IPL Auction 2017: The curious case of Joginder Sharma from 2007 WC fame!

Former Chennai SuperKings all-rounder, Joginder Sharma has selected a base price of INR 30,00,000 for IPL Auction 2017.

September 4, 2007: Pakistan needed 13 runs from the last over to win their first ever T20 World Cup. Misbah-ul-Haq was on strike. Indian skipper MS Dhoni turned to youngster Joginder Sharma to defend India’s hopes for winning a World Cup event after a long wait of 24 years. What happened next made cricket fans sit on the edge of their seat till the match was over.

Set batsman Misbah was on strike. Everyone in the field was nervous; in fact, in all of the stadium and everyone around the world who were glued to their TV screens. Sharma was under immense pressure as expectations of millions depended on him. He ran in to bowl the final over.

The first ball—Joginder pitches it wide, the ball goes just outside the wide mark on the crease, harsh call from the Umpire. Joginder runs in again, bowls short of length delivery; Misbah could not anticipate it, misses it fair and square. Pakistan now need 12 from 5 balls.

Joginder runs in to bowl the second ball, loses control trying to pitch it in the block hole. A juicy full toss for Misbah; he whacks it off for a maximum over Joginder’s head, straight into the crowd. Misbah, standing tall in the crease, is beaming with confidence. Now, they need just 6 runs from 4 balls.

Skipper Dhoni runs towards his bowler to have a talk with him and later, makes some fielding changes. Joginder is ready to bowl the third ball. India needed a wicket, Misbah needed a six to win his side World T20 Cup. All eyes on Joginder once again.

Joginder bowls. Misbah premeditates the scoop shot, Joginder notices him gearing up for the shot and bowls a slower one. There comes the sound of an excited commentator, Ravi Shastri. He shouts, “In the air, and Sreesanth takes it.”

Sreesanth takes the catch in fine-leg position and India win the first-ever T20 World Cup 2007 title. That moment made Joginder the hero for which he will be remembered till cricket is played in any corner of India.

I guess that’s enough backstory I need to give you people to remind you who Joginder Sharma is and what he can do on a cricket field.

It has been almost ten years since that win, Joginder has even changed his profession from T20 specialist bowler to becoming the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of Haryana. His photos, dressed in khaki uniform made rounds on the internet in 2016.

In IPL Auction 2016, Joginder Sharma remained unsold for the same base price he selected this time around. He has chosen a base price of INR 30,00,00 for this year’s auction as well. Joginder is a street smart bowler who knows how to outthink the batsmen trying to slog in the final overs. His economy rate might go for a toss, but he is a wicket-taker who might be handy for any franchise bidding in this year.

Joginder’s recent performances are an example that the all-rounder has still got a few tricks up his sleeve. In a recent Inter-State T20 tournament, he picked up 6 wickets in 5 matches and that too, at an impressive economy rate.

It will be interesting to see whether Joginder will be able to fetch a deal this year or not. He has played for CSK under MS Dhoni in the first edition as well. Maybe, he is the lucky charm Dhoni is looking to turn the tables for Rising Pune Supergiants (RPS).

We all are waiting for 20th February IPL Auction 2017. Will the DSP of Haryana get picked, we will have to wait and watch!