India vs West Indies Highlights, 2nd ODI at Queen's Park Oval: India grabs an easy victory, beat Windies by 105 runs

India vs West Indies Highlights: India registers the biggest victory ever against West Indies. With this win, team India now lead the series by 1-0

3:01 IST And the game is over. India win this match by 105 runs and lead the series 1-0

2:58 IST Over-42. Second last over of the game and Yuvraj has the ball once gain. A quick and excellent over from Yuvraj again. Just 3 runs came off the over and WI – 201/6, WI need 110 runs in 6 balls

2:53 IST Over-41. Hardik Pandya brought back into the attack. 3 overs left and the asking rate for Windies is beyond 20 RPO. Lack of intent was visible for the last few over. Especially, after the dismissal of Shai Hope. The game is completely out of the host’s grip now. Another decent over from Pandya with 7 runs coming off it. WI – 198/6, need 113 runs in 12 balls to win.

2:49 IST Over-40. Yuvraj continues delivering another over. However, this one turned out to be a bit expensive. 9 overs from this over and WI – 191/6, need 120 runs in 18 balls to win

2:47 IST Over-39. Kuldeep Yadav is back into the attack with his last over the spell. He has bowled a superb spell and continued in the last over as well. Juts 2 runs were conceded and ended up taking 3 wickets on the debut game. WI – 182/6, need 129 runs in 24 balls to win.

2:44 IST Over-38. Yuvraj is back into the attack and Ashley Nurse is the batsman in. Just 5 runs from the over and WI – 180/6,  need 131 runs in 30 balls

2:41 IST A stunning spell from the debutant. Took three wickets in his first International and game and another good over with 2 runs and a wicket. WI – 175/6, need 136 runs in 36 balls to win

2:38 IST Over-37 Wicket – Holder st Dhoni b Kuldeep Yadav 29(29), WI – 174/6, need 137 runs in 38 balls to win

2:36 IST Over-36. Yuvraj Singh is back with the ball. His last over was brilliant and once he ‘d be looking for something similar. Singles came off almost every ball and 6 runs came off it. WI- 173/5, need 138 runs in 42 balls.

2:34 IST Over-35. Umesh Yadav is back to complete his spells. Pretty good but not the best spell from him so far. However, he is controlling his deliveries in this very over. Unfortunately, a boundary from Holder again imbalanced his economy and 9 runs came off the over. WI – 167/5, need 144 runs in 48 balls

2:30 IST Over-34. And finally, after almost 5-6 games, Yuvraj Singh is here with the ball to deliver an over. What an over to start his bowling with. An economic and excellent over from Yuvraj and just 2 runs coming off it. WI – 158/5, need 153 runs in 54 balls

2:25 IST Over-33. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back with the ball while Windies skipper welcomes him with an inside out shot and the ball lands outside the fence. It’s a huge six. Roston Chase too takes the chance and smashes Bhuvi for a four with an open bat. 11 runs so far from the first 4 balls and two more to go. A good over for the Windies as 12 runs came of it. WI – 156/5, need 155 runs in 60 balls

2:21 IST Over-32. Ashwin comes again with his last over. A good over again with just 4 runs coming off it. WI – 144/5, need 167 runs in 66 balls

2:18 IST Over-31. Hardik Pandya comes into the attack again while Roston Chase is the new batsman in. A good way to start his 7th over – two back-to-back dot balls. Three singles in the next three balls and no boundaries yet in this over. Last ball, Pandya to Holder and a dot ball to end the over. 3 runs came off the over, WI – 140/5, need 171 runs in 72 balls

2:14 IST A good over for Ashwin. A wicket and 6 runs. WI – 137/5, need 174 runs in 78 balls

2:09 IST Wicket – J Carter lbw b Ashwin 13(31)

2:08 IST Over-30. Ashwin comes in attack and finally, strikes! He dismisses Jonathan Carter and takes his first wicket in this game.

