Kevin Pietersen to wife Jessica Taylor on Valentine's day: Live, love & laugh!

Kevin Peitersen wished his wife Jessica Taylor on the occasion of Valentin's day.

The Brits like to keep it simple, tough our protagonist Kevin Pietersen is originally a Protean, but now that he is English, he like to work and then party hard. Not bad, I guess, keeping his stature in mind.

Today is Valentine’s day and everybody is trying to make it special for their partners. Some try and are successful and some fail but even that becomes a part of their treasured memory.

Kevin Pietersen in order to make his wife Jessica Taylor feel special, he took to social media to wish Jessica Taylor, he tweeted, ” Happy Valentine’s Day to the love of my life”. That is very sweet of him and even sweeter to know the adorable side of the maverick batsman.

In the picture you will find the cricketer wearing a black suit and honestly he looks dapper in it. With him for company is his wife wearing a plunging neckline which is black again to compliment her husband and they as a pair look stunning.

In another post by the cricketer he is holding his wife’s arm and her hips and walking to and fro. It is a GIF and looks so apt for the occasion of the Valentine’s day.

It seems KP, as he is popularly known is having a ball off-the field and living life king-size, literally.