IPL rare video: When Chris Gayle graced centrestage alongside Virat Kohli, Vijay Mallya!

In this rare video, we see Chris Gayle taking centrestage along with Virat Kohli, other RCB players on the dance floor.

Whenever we think of the big boys of cricket, few names that would unanimously pop-up are Chris Gayle, Virat Kohli and Yuvraj Singh. The swag and style they sport tend to frequently become trends, for example, the Gangnam dance!

The troika have their own way of winning hearts, no matter what, and of course they are match-winners on the field. Coincidentally, the maverick trinity represent the Royal Challengers of Bangalore (RCB).

In this video, we see Chris Gayle taking centrestage along with Virat Kohli on the dance floor. They are engaging in what can be touted as ‘robo-dance’, soon we see AB DeVilliers join the bandwagon along with colleagues Mitchell Starc. They are having a ball and the music is pepping things up even more. Gayle is also seen making funny faces, like a kid who has been denied a candy.

Then the whole RCB family joins in the action, dancing away to glory.

In the video, we also get a glimpse of the tainted boss, Vijay Mallya, who is seen enjoying a drink with his feet up.

And yes, you need to keep an eye for a Gayle special, he does the iconic ‘MJ’ move and does it to perfection.

Watching the self-claimed World Boss dance is a sight to savour.

All we hope is the happiness and party continues on-field for RCB as we inch closer to the Indian cricketing mela, ‘The Indian Premiere League’.