2:05 IST Over-29. Pandya is back to deliver another over. It’s his sixth over and he has been very consistent with the ball today. Another decent over with 5 runs coming off it. WI – 131/4, need 180 runs in 84 balls to win

2:01 IST Over-28. Ashwin continues with his turns while the Windies batsmen are struggling real hard.  After a hell lot of efforts, a boundary came off in this over and a total of 10 runs came off this over. A good over after a long time. WI – 126/4, need 185 runs to win

1:57 IST Over-27. Hardik Pandya is back with the ball and he continues to bamboozle the batsmen with his bowling. On the other hand, Windies skipper Jason Holder comes in at number 6. Pandy delivers another good over with conceding just 2 runs. WI – 116/4, need 195 runs to win with 12.19 RPO

1:50 IST Wicket – Shai Hope lbw b Kuldeep Yadav 81(88)

1:48 IST Over-26. Kuldeep Yadav is back and Shai Hope welcomes him with a huge six. Third ball, Yadav to Hopes, ball seems to hit Hope’s pads and the Indian players appeal. Umpire says not out and skipper Virat Kohli goes for a review after consulting with Kuldeep and MS Dhoni. Referral taken and it’s a wicket.

1:45 IST Over-25. Hardik Pandya is back with the ball. He has been bowling a phenomenal spell but he needs to take wickets at this point. On the other hand, Shai Hopes has crossed 75 runs barrier and gradually moving towards his hundred. Again a good over with only 3 runs conceded. WI – 106/3, need 205 runs to win.

1:42 IST Over-24. Kuldeep Yadav again. Another excellent over from the debutant as only 3 runs came off it. WI – 103/3, need 208 runs to win

1:40 IST Over-23. Pace attack is brought back and the ball is with Hardik Pandya. A good over so far as only 3 runs came off it. With the last single, Windies crossed 100 runs benchmark. WI – 100/3, need 211 runs to win

1:36 IST Over-22. Kuldeep Yadav is back. Might have gained some confidence after he plucked the first scalp of his ODI career. Gave just 3 runs from this over. WI – 97/3, need 214 runs to win 

1:33 IST Over-21. Jonathan Carter is the new batsman in and R Ashwin is with the ball again. Just 1 run from the over, WI – 94/3, need 217 runs to win

1:29 IST Wicket – Lewis st Dhoni b Kuldeep Yadav 21(37)

1:28 IST Over-20. Kuldeep Yadav is back and Shai Hope hits him a huge six. But not anymore. Kuldeep’s first ODI wicket comes in the form of Evi Lewis.

1:24 IST Over-19. Ashwin to Hopes. Hopes plays a reverse sweep, goes for 2 and completes his fifty. His 2nd half-century in ODIs. The crowd applauds. And then, a huge six in the 4th ball. Ashwin is losing the plot somewhere. He needs to correct is ASAP. 8 runs in the first 5 balls and a single to end the over. WI – 84/2,  need 227 runs to win

1:21 IST Over-18. Kuldeep Yadav is back and gets smashed for a four again. Not once but twice. 2 fours from this over and a total of 9 runs came of it. An expensive one from the debutant. WI – 73/2, need 238 runs to win

1:19 IST Over-17. Ashwin comes again into the attack. 6 runs conceded and WI – 64/2, need 247 runs

1:17 IST Over-16. Kuldeep Yadav is back. He would surely try to have a good over as compared to the previous one and pick some wickets. Finally, a good over he bowled and WI – 58/2,  need 253 runs to win

1:13 IST Over-15. Ashwin is back and conceded a single in the first ball. The batsmen are getting the hold back in the game. They are moving ahead but steadily. 4 runs came of it and time for Drinks. WI – 54/2, need 257 runs

1:08 IST Over-14. Debutant chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav finally gets the ball to bowl. First overseas ODI experience with the national side. Not a good way to start with. 2 fours came off this over with 2 more runs. 50 up for Windies. WI – 50/2,  need 261 runs to win

