Is This One Of The Strangest Collisions Witnessed On The Cricket Field?

Have you seen a run out like this? Even in grade cricket?

Being run out is always an unfortunate way to get out. It’s frustrating for a player when he is run out because of someone else’s mistake. It’s even worse if a collision led to that. The Big Bash League (BBL) 2018-19 clash between Melbourne Renegades and Sydney Thunder witnessed one of the strangest collisions leading to a run out in T20 cricket.

In the 19th over of Sydney’s runchase, Harry Gurney deceived Gurinder Sandhu with a slower delivery. Sandhu, a tailender, was unable to judge the pace of the delivery and went early with the shot. With 31 needed off 10 deliveries, the non-striker Jonathan Cook tried to sneak a single. The ball was even close proximity of the bowler which led to the unfortunate turn of events.

Gurney went after the ball, blinding the two batsmen who were running towards each other. Cook and Sandhu had no idea they were running into each other until it was too late.

Cook lost his helmet during the collision. By the time he got up, Gurney had given the ball to wicketkeeper Sam Harper who had run him out. At first, a viewer may feel that it was not in the spirit of the game for Harper to take off the bails. But when you see the replay, it is quite clear that the collision was unfortunate but the run out was just.

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