India vs West Indies, 5th ODI, Jamaica, Highlights: Kohli finishes off with a six, India win by 8 wickets

Team India defeats West Indies by 8 wickets in the 5th ODI and win the series by 3-1. Virat Kohli's magnificent hundred and Dinesh Karthik's superb half-century took the team to an easy victory over the Caribbean hosts


2:17 IST India needs 9 runs to win off 84 balls and Jason Holder brings Roston Chase to bowl. Chase to DK, he takes a single and his 50 comes up and India crosses 200 runs benchmark. And the game finishes. Virat Kohli finishes off in style with a six.

2:08 IST Kesrick Williams into his 8th over now and Virat has the strike. He is playing at 95 and needs 5 runs more for a century. No run off the first but DK-and Karthik went for a double. Williams hits the stump and appeals for a run-out. Luckily DK made it and he is safe. It’s a NOT OUT! Kohli on 97 and hits a boundary. It’s his century. 28th ton in ODIs, 6th as an Indian captain and 18th while chasing. A dot ball to end the game, IND – 191/2, need 15 runs to win

2:01 IST It’s the 34th over and Virat Kohli is playing at 94. He needs 6 more runs to reach his century. Jason Holder into the attack and Karthik plays the most of it and he reaches to his 40s. Kohli yet to get a strike and get his century. DK ends the over with a four and 100 runs partnership between Kohli and Karthik comes up. IND – 184/2, need 22 runs to win.

1:57 IST Kesrick Williams comes into the attack and delivers an excellent over where just 1 run came off it. IND – 176/2, need 31 runs to winIND – 176/2, need 31 runs to win

1:52 IST Jason Holder is back into attack and Kohli takes another single to move to 92. 8 more needed for a century. DK takes a single and gives the strike to Kohli. After taking a couple of runs, Kohli moves to 94. The over ends with a dot ball and IND – 175/2, need 32 runs to win

1:46 IST Kesrick Williams continues with his 6th over. Williams to Kohli and no runs off the first ball. A couple of runs in the next ball after Shai Hope misses the catch of Virat Kohli. The ball touched the outside edge of Virat’s bat but Hope misses to grab it. Another double and then a powerful shot from the Indian captain towards the deep extra cover for a four. Kohli moves to 90. A single to end the over, IND – 170/2, need 36 runs to win 

1:42 IST And the skipper is back with the ball. Holder to Kohli and it’s a dot ball. A single off the second ball followed by three dot balls. Another dot to end the over, IND – 161/2, need 44 runs to win

1:34 IST Ashley Nurse to Kohli and he hit it for a boundary. Kohli seems to finish the game pretty soon. A single off the second and Karthik gets the strike. Third a dot and another single off the 4th and off the 5th too. Karthik plays a cut shot and the last ball goes for a four. India crosses 150 runs benchmark. IND – 153/2, need 53 runs to win

1:32 IST Alzarri Joseph to Karthik, no run off the first ball abut a superb shot in the second to send the ball out of the fence for a four. 4 more singles and IND – 142/2, need 64 runs to win.

1:25 IST Ashley Nurse to Kohli and a single comes off the first ball. Nurse To Karthik and he take 2 in the second. Another single off the 4th ball while captain Kohli finishes the over with a four. 50 runs partnership between Kohli and Karthik comes up. IND – 134/2, need 72 runs to win

1:23 IST Pace attack brought back into business and it’s Alzarri Joseph now. Joseph to Kohli and a single to start the over with. 3 singles from the over and a dot ball to finish the over. IND – 126/2, need 80 runs to win

1:18 IST Ashley Nurse to Karthik and he send the ball out of the fence for a four. Another stunning shot to start the over with. 6 runs came from the over, IND – 123/2, need 83 runs to win

1:15 IST Bishoo hs the ball again. After 3 singles in five balls, Kohli smashes a huge six off the last ball. 9 runs came off the over, IND – 117/2, need 89 runs to win

