya, just one run from it on the last ball.

10:38 IST Australia 45/1 in 13 overs: Matthew Renshaw 10(37), Steven Smith 7(14)

Saini continues, Renshaw on strike. Saini has bowled beautifully today bowling in right areas and keeping the batsmen guessing. Renshaw takes a single off the third delivery, Smith on strike. The Australian skipper is playing the youngster with caution. He takes a single off the last delivery and retains strike, just 2 runs from the over.

10:30 IST Australia 43/1 in 12 overs: Matthew Renshaw 9(34), Steven Smith 6(11)

Pandya continues, he seems to be getting into the rhythm after conceding boundaries in first two overs. Renshaw on strike. Just 3 runs from the over, Renshaw gives the strike to Smith on the last ball.

10:26 IST Australia 39/1 in 11 overs: Matthew Renshaw 6(29), Steven Smith 6(10)

Saini continues, Smith on strike. Saini is bowling a tight line and length, giving the batsmen nothing to work the ball into gaps. He takes a single off the fourth delivery. Renshaw on strike. He defends the fifth and takes a single off the next to keep strike. Just two runs from the over.

10:22 IST Australia 38/1 in 10 overs: Matthew Renshaw 5(27), Steven Smith 5(6)

Pandya continues, Smith on strike. He hits a boundary off Pandya. Smith defends the rest of deliveries and takes a single off the last. Five runs from Pandya’s over.

10:17 IST Australia 33/1 in 9 overs: Matthew Renshaw 5(25), Steven Smith 0(1)

10:15 IST WICKET! David Warner c Ishant Kishan b Navdeep Amarjeet Saini 25(30)

Here is the first bowling change of the day, Navdeep Amarjeet Saini to start his spell. Warner on strike. Warner having trouble against the youngster, plays four deliveries on the trot without scoring a run. WICKET! Saini stuns warner. The ball takes an edge of Warner, straight into the hands of wicketkeeper Ishan Kishan. This is a huge wicket! Skipper Steven Smith comes into bat. Smith defends the first delivery. A wicket maiden from Saini!

10:10 IST Australia 33/0 in 8 overs: David Warner 25(26), Matthew Renshaw 5(25)

Pandya continues, Warner once again takes a single off the first ball as if he is giving Renshaw more and more strike. Renshaw continues his defensive approach, ends another over without scoring a run. Pandya’s fourth over comes to an end, just one run from it.

10:04 IST Australia 32/0 in 7 overs: David Warner 24(25), Matthew Renshaw 5(20)

Dinda continues, Warner takes a single off the first delivery. Renshaw is back on strike. It seems like the opener is facing some trouble on subcontinent pitch conditions, faces the rest of over without scoring a run. Another good over from Dinda comes to an end, just 1 run from it.

9:59 IST Australia 31/0 in 6 overs: David Warner 23(24), Matthew Renshaw 5(15)

Warner takes a single off the first ball as Pandya continues. Renshaw on strike. Pandya is tyring to make a comeback, bowls five dot deliveries to Renshaw. The Australian opener is trying to adjust to the pitch conditions.

9:53 IST Australia 30/0 in 5 overs: David Warner 22(23), Matthew Renshaw 5(10)

Dinda continues, Warner on strike. Dinda starts off with three dot deliveries. Warner takes a single on the fourth. Renshaw on strike, he defends the fifth ball of the over. Indian bowlers have bowled three no-balls so far. Renshaw defends the last delivery. A good over from Dinda, just 2 runs from it.

9:49 IST Australia 28/0 in 4 overs: David Warner 21(17), Matthew Renshaw 5(7)

Hardik Pandya to Renshaw. FOUR! Renshaw is off the mark with a boundary. Pandya has been picked off for three boundaries so far. Renshaw takes a single, Warner is back on strike. He takes a single too and rotates the strike. Renshaw defends the last ball, 6 runs from Pandya’s over.

9:44 IST Australia 20/0 in 3 overs: David Warner 18(16), Matthew Renshaw 0(2)

Warner is dealing in boundaries now. He is playing his natural game. Two more boundaries in the over. Australia are off to a good start. Renshaw is still to get off the mark. Warner is piercing the field early on in his innings to put pressure on India A bowlers straightaway.

9:40 IST Australia 12/0 in 2 overs: David Warner 10(10), Matthew Renshaw 0(2)

Warner takes on skipper Hardik Pandya as he comes into bowl. Warner hits two boundaries off the over, he looks in good touch, a good start of the day for him. He takes a single to keep the strike.

9:34 IST Australia 1/0 in 1 over: David Warner 1(4), Matthew Renshaw 0(2)

Ashoke Dinda bowls the first over, David Warner on strike. Just one single off the over, as Warner takes a single off the fourth delivery. Opener Matthew Renshaw defends the remaining two deliveries.

9:15 IST Hardik Pandya wins the toss and elects to bowl first!

Hello and welcome to InUth’s coverage of India A vs Australia warm-up game, Day. We will be giving you all the updates of the match right from the first ball to the last ball of the day’s play. The Aussies will try to adapt to Indian conditions before the four-match Test series starting February 23.

Australian players will be under pressure keeping in mind India’s unbeaten streak of 19 Tests. The hosts have won 6 consecutive Test series under Virat Kohli’s captaincy. There is a stir before the series as Australians gear up to face the No.1 Test side.

The Mumbai warm-up game will be a test for Australian spinners as they will have a dress rehearsal on Indian pitches. Nathan Lyon has been the talk of the town, he has been performing well for Australia in previous matches. Lyon will be leading Australia’s spin attack consisting of Steve O’Keefe and Mitchell Swepson.

In 2016, Swepson’s spin bowling was lauded by legendary leg-spinner Shane Warne. O’Keefe looked promising as well in Sri Lanka on their tour in 2016 but had to go back due to injury.

One bowler who will have the spotlight on him is Mitchell Starc. The left-arm fast bowler was the lone bowler who got wickets regularly on their previous subcontinent tour which did not support fast bowlers. If Starc gets a bit of help from the pitch he will be a major threat to Indian batsmen.

India’s World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev compared Kohli to Australian legend Don Bradman. Not only, Kohli but off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin was termed as ‘Don Bradman of bowling’ by Australia’s former skipper Steve Waugh.

Squads for the  warm-up game:

India A: Hardik Pandya (c), Akhil Herwadkar, Priyank Kirit Panchal, Shreyas Iyer, Ankit Bawne, Rishabh Pant, Ishan Kishan (wk), Shahbaz Nadeem, Krishnappa Gowtham, Kuldeep Yadav, Navdeep Saini, Ashok Dinda, Mohammed Siraj, Rahul Singh, Baba Indrajith

Australia: Steven Smith (c), David Warner, Matt Renshaw, Usman Khawaja, Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Mitchell Marsh, Glenn Maxwell, Matt Wade (wk), Mitchell Starc, Josh Hazlewood, Jackson Bird, Nathan Lyon, Stephen O’Keefe, Ashton Agar, Mitchell Swepson.