1:01 IST Over-13. Ashwin is back and creates the typhoon. First ball and gives Mahendra Singh Dhoni a stumping chance. Shai Hope is the batsman while the Indians appeal for a wicket. TV umpire was referred and replay says not out. Not much luck for Ashwin this time but Hope has all the hopes alive. Though, a good over again. WI – 40/2, need 271 runs to win

1:00 IST Over-12. Hardik Pandya has the ball again. Amazing spells he’s been bowling. Another good over he delivers and concedes just 4 runs. WI – 37/2, need 274 runs to win

00:57 IST Over-11. Spin attack deployed and Ashwin is the bowler. Good to see him bowling a tight over and not leaking many runs. A good over gone and just 2 runs came off it. WI – 33/2, need 278 runs to win

00:53 IST Over-10. Powerplay ends and bowling changes. Hardik Pandya comes into bowl. Pandya continues his good bowling on the Caribbean soil and concedes just 3 runs in his first over. WI – 31/2, need 280 runs to win

00:50 IST Over-9. Skipper Kohli doesn’t seem to change the bowling combo as of now. Bhuvneshwar Kumar comes again to bowl his 5th over. A good over went for the Windies batsmen as 6 runs came off it. WI – 28/2, need 283 runs to win

00:47 IST Over-8. Umesh Yadav is again into the attack and delivers another good over. Only 4 runs scored in the over. WI – 21/2

00:42 IST Over-7. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is back into attack and it seems that the batsmen are facing difficulty to play his deliveries. 2 runs from the over, WI – 18/2

00:39 IST Over-6. Umesh Yadav to continue. A good over for the Windies.  2 runs each in the first two balls and a four in the fifth ball. The first boundary of this inning. Hope and Lewis working together to keep it alive. 10 runs from this over, WI – 16/2

00:35 IST Over-5. Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack and again a good over as he conceded only 1 run off it. WI – 6/2

00:32 IST Over-4. Evin Lewis is the new batsman while Umesh Yadav is back to deliver another over. Just one run of this over. WI – 5/2

00:26 IST Wicket – J Mohammed c Hardik Pandya b Bhuvneshwar 0(8)

00:24 IST Over-3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is into the attack. After troubling the batsmen a lot, Bhuvi strikes again. Takes the second wicket and dismisses Jason Mohammed. WI – 4/2

00:22 IST Over-2. Umesh Yadav comes into attack. Shai Hope and Jason Mohammed are at the crease. A superb over as only 1 run came of it. WI – 3/1

00:17 IST 2 runs off the first over. WI – 2/1

00:15 IST Wicket  – K Powell c Dhoni b Bhuvneshwar 0(3)

00:14 IST Over-1.Bhuvneshwar Kumar into the attack and strikes in the second ball itself. takes a wicket and dismisses Kieran Powell.

00: 10 IST And the chase begins. The Indian side are all set to save their total and take early wickets while the Windies openers Shai Hope and Kieran Powell are on the crease.

22:40 IST West Indies needs 311 runs to win off 43 overs

22:35 IST Over 43. Last over and Jason Holder to end this one. Holder to Dhoni, a single and Jadhav on strike. Holder to Jadhav and he smashes it for a four. Holder to Kedar Jadhav and he is caught but it’s a no-ball. Holder steps over the crease and lucky Jadhav gets another chance. 2 more single off the next two deliveries. Two more balls to go to end this innings. Holder to Dhoni and he sends it for a four. India crosses 300 mark. An extra ball as the delivery was a no-ball. Free hit, Holder to Dhoni and he hits it big. But there’s a fielder. Just a single came off. Last ball, Holder to Jadhav and another no ball and a four. Brilliant execution by Jadhav to send the ball out of the boundary. Again a free hit. But the skipper hands over the ball to Jonathan Carter. Holder won’t finish it but Carter will. Carter to Jadhav, last ball, and two runs off the last ball. IND – 310/5

23:31 IST Kedar Jadhav comes in at number 7. IND – 288/5

23:28 IST Wicket Kohli c Nurse b Alzarri Joseph 87(66)

23:26 IST Over-42. Alzarri Joseph into the attack. Joseph to Kohli, 2 runs. Very good running between the wickets. Oh no. Kohli has to return to the Pavilion. He tried to hit another biggie but didn’t get that elevation to send the ball out of the boundary. No doubt he played a captain’s knock.

