India vs West Indies 4th ODI Highlights: West Indies win by 11 runs

India v West Indies, 4th One Day International: This should be a big lesson for India, one feels let down by Dhoni even after his 50

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Did India take it a little too easy? Could Rahane have shown more urgency? Perhaps. Could Dhoni? Definitely, but I don’t think his low scoring rate was down to design; his innings, at one point, descended into one of those horrible days when nothing goes right. What do you do under such circumstances? This, remember, is a man who scored a near run-a-ball 78 in the previous match, on what seemed a more difficult pitch.

2:38 IST: India need 14 off 5 balls, it is a pity we will have to see them lose. India need 12 off 3 balls. Holder to Mohammed Shami, OUT, five-for! Holder’s won it for West Indies! West Indies win by 11 runs.

2:18 IST: Williams to Dhoni, OUT, full outside off, too full for Dhoni to get the elevation he wants, and he’s hit it straight to long-on. IND 173/9

2:15 IST: Chase in the attack and now he will be under pressure he has not bowled a lot. Dhoni picks a single, India need more than that. Pandya too picks a single. IND 168/8

1:55 IST: Dhoni laps it for a boundary that will help the cause. That is his first boundary. Wide down the leg side. Dhoni cuts picks a single. Dhoni slams it for a six. IND 151/5

1:46 IST: India need 55 off 42 balls. IND 135/5

1:33 IST: A wicket here could be detrimental for India. Dhoni defends, he seems to be in a different world. Another dot. He finally gets a single. Pandya picks a single. Dhoni is 34 off 80 balls. IND 120/5

1:31 IST: Pandya comes in.  Dhoni defends two balls, pressure is mounting. Another dot, Dhoni still happy to defend. Dhoni gets a single. Pandya defends, just one off the over. IND 117/5

1:22 IST: Kedar Jadhav OUT, India still needing 74 to win. IND 116/5

1:01 IST: Rahane picks a single of the backfoot. 100 up.  No run for Dhoni. Dhoni cuts for a single. Big appeal Rahane given out. Rahane will review it. Does not look bat. The decision stays. IND 101/4

00:55 IST: Nurse to Rahane, he taps it for no runs. No runs to short fine leg. Rahane picks a single brings up a 50 run partnership. Dhoni picks a single. Rahane drives for a single. IND 99/3

00:45 IST: Rahane picks a single to fine leg. Williams is a bit too straight. Dhoni defends and he is happy to do that. Another dot ball. Wide down the leg side. It clips Dhoni’s pad but well kept by Hope. IND 82/3 

00:42 IST: Nurse in the attack. Dhoni plays it back to the bowler. Dhoni comfortably picks a single. Rahane is on 47. Dot ball. Dot again. Then he gets a single. IND 80/3

00:39 IST: Williams bowls another tight over only a single, they are motoring along. IND 78/3

00:35 IST: Both the batsman pick singles. Short ball, Dhoni pulls but only for a single, three of the over. IND 77/3

00:29 IST: Four dot balls from Williams, he is keeping a leash on the Indian batsmen. Dhoni dabs it to third man picks a single. IND 74/3

00:23 IST: Bowler appeals umpire turns it down. Dhoni smashes that short ball to the boundary. Another couple on him on the legs. IND 73/3

00:20 IST: Dhoni has picked three of Bishoo, Dhoni has got a start. Rahane is on 38. He picks a single. IND 63/3

00:14 IST: Rahane flicks it leg side for a single. Dhoni does the same. Singles would it for India. No need of taking risks. Rahane does the same, three balls three runs. Dhoni lent into the shot and picks three. IND 59/3

00:09 IST: Maiden for Bishoo, he bowled flat with a packed off side field. IND 53/3

00:04 IST: Williams bowls a dot ball. Rahane picks a single, nothing bothers him. He is going on collecting the singles. Down the leg side umpire calls it a wide.  It is about can they sustain the pressure? Dhoni gets a single on the leg side. Rahane flicks to the leg does not find the gap.

23:56 IST: Only a single of the over. IND 49/3

23:51 IST: Dinesh Karthik departs, tries to pull a short ball he mistimed and the keeper did the rest. Karthik never looked settled for that matter. MS Dhoni walks out to the middle. He is off the mark. IND 48/3

23:46 IST: Holder to Rahane, he picks a single. Karthik leaves that down the leg side, he is not yet got of the mark. Karthik punches it off the back foot picks two runs and opens his account. IND 42/2 

23:41 IST: Rahane drives straight gets a boundary, he has not put a foot wrong in this series. Rahane picks a single. Karthik has not got off the mark and it will remain like that. IND 38/2

23:37 IST: Holder continues, Karthik lets that go. Karthik leaves again. Karthik is happy to leave outside the off stump. This over has not fetched runs. One ball to go, its a maiden.  IND 33/2

23:33 IST: Over pitched, Rahane drives well but Holder saves it well. Tall man had to stretch out but did it well. Rahane looking to make room and cut but not well timed. One thing with Rahane the ball is meeting his bat well. Nice cover drive on the up but straight to the fielder. Rahane defends that well. IND 33/2

23:30 IST: Holder continues with Rahane on strike. It was overpitched but Rahane hits it to the fielder. This time Rahane picks a single to fine leg. Dinesh is making a comeback in the team. He has been in good form in the domestic circuit. Karthik lets that one go outside the offstump. Karthik lets that one by. Holder is bowling well. Karthik leaves that. IND 33/2

23:23 IST: India lose two early wickets and now they are in a spot of bother after six overs. India have lost Virat Kohli and Shikhar Dhawan. Ajinkya Rahane is at the wicket.

