Is This Bowling Action Legal Or Illegal? The Verdict Is Finally Out!

If only it was legal!

The video of  Uttar Pradesh’s left-arm spinner Shiva Singh doing a 360 degree turn before bowling the ball has surprised everyone including veteran and former cricketers like Bishan Singh Bedi, Yuvraj Singh, Kevin Pietersen and others. The ball was bowled on Day Three of a CK Nayudu Trophy match between Bengal and UP.

It is to be noted that Ankit is not just a bowler from domestic circuit but a part of India Under-19’s World Cup winning squad. The bowling action immediately caught the attention of the umpire, Vinod Seshan, who called it a dead ball.

The bowling action has got everyone asking the same question. Is this bowling action legal or not?

Here’s the video of the bowling action if you have not watched it already:

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the body that lays down the rules of international cricket across the globe had their say on the issue. Here’s how it goes:

Under Law 21.1, the bowler must state his/her mode of delivery, which seems to have been left arm round the wicket in this case, but does not state how conventional the bowler’s approach should be.

Law 41.4 states:

41.4.1 It is unfair for any fielder deliberately to attempt to distract the striker while he/she is preparing to receive or receiving a delivery.

41.4.2 If either umpire considers that any action by a fielder is such an attempt, he/she shall immediately call and signal Dead ball and inform the other umpire of the reason for the call.

It seems that umpire Seshan had every right to call it a dead ball. As per rules, he could have awarded 5 runs to the batting team in addition as penalty for purposely distracting the batsman.

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