23:24 IST Over-41. Jason Holder is back but it’s impossible to stop Virat Kohli now. A double to start with and a humungous six in the fourth ball. A good way to punish the bowler if he delivers a full-toss. Just like a tracer bullet over deep mid-wicket. Kohli moves to 84. A no ball by the skipper and here comes a free hit and takes just a single.

23:20 IST Over-40. Alzarri Joseph has the bowl again. 2 singles of the first ball and then a huge six by Virat Kohli. What a shot which sends the ball into the crowd. A quick single to finish the over. IND – 271/4

23:14 IST Over-39. Skipper Holder strikes in the first ball of his over and dismisses Yuvraj Singh. Now it’s Mr Cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni at number 6. Holder to Dhoni, 1 run but Kohli has some other plans. Kohli hits a four through an upper cut and a single in the next ball. Holder to Dhoni, and no runs. It’s a dot ball. A dot ball again to end the over. IND – 260/4

23:10 IST Wicket – Yuvraj c Shai Hope b Holder 14(10)

23:09 IST over-38. Miguel Cummins to Virat and he takes a single to reach his 43rd ODI fifty off th first ball of the over. Kohli is on fire now. Kohli smashes Cummins for a four in the third ball and then a humungous six in the next ball. A single came off the next ball and another to end the over. 15 runs from the over IND – 254/3

23:04 IST Over-37. Alzarri Joseph has the ball now. The drizzle has started again while 7 more overs to go. Joseph to Yuvraj and he starts the over with a two. 4 singles came off the next four balls and finally a boundary from Yuvraj to end the over. IND – 240/3

22:58 IST Over-36. Yuvraj Singh comes in at number 5 and Miguel Cummins has the ball once again. Miguel Cummins to Yuvraj, 1 run. Several strike change throughout the over and a single to end the over. IND – 229/3

22:53 IST Wicket – Hardik Pandya c Miguel Cummins b Alzarri Joseph 4(5)

22:49 IST Over-35. It’s a surprise. Hardik Pandya comes in instead of Yuvraj Singh and Alzarri Joseph has the bowl. Kohli has the strike and welcomes him with a huge six. 3rd ball, Joseph to Pandya and he is caught behind. A big appeal but the umpire wants to check it properly and go upstairs. And the replay says it was no ball. Pandya gets a life and takes 2 runs off the free hit.

22:45 IST Wicket – Rahane bCummins 103 (104)

22:44 IST Over-34. Miguel Cummins is back into the attack. Cummins to Rahane. He is on 96 but takes a single and moves to 97. Cummins to Kohli, and a dot ball. A single on the third ball by Kohli and Rahane gets the strike. He is 3 runs away for his century. Cummins to Rahane and he hits a four through covers and gets his third career century.

22:40 IST Over-33. Devendra Bishoo comes again. Another over for him now. Devendra Bishoo to Rahane, no run and same goes in the second ball as well. Bishoo to Rahane, 1 run while another single off the next ball by Kohli. A single taken by Rahane to finish the over, IND – 203/1

22:37 IST Over-32. Jason Holder is back with his 6th over and Kohli takes a single off the first ball. Holder to Rahane, 1 run and a single again off the third ball by Kohli. Holder to Rahane and it’s a dot ball. A quick single taken by Rahane off the fifth ball and 1 ball to go. Holder to Kohli and no runs off the last ball. IND – 200/1

22:33 IST Over-31. Devendra Bishoo is back on attack and might it could be his last over. A good over as only 4 overs came of it. IND – 196/1