1:10 IST Change in bowling and Ashley Nurse comes into the attack. DK takes a couple of runs in the second and then a single in the third. Kohli gets the strike and a quick single and moves on to 49. Nurse to DK and another single. Kohli on strike and he smashes a 4. Kohli gets his 44th career fifty and 10th against Windies. IND – 108/2, need 98 runs to win

1:08 IST Bishoo to DK and he smashes a four towards the square. 5 runs came off the over and IND – 99/2, need 107 runs to win

1:04 IST Williams to Kohli, no run. However, a four in the next ball over mid-wicket with his back leg in the air. Kohli moves to 48 after taking 3 runs in the next ball. DK takes a single off the last ball nd keeps the strike. IND – 94/2, need 112 runs to win

00:59 IST Dinesh Karthik is the new man in and gets off the mark with the first ball itself. Takes a double and IND – 86/2, need 120 runs to win

00:57 IST Wicket – Rahane lbw b Devendra Bishoo 39(51)

00:53 IST Bishoo is back into the attack and starts with a dot ball. No more runs so far but he dents the Indian batting line up.

00:50 IST Williams is back into the attack and Kohli flicks the ball down the leg side for a four. No more runs came off the over and IND – 84/1, need 122 runs to win

00:46 IST Bishoo to Rahane and the first ball goes for a four. Bishoo looks disappointed while the Indian batsmen are happy. 4 more single from this over, IND – 80/1. need 126 runs to win

00:43 IST Kesrick Williams continues with his 3rd over. Another good over bowled by Williams and just 3 runs came off it. IND – 72/1, need 134 to win

00:39 IST Bishoo to Kohli and a single to start the over. 3 runs of 5 balls and another single to end the over. IND – 69/1, need 137 runs to win

00:35 IST Kesrick WilliamsRahane and the over commences with a single. A good over for India as 4 runs came off 4 balls and then a dot. Another dot ball to end the over, IND – 65/1,  need 141 runs to win

00:31 IST Devendra Bishoo to Kohli and back-to-back 2 dot balls. But Kohli smashes a four to end the over and IND – 61/1, need 145 runs to win

00:27 IST Bowler changes and Kesrick Williams come to bowl. And 50 runs partnership brews up between Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli. IND – 55/1, need 151 runs

00:24 IST Bowling attack changes and it’s Devendra Bishoo into the attack. A good over and 1 run came off it. IND – 51/1

00:21 IST Holder to Kohli and again a dot ball to start the over with. No runs came off the over and it’s a maiden. IND – 50/1

00:16 IST Alzarri Joseph Kohli and starts off with a dot ball. Kohli Smashes a four in the fifth ball in front of square. Fifty up for India. IND – 50/1

00:12 IST Jason Holder continues and starts off with a dot ball. A good over so far for the Windies, 2 runs off 5 balls. And a single off the last ball. IND – 43/1, need 163 runs to win

00:09 IST Alzarri Joseph to Virat Kohli and it’s a four towards the straight off the first ball. Pulled away the 4th ball and it goes beyond the boundary for a four. A dot ball to finish the over, IND – 40/1, need 166 runs to win

00:05 IST Jason Holder to Rahane and he welcomes Holder with a four towards the fine leg.  After 2 dot ball, another four and this time it’s towards the covers. 8 runs in 4 balls. And another 4 to end the over. 4 boundaries and IND – 31/1

00:00 IST Alzarri Joseph to Rahane and no run in the first ball but a four towards the mid-on in the second. 5 runs in 5 balls and last one to go. Joseph to Kohli and a double to end the over. IND – 19/1

23:57 IST Holder to Rahane and it’s a single to start with. Lucky Rahane! Get’s a chance as Devendra Bishoo loses him at the cover point. Holder is not happy though. A single taken and Kohli takes the strike. 3 runs from the over, IND – 12/1.