22:25 IST Over-30. Windies Skipper Jason Holder comes to bowl and opens the over with a dot ball. Holder to Rahane and single in the second while another single off the third ball by Kohli. 3 balls, 3 runs and 3 more balls to go. Holder to Rahane and 2 runs taken comfortably after pushing the ball towards third man region. Rahane moves to 89. Another single of the next ball by Rahane which takes him to 90s. Holder to Kohli, last ball and the over finishes with a dot ball. IND – 192/1

22:21 IST Over-29. Devendra Bishoo is the bowler to bowl while Virat is the man to ruin his economy rate. Two consecutive fours off Virat’s bat while 2 singles more. 4 balls and 10 runs. 11 runs came off the over. IND – 187/1

22:17 IST Over 28. Miguel Cummins is back and creates a trouble for Rahane. The ball hits his leg, the Windies appeal for LBW but the umpire says not out. The host asks for a review and it was an Umpire’s call which saved Rahane. Lucky Rahane to get a life-line. 4 balls and 4 runs for India and no boundary yet. Two more balls to go. No run off the 5th ball while a single to end the over. IND – 176/1

22:14 IST Over-27. Devendra Bishoo back on attack and Rahane Charges him for a four in the third ball. Bishoo to Rahane, 4th ball and Rahane misses it. A good one from Bishoo. No runs from the 5th delivery and a single to finish the over. IND – 170/1

22:11 IST Over-26. Miguel Cummins to Kohli and a single off the first ball. Cummins to Rahane, and no run but a stunning six towards deep square leg. Next ball, another pull shot by Rahane and a four. With this boundary, 50 runs partnership brewed between Rahane and Kohli. Rahane on 78, his highest score against Windies. 11 runs off the over, IND – 165/1

22:07 IST Over-25. Devendra Bishoo into the attack. A balanced over so far as 5 runs came off the first 4 balls. Bishoo to Rahane and a single taken in the fifth ball. Another single of the last and 7 runs came off the over. IND – 154/1

22:03 IST Over-24. Miguel Cummins is back into attack and starts with a dot ball. Cummins to Kohli again and a single taken off the second ball. 2 more runs in the next three balls and a dot ball to end the over. IND – 147/1

21:59 IST Over-23. Devendra Bishoo to Kohli and a single of the first ball. Bishoo to Rahane and a dot ball. No runs off that. Bishoo to Rahane again and a biggie for Rahane towards deep mid-wicket. One bounce and a four. A nice shot by Rahane. Bishoo to Rahane and again a four towards the covers. A classic shot played by Rahane who is playing at 63. A single off the fifth ball and another to end the over. IND – 144/1

21:55 IST Over-22. Miguel Cummins is back and starts the over with a dot ball. Just 1 run came off the first 3 balls. A good over by the speedster so far. 4 runs came off the over, IND – 133/1

21:51 IST Over-21. Ashley Nurse continues with his 9th and last over. 3 balls and 3 runs so far. A single in the 5th and another in the last ball. IND – 129/1

21:47 IST Over-20. Change in bowling, pacer Miguel Cummins brought to bowl. A good way to start with two dot balls. However, a single conceded in the third ball. single off the fifth and a magnificent four by Rahane to finish the over. With this, Rahane scores another 50. IND – 124/1

21:43 IST Virat Kohli comes into bat at number 3. 2 runs and a wicket so far. Ashley Nurse got the first breakthrough for his team. 2 runs off the fifth ball and dot ball to finish the over. IND – 118/1

21:40 IST Wicket – Dhawan st Shai Hope b Nurse 63(59)

21:39 IST over-19. Ashley Nurse strikes.