23:54 IST Alzarri Joseph again while Rahane has the strike. Three dot balls in the first three balls and then a single off the fourth. The Windies has put the pressure right from the first over and these two batsmen have to make everything right. A dot ball to end the over, 1 run from the over, IND – 9/1

23:48 IST Jason Holder comes into the attack while skipper Virat Kohli is in at number 3. He has to balance the situation along with Jinx (Rahane). Holder to Kohli and he went off the mark with a couple of runs. 3 runs from the over, IND – 8/1

23:43 IST Wicket – Dhawan c Lewis b Alzarri Joseph 4(3)

23:41 IST Alzarri Joseph opens the bowling attack while Rahane has the strike. A dot ball to open the over. After 2 dot balls, Indians are off the mark with a single in the third. While Shikhar Dhawan has something else in his mind. He did a ‘Virender Sehwag’ and gets a 4 towards the third man to get off the mark. But Unfortunately, his batting stint will be less. IND – 5/1

23:37 IST The chase begins. The Windies players have entered the field and so have the Indian openers Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane.

23:00 IST Let’s have a look at the bowling stats

Bowler Overs Runs Wickets Economy No balls Wides
Mohammad Shami 10 48 4 4.8 0 0
Umesh Yadav 10 53 3 5.3 0 3
Hardik Pandya 6 27 1 4.5 0 2
Kuldeep Yadav 10 36 0 3.6 0 0
Ravindra Jadeja 10 27 0 2.7 0 0
Kedar Jadhav 10 13 1 3.25 0 1

22:54 IST West Indies – 205/9. INDIA NEEDS 206 TO WIN FROM 50 OVERS

22:53 IST Wicket – Rovman Powell c Dhoni b U Yadav 31(32)

22:50 IST Last over and Umesh Yadav brings it. Rovman Powell has the strike and he welcomes him with a huge six. But he couldn’t finish the game as he has go back to pavilion. The ball kisses Powell’s bat and Dhoni’s makes no mistake to take. A dot ball to end the inning. WI – 205/9

22:47 IST Mohammad Shami is back with his 10th over. 40 runs in 9 over and 4 wickets, what a magnificent spell he had. Both the batsmen – Rovman Powell and Alzarri Joseph are struggling to do something helpful for the team. And after a long long time, Powell finds the room and hits a six towards the front leg and sends it outside the boundary for a SIX. A single taken in the last ball and WI – 197/8

22:43 IST 3 more overs to go and Umesh Yadav has the ball to deliver his 9th over. Alzarri Joseph is the new man in at number 10. 7 runs from the over, WI – 189/8

22:39 IST Wicket – Devendra Bishoo c Dhoni b Shami 6(15)

22: 38 IST Mohammad Shami continues with his 9th over while Devendra Bishoo gets a four off the third delivery in disguise. Runs added to the scoreboard and another single taken in the fourth.5 balls delivered and 7 runs came off it. And in the last ball, a soft dismissal. WI – 182/8

22:34 IST 5 more overs to go and Umesh Yadav has been brought back into the attack. It’s a maiden over from Yadav and WI – 175/7 after 46 overs

22:30 IST Kuldeep Yadav continues and once gain delivers a good over. He completes his 10 overs spell and conceded 36 runs and no wickets for the Chinaman in this game. WI – 175/7

22:26 IST Another over from Mohammad Shami and another wicket for him. Nurse flicked the ball towards the mid-wicket to Kuldeep Yadav and he loses his wicket without scoring any run. Once again, just 1 run and a wicket. Devendra Bishoo is the new man in. WI  – 171/1

22:25 IST Wicket – Nurse c Kuldeep Yadav b Shami 0(4)

22: 21 IST Kuldeep Yadav continues. Just 1 run came off the over and WI – 170/6 after 43 overs

22:18 IST What an over from Mohammad Shami. Ashley Nurse comes in next while 2 overs and a wicket from the over. WI – 169/6

22:15 Wicket – Shai Hope c Rahane b Shami 51(98)

22:13 IST Rovman Powell is the new man in to bat and Kuldeep Yadav is back into the attack. 2 overs from the over, WI – 166/5

22:08 Wicket – Holder c Dhawan b Shami 36(34)

22:07 IST Bowler changes and it’s Mohammad Shami into the attack. However, Jason Holder looks to have changed his mind now. No more defensive play but attack instead. A four by him in the 3rd ball over the extra cover. A much needed four. But his batting no longer continues. He tries to hit another biggie but Shikhar Dhawan was there to take the catch at long-on.