21:38 IST Over-18. Devendra Bishoo is bowling and Rahane welcomes him with a four. A good shot from Rahane over extra cover. Two back-to-back dot balls and then a wide. $th ball and 2 runs taken and another dot in the 5th delivery. A four off the last ball, IND – 114/0

21:36 IST Over-17. Ashley Nurse is back to bowl and concedes 2 runs off the first three balls. 2 runs taken in the 4th ball and 100 runs partnership comes up between Rahane and Dhawan. Phenomenal batting by this opening pair. 6 runs came off the over. IND – 103/0

21:32 IST Over-16. Devendra Bishoo comes into the attack and starts with a dot ball. two more dot ball and no runs came off the first three ball. A single came off the fourth ball and good over so far. A single in the 5th and dot in the last ball. IND – 97/0

21:27 IST Over-15. Ashley Nurse continues and Shikhar Dhawan hits him for another four towards square leg off the third ball. Dhawan is literally on fire right now. 98 runs from the first 5 balls and a dot ball to end the over. IND – 95/0

21:23 IST Over-14. Bowler changes and Devendra Bishoo to bowl the new over. Bishoo to Rahane and a single off the first ball. Bishoo to Dhawan and a dot ball. Another single in the next delivery. A good over so far for the Windies. Another single off the next ball. Dhawan on strike now. A single for Dhawan and 21st Fifty of his career. What a form he has been carrying right from the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. Good batting by Gabbar till now. A single taken by Rahane off the last ball and IND – 86/0

21:20 IST Over-13. Ashley Nurse continues to bowl. A single taken by Rahane. No run from the second but Dhawan takes a quick single off the third ball. Windies missed a chance to dismiss Rahane and a dot ball to finish the over. IND – 81/0 

21:15 IST Over-12. Alzarri Joseph into the attack. Rahane takes a single in the first ball while Dhawan charges again for a four. No run in the next 2 balls. Joseph to Dhawan again and another boundary towards the cover. What a drive from Dhawan. It takes to 43 now. 7 runs left to score his another half-century. Lat ball to go, Joseph to Dhawan. Another 4 from Dhawan and 13 runs came off it. IND – 78/0

21:10 IST Over-11. Ashley Nurse is back and starts with three dot balls. A goos way to start an over. A single taken in the fourth ball. Nurse to Rahane, a single and a dot ball to end the over. IND – 65/0

21:07 IST Over-10. First powerplay ends and Alzarri Joseph comes to bowl his 2nd spell. A single in the first ball but Dhawan smashes him an inside out boundary towards the off-side. What a perfect shot by Shikhar Dhawan. he is on fire again. A single in the next ball and now Rahane gets the strike. Joseph to Rahane and a dot ball. No runs! Another dot ball to end the over. IND – 63/0

21:03 IST Over-9. Ashley nurse is back and concedes 3 runs in the first 3 balls. No run in the 4th but another single in the 5th. Single again to finish the over. IND – 57/0

21:00 IST Over-8. Jason Holder to Dhawan, no run from the first ball but a beautiful shot in the next which goes out of the boundary. Third ball, Holder to Dhawan and another four in the same region, towards the straight. A dot ball comes next but Dhawan has done his job for this over. Fifth ball, Jason to Dhawan, no run again. Last ball and another four towards the square to end the over. IND – 52/0

20:56 IST Over-7. Ashley Nurse is back into the attack. A good start for Nurse as no runs from the first two balls and then a single in the 3rd. Nurse to Rahane, another dot ball. A single came off in the fifth and strike changes. Last ball and a single to finish. IND – 40/0

20:53 IST Over-6. Jason Holder continues with the ball. Holder to Dhawan, and a single towards short of a length and just outside off. No runs from the second ball though. Holder to Rahane, and another dot ball. Three balls, 1 run and 3 more balls to go. Another dot ball from the 4th delivery. A good over going for Windies so far. Another dot ball. 5 balls, just 1 run. Last ball to go. Holder to Rahane, and finally, a four towards deep mid-wicket. No more a good over for Holder now. IND –  37/0

20:49 IST Over-5. Change in bowling attack and Ashley Nurse comes into bowl. Holders think it’s the right time to deploy a spinner. Nurse to Dhawan, no run. A single come off the second ball. Nurse to Rahane, 1 run and another single in the next ball too. Last ball, no runs and IND – 32/0