22:04 IST It’s Kuldeep Yadav again and two dot balls back-to-back from him in the first two balls. And then a sweep shot from Jason Holder which goes for a four. 5 runs off the over, WI – 157/4

22:00 IST Pandya has the ball again and starts off with a dot. In the next ball, Jason Holder hits the first six of the game. Holder fetched it from outside off and then hit flat over mid-wicket. It seems the Windies batters are coming out of the shell. Pandya to Hope, 5th ball, a single to deep mid-wicket and a fifty for hopes off 94 balls. WI – 152/4

21:56 IST The drinks break is over and Kuldeep Yadav is back with his next over. Kuldeep to Hope and it’s a single while Hope moves to 49. A four in the 4th ball by Jason Holder while a run-out chance again missed by the Indians in the very next ball. Jadeja fumbles with the ball and misses a fair chance. 8 runs from the over and WI – 143/4

21:50 IST After a long spell of spin attack, the pace has been brought back and it’s Hardik Pandya with the bowl. He starts off with a dot ball but a boundary as an extra (by run) in the next. A single in the fifth while Shai Hope moves to 48. A dot ball to end with and WI – 135/4

21:44 IST It seems the spin will be continued by Virat Kohli as the spinners have been doing a fantastic Job. Kedar Jadhav is back into the attack. $ runs came off the over and WI – 130/4

21: 42 IST Ravindra Jadeja  is the new bowler and he starts with a dot ball. After 3 dot balls, Jason Holder hits a fine boundary over the mid-wicket. Another dot ball to end the over and WI – 126/4

21:40 IST Jadhav is back into the attack. He has bowled some good overs and will try more to restric the Windies. 3 runs from the over, WI – 121/4

21:38 IST Ravindra Jadeja, the new bowler is in. Another good over from him and WI – 118/4

21:35 IST Inducting Kedar Jadhav into the attack worked and he performed his job very well. On the other hand, Jason Holder, the skipper walks in to bat at number 6. An excellent over from Jadhav, 1 run and a wicket. WI – 116/4

21:31 IST Wicket – J Mohammed c and b Kedar Jadhav 16(39)

21:28 IST The spinner are making the plot tough for the Windies batsmen. Ravindra Jadeja is back to deliver his 8th over. And guess what, a maiden over. WI – 115/3

21:26 IST Bowler changes ahead of the 29th over and look, who is into the attack. It’s Kedar Jadhav. Skipper Kohli wants the spinner to keep the grip tight. Two dot balls to start with and then it’s a four. Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s instruction is on from behind the stumps and they are loud and clear. 5 from the over, WI – 115/3

21:23 IST Ravindra Jadeja is again into the attack. The spinners have tightened the situation for the Windies batsmen. Just 2 runs from this over and WI – 110/3

21:20 IST Kuldeep Yadav continues with his another over. 3 runs came off the first three balls. The Windies batters are playing very steadily at the moment as they don’t want to lose wickets anymore. Another good over and 4 runs from it. WI – 108/3

21:18 IST Ravindra Jadeja is the new baller and Jason Mohammed has the strike. Another good over delivered by Jadeja and just 2 runs came off it. WI – 104/3

21:15 IST Kuldeep Yadav is into the attack and Shai Hope has the strike. A dot ball to start with and then a single. Two runs taken in the next and 100 up for the Windies. 4 runs from the over and WI – 102/3

21:12 IST Jadeja is back into the attack and started the over with bowling 4 dot balls. Jaddu to Mohammed. Mohammed drives it towards the boundary and Umesh Yadav takes it and throws towards the striker’s end. A direct hit, appeal and it was not out. WI – 98/3

21:09 IST Kuldeep Yadav has been bowling an excellent spell and is back with the ball again. 5 singles in the first five balls and finishes the over with a dot. WI – 95/3

21:06 IST Ravindra Jadeja is back and Mahendra Singh Dhoni says, Aise hi dalte rhna, seedhe wala pair pe lagega. Three dot balls to start with and Jadeja is going too great. Finally, a run came off the fourth ball where Jason Mohammed stole a quick single. Another excellent over from Jadeja. 2 runs off the over and WI – 90/3