20:45 IST Over-4. Holder is back into the bowling attack. Holder to Dhawan and a dot ball. But a crunchy boundary in the second ball. Dhawan at his best. What a shot. Holder to Dhawan again, and this time Dhawan drives the ball through covers for a boundary. Two consecutive fours for Dhawan. And again a dot ball in the next delivery. Two more balls to go. Holder to Dhawan, 5th ball and a single. Last ball, Holder to Rahane and a dot ball to end the over. IND – 29/0 

20:40 IST Over-3. Alzarri Joseph continues. Joseph to Rahane and a six towards the off-side. A good way welcome Joseph with his new over. Joseph to Rahane again. Rahane drives it towards the straight and 3 runs comes off it. Joseph to Dhawan and no run. No runs as well in the 4th and 5th ball. Last ball, Joseph to Dhawan and a single. IND – 20/0

20:35 IST Over-2. Skipper Jason Holder into the attack. Holder to Rahane, a single came off the first ball. Shikhar Dhawan gets the strike. Holder to Dhawan, no run. A quick single stolen by Dhawan in the third ball and he goes off the mark. A sligh misfield in the slips which let Rahane take another single. Holder to Dhawan, 5th ball and another dot ball. Last ball, no run. IND – 10/0

20:30 IST Joseph to Rahane. The game begins with wide. The ball didn’t count but 1 run in India’s account. Another wide after the first ball. Not a good way to start. Joseph to Rahane again, and Rahane hits it for a four towards fine leg. First boundary for India and Ajinkya. Both the batsmen looking confident. A single came off the 5th ball. Last ball, Joseph to Dhawan, no run. IND – 7/0

20:25 IST The game is finally getting started. The Indian openers Ajinkya Rahane and Shikhar Dhawan enters the field while the Windies skipper is setting the field. Alzarri Joseph is ready to bowl the first over.

20:07 IST Earlier it was 45 overs per side game and now, 2 more overs have reduced per side. It’s 43 overs game. Bowling restrictions: 3 bowlers can bowl nine overs, 2 can bowl eight.

20:05 IST Team India is going unchanged. That means, no place for Rishabh Pant once again. On the other hand, West Indies are also unchanged.

20:02 IST The playing XI for today’s game:

India (Playing XI): Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav

West Indies (Playing XI): Evin Lewis, Kieran Powell, Shai Hope(w), Jason Mohammed, Roston Chase, Jonathan Carter, Jason Holder(c), Ashley Nurse, Devendra Bishoo, Alzarri Joseph, Miguel Cummins

20:00 IST And it’s the toss time. The coin flipped and once again, Jason Holder wins the toss and opts to field first. It’s Team India to bat first!

19:50 IST The toss will take place at 20:00 Hrs and the game will begin at 20:30 Hrs. The groundsmen are on the field right now and working hard to make the field ready to play. The rollers are on the pitch. After a long wait, it’s a good news coming from the Queen’s Park Oval. Let’s hope the rain shouldn’t interrupt the game any more. Both the teams are ready to face each other. Stay tuned with InUth for more updates.

19:45 IST The match is about to begin and the toss will take place shortly. The overs have been reduced and now, it’s going to be a 45 over per side game.

India vs West Indies Live Cricket score, 2nd ODI at Queen's Park Oval

India vs West Indies 2nd ODI at Queen’s Park Oval

19:40 IST As tweeted by Cricket West Indies, the game is about to begin in 50 minutes from now. It means, the match will begin at 20:30 IST. Stay tuned with InUth for more updates.

19:34 IST And finally, here comes the good news. The rain has stopped completely and the covers are off! The game may start soon. However, we need to get the confirmation from the match officials.

19:05 IST The situation is still the same. heavy shower on the field and the covers are still on. It won’t be wrong if it is said, the Rain is Obstructing the Field today!

18:45 IST No mercy from the rain God. The shower is getting harsh and harsh with time. All the cricket fans and the players are waiting for the rain to stop. The game is moving towards getting called off. But, we still need to wait for the final decision by the match officials.