21:04 IST Kuldeep Yadav is back with the ball and again starts the over with a dot. Another good over and just 1 run from it. WI – 88/3

20:59 IST Ravindra Jadeja has the ball now. 2 dot balls to start the over with and then a single. An appeal of LBW in the fourth ball but Umpires says  a big no. 2 runs from the over, WI – 87/3

20:57 IST Bowler changes and Chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav is here. With every ball, the young spinner is getting instructions from Mahendra Singh Dhoni from behind the stumps. Starts the over with a dot ball and just 2 runs off this over. WI – 85/3

20:53 IST Umesh Yadav is back with a hat-trick chance. Yadav to Hope and a dot ball. Another dot in the next while a lovely four towards the square. 4 runs off the over and WI – 83/3

20:50 IST Jadeja is back while Jason Mohammed is the next batsman in. delivers a very good over. Just 3 off it and WI – 79/3

20:47 IST Wicket – Roston Chase lbw b U Yadav 0(1)

20:45 IST: Roston Chase is the new man in. 

20:41 IST Wicket – Kyle Hope c Dhawan b U Yadav 46(50

20:40 IST It’s a speedster again and it’s Umesh Yadav. Though he started off with a dot but got hit for back to back 4s.

20:37 IST Bowling changes and Ravindra Jadeja comes into bowl. He starts with a dot but gets a four in the second. Shai Hope plays it towards the fine-leg for a four. A single in the third ball and then a dot in the next. 6 runs from the over, WI – 67/1

20:33 IST Umesh Yadav into the attack again. Starts the over with a dot ball while concedes a single in the next. Just 3 runs came off the over, WI – 62/1

20:30 IST Hardik Pandya continue with the ball and Shai Hope welcomes him with a four. Hope drives it through the cover and ball crosses the boundary. 4 consecutive dot balls afterwards and then a wide. A bouncer which was high enough to be given a wide.5 off the over, WI – 59/1

20:25 IST Umesh Yadav comes in to bowl while Shami gets a break. 4 balls and just 1 run. A good over so far. Another dot in the 5th ball and another one to finish the over. WI – 54/1

20:19 IST Hardik Pandya into the attack again. A bouncer and a dot to start with. A double in the second while another a bouncer in the 4th which is given as a wide by Umpire K Dharmasena. 4 from the over and WI – 53/1

20:15 IST Shami has the ball again and three dot balls in the first 3 deliveries. A boundary, after a long time, from Kyle Hopes‘ bat and another four to finish the over. 9 from it and WI – 49/1

20:10 IST Hardik Pandya is back with his colours. He strikes and took the first wicket. An easy catch by Virat Kohli dismissed Evin Lewis and India gets the first breakthrough. Sahi Hopes is the next man comes in while a superb over by Pandya and WI – 40/1

20:07 IST Wicket – Lewis c Kohli b Hardik Pandya 9

20:04 IST Mohammad Shami is back into the attack and it’s his 4th over. 3 dot balls to start with and a single came off Evin Lewis’s bat in the fourth ball. That was only run came off this over and WI – 39/0

20:00 IST Umesh Yadav is back with another over. In comparison to his previous overs, this went a bit balanced. Just 4 came off it and WI – 38/0

19:56 IST Shami is back with another over and this time starts with a single. One boundary from this over while 4 singles were taken. 8 runs coming off this over, WI – 34/0

19:51 IST Umesh Yadav is back while Kyle Hope welcomes him with a four. It was another expensive over from Umesh Yadav and 10 runs came of it. WI: 26/0

19: 47 IST Mohammed Shami is back into the attack starts with a dot ball. He is looking very confident with the bowl and a good over so far. Just 2 runs from it, WI – 16/0

19:42 IST  Look who is into the attack. The bowler changes and Hardik Pandya has the ball. Pandya to Lewis and no run. A dot ball to start with and another in the second. Three runs taken in the third and another dot in the fourth ball. A dot ball to end the over. 3 came off it, WI – 14/0

19:37 IST Umesh Yadav‘s next with the ball. He starts the over with a single but a boundary in the second. Kyle Hope hits a nice shot and tried for another one but saved perfectly by Kedar Jadhav. An expensive over by India, 8 runs in 5 balls including a wide on the off side. No runs in the last, WI – 11/0

19:34 IST Shami to Lewis, and a leg bye to start the over. A chance of run out for India in the third ball but the batsmen are safe. Two singles, from the first 5 balls. And a good over to start with. 3 off it and WI – 3/0

19:31 IST: And the game begins. Indian players are taking their field position while Windies openers, Evin Lewis and Kyle Hope have come on the crease. Mohammad Shami into the attack while Lewis has the strike.

19:20 IST: Both the captains look pretty confident ahead of their last game. Virat Kohli & Co. will go for capturing the series while the Windies have to put their efforts just to end it on 2-2. The game will start at 19:30 IST. Stay tuned with InUth for each and every update related to this game.

19:05 IST Here’s the playing XI. Both the teams goes unchanged that means, Rishabh Pant has to wait a bit more to make his ODI debut

India (Playing XI): Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed Shami

West Indies (Playing XI): Evin Lewis, Kyle Hope, Shai Hope(w), Roston Chase, Jason Mohammed, Jason Holder(c), Rovman Powell, Ashley Nurse, Devendra Bishoo, Alzarri Joseph, Kesrick Williams

19:03 IST It’s Toss time. The coin flips, West Indies win toss and elects to bat first

India vs West Indies

West Indies win toss and elect to bat first

Hello and welcome to inUth’s live digital coverage of the fifth and the final India vs West Indies One Day International (ODI) in Jamaica’ Sabina Park. After losing the 4th match to the Caribbean hosts by 11 runs, team India has lost the chance to do a white wash over the series. However, they still have the chance to win the series by winning today’s game and making the scores 3-1. On the other hand, Jason Holder & Co. will surely put their entire efforts to win this match and level the series. They have already lost the 2nd and 3rd ODI while the first was called off due to rain. Secondly, for the sake of their selection in the World Cup 2019 without playing the qualifiers, the Windies need to get through this game.

The teams

Indian Squad

It’s nothing hidden was happened in the last ODI when Jason Holder’s 5 wicket haul gave deep bruises to the Indian batting line-up. Though Ajinkya Rahane’s 60 and then Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s half century took the closer to the target but, as it happened, they fell short bu 11 runs to take the game home. MS Dhoni’s slow strike rate and his 54 off 114 balls became the talk of the game and the entire blame came on his head after India lost. Well, if we see properly on the score, the other batsmen except Rahane and Dhoni failed to perform and what happened next is very well known.

Skipper Virat Kohli made two changes in the last game where he picked Dinesh Karthik instead of Yuvraj Singh and gave chance to Mohammad Shami in place of Bhuvneshwar Kumar. Unfortunately, both the new inductions somehow didn’t work. Karthik could score only 2 runs while Shami couldn’t get a single wicket despite delivering an economic spell.

Still, Rishabh Pant is warming the benches and speculations are still there that at least in the last and a crucial game, this young hard hitting batsman could get a chance to make his debut and show his batting skills.

The Windies Squad

Fast bowler Kesrick Williams has found great success with his assortment of slower deliveries. So, West Indies will be looking to Williams to stand up and deliver in the big match, and he is highly capable of doing so. Jason Holder would look forward to continuing his bowling skills similar to what he did in the last ODI.

As far as any changes are concerned, by the looks of it there should not be a change to their outfit. They in all probability to field the winning team.

Squads for Today’s game:


Shikhar Dhawan, Ajinkya Rahane, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravichandran Ashwin, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Ravindra Jadeja, Rishabh Pant, Mohammed Shami, Dinesh Karthik

West Indies

Evin Lewis, Kieran Powell, Shai Hope(w), Jason Mohammed, Roston Chase, Jonathan Carter, Jason Holder(c), Ashley Nurse, Devendra Bishoo, Alzarri Joseph, Miguel Cummins, Rovman Powell, Kesrick Williams

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