18:30 IST Oh goshh…. the bad news is back and so is rain. Though it stopped for a while, but, now it’s pouring cats and dogs. The players are waiting in the dressing room for any further development and so do we. It seems it’s gonna stop so seen. Fingers crossed!

India vs West Indies

India vs West Indies 2nd ODI at Queen’s Park Oval

18:25 IST The covers are being removed slowly. The toss has been delayed while the officials are yet to take the call on the same. Stay tuned with InUth for more updates.

18:23 IST Finally, it’s a good news. The shower has slowed down and the groundsmen may come any time to remove the covers. However, the clouds are still there in the sky.

India vs West Indies

India vs West Indies 2nd ODI at Queen’s Park Oval

18:15 IST The official toss time has passed and the rain hasn’t stopped yet. The officials are still waiting to have a bit of sunshine to take a call on this game.

17:53 IST Still it’s drizzling out there at the Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain, Trinidad. As per the last update, the covers were on and the officials are waiting for the rain to stop

17:45 IST As speculated, the rain has surmounted the Queen’s Park Oval. Unlike June 23, the rain has arrived on the ground before the teams. The covers are out on the ground while there are no updates about the commencement of the toss.

17:43 IST The first ODI on June 23 was also washed off due to rain. West Indies had won the toss and elected to bowl first. Team India batted well and had a good start. India could only bat till 39th over as the rain had interrupted the game. Hours later, the game was called off.

17:40 IST Bad news it is. The 2nd India vs West Indies ODI may go in vein as the weather is not looking in favour of the players and the fans. The clouds are out and it could rain anytime.


WIvIND 2nd ODI – It is raining at the moment and the covers are out.

Welcome to InUth’s live digital coverage of 2nd India vs West Indies ODI of the Royal Stag Mega Cricket 2017. The first match on June 23 was unfortunately abandoned as heavy rain played the spoilsport. And today, both the teams would be looking for a complete game to showcase their cricketing skills. As speculated earlier, an inexperienced Windies side couldn’t do any Marvel in the first game with the ball. They failed to pick wickets and as a result, a stunning partnership a total of 132 runs was brewed between the new Indian opening pair of Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane for the first wicket.

Also, the Windies will be starting their quest to move up the ladder in ICC ODI rankings and end up at,  at least No. 8 position before cut-off date September 30. And to do so they have to play a better cricket than the one they played in their previous game.

The Indian squad looked very balanced in the last game. Shikhar Dhawan continued his form what he had in the Champions Trophy while Ajinkya Rahane was seen coming out of his shell. Rahane, who had been benched for the entire Champions Trophy tournament, was back in his colours and played a superb inning of  62 runs off 78 balls.

Shikhar Dhawan made another half-century of his career and ended up scoring 87 runs off 92 balls. Yuvraj Singh, however, lost the plot midway while Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni had a decent batting stint on the crease.

Youngster Rishabh Pant didn’t get the spot in the playing XI and was benched for the game. On the other hand, Chinaman bowler, Kuldeep Yadav was included in the team but he didn’t get the chance to bowl as the game was called-off. However, today he’s got another chance to perform well.

In the Windies side, it will also be a good platform for Windies youngsters Evin Lewis, Kesrick Williams, Shai Hope, Jason Mohammed, Rovman Powell, Alzarri Joesph who have made their name in Caribbean Premier League 2016.


Weather Report: 

After witnessing a heavy rain in the last game, it could be speculated that the rain might hamper the game even today as the venue is same. The met services have also indicated it could rain today as well. The temperature would be around 25-29 degree Celsius and cloudy weather.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Rishabh Pant, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, Hardik Pandya, MS Dhoni(wk), Kedar Jadhav, Ravindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Ajinkya Rahane, Kuldeep Yadav, Dinesh Karthik

Windies: Evin Lewis, Kieran Powell, Shai Hope(wk), Kesrick Williams, Jason Mohammed, Jonathan Carter, Rovman Powell, Jason Holder(c), Ashley Nurse, Alzarri Joseph, Devendra Bishoo, Roston Chase, Miguel Cummins

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