22:10 IST: India need 190 to win. It is below par total.

21:29 IST: Umesh is bowling with a spread out field.

21:11 IST: Shami continues, he is bowling well considering he is making a comeback. Holder cuts of the outside edge picks a single to Karthik. WI 148/4

21:07 IST: Pandya drops it short, Holder pulls him for a boundary. This time he plays it back to the fielder. Holder is playing straight. Holder picks up a single. Jason plays and misses. WI 146/4

20:51 IST: Kuldeep Yadav starts and he is pulled for a single by Hope.  Jason places it well against Yadav for a boundary. He looks to be picking him well. Hope picks another single on the leg side. WI 131/3

20:37 IST: Pandya comes into the attack with the eye for a wicket. Chase cuts for a single. Short ball this time wide called. Hope defends that.

20:34 IST: Hope picks a single on the leg side. Only two of the over. He is getting the ball to bounce. WI 117/2

20:30 IST: Hope drives straight to Kohli, no run. Hope picks a single on the leg side. Chase knocks it to covers for a single. Single to Hope. Single to end the over. Five off. WI 115/2

20:27 IST: Kuldeep is becoming extremely hard for the hosts to handle. They have been slow, four dot balls.  Hope picks up a couple. Chase slog sweeps square of the wicket for a boundary. WI 110/2

20:25 IST: Jadeja starts with a dot. Shae plays it to short third for a single. Chase plays it late will pick up two runs. WI 103/2

20:23 IST: Kuldeep Yadav continues, keeping it tight. He is ready to give the ball some air as well. Then a single for Hope. Two runs of the over. WI 99/2

20:19 IST: Jadeja bowls another tight over, keeping a lid on the scoring but a terrible fielding effort let a boundary of the last ball. WI 97/2 

20:17 IST: Single of Kuldeep’s first ball. Chase gets off the mark with a couple. Chase turns it leg side gets a single. Four runs from the over. WI 89/2

20:13 IST: Jadeja starts with a dot ball. Hope goes aerial, finds the gap, gets a boundary. Picks a single next ball.  Only a single. WI 85/2

20:08 IST: Kuldeep comes in starts with a dot. Lewis picks a single. Hope clips it to fine leg for a single. Kuldeep strikes first over, Lewis departs for 35. Both openers removed in a span of two overs. Chase walks in. WI 80/2 

20:05 IST: This time he lofts Jadeja for a six. Jadeja bowls flat, down leg Lewis picks two. Lewis sweeps for a single. WI 78/1

20:00 IST: Pandya will continue, bowls it short but no runs. Cut away by Shai but Virat cuts it at point. Lofted shot by Lewis he will get a boundary, played it with ease. Then he gets a single. Dot to finish. WI 69/1

19:56 IST: Shai comes in Jadeja is not getting much turn. Two singles of Jadeja. He is running through his overs and bowling it tight. Shai cuts of the back foot but will get only a single. Only three off the over. WI 63/1

19:51 IST: Hope shows intention, smacks one leg side for a boundary. Then a wicket for India. WI 59/1

19:49 IST: Jadeja keeping it tight as ever. Four dot balls and then a single.  He is bowling wicket to wicket. Only a run from the over. WI 52/0

19:46 IST: A testing over from Pandya who it seemed was looking for wickets. Lewis picks up a couple leg side. Three from the over. WI 51/0

19:42 IST: Jadeja gets hit for a boundary abut keeps it tight otherwise giving just one more single. Five runs off the over. WI 48/0

19:37 IST: Pandya starts with a slower short ball. Again a short ball, but the ball is not reaching the keeper. More importantly, two dot balls. Finally a single of the fifth ball. Two runs off the over. WI 43/0

19:33 IST: Jadeja has a slip. MSD is asking him to bowl straight. Little bit of a misfield and they run a single. Hope drives it back to the bowler.  This time Hope uses his feet and goes aerial, gets a boundary. Hope drives it for a single. WI 41/0

19:30 IST: Pandya comes in from the other end, it is a twin bowling change. Pandya has been clipped leg side for a single.  Pandya is keeping it within the stumps. Hope hits it straight to the fielder. WI 36/0 

19:28 IST: Jadeja introduced early. Starts with a couple of dot balls. He is bowling wicket to wicket. Hit down the ground for two runs and then a single to end it. WI 34/0

19:23 IST: Lewis punches it into the gap to pick up two runs. Umesh has kept a lid on the scoring and so has Shami. They have been wicketless, that will bother Virat Kohli. WI 31/0

19:20 IST: Shami starts with four dot balls, he has pegged things back. But West Indies more importantly have not lost a wicket. Single of the last ball. WI 28/0

19:14 IST: Lewis pulls Umesh for a six, that took him 24 balls to figure out what Umesh was upto. But Umesh finishes strong. WI 27/0

19:10 IST: Two dot balls from Shami to start, he is bowling a length to push the batsman back. Shami has the pace to do that. Maiden over for Shami. WI 18/0

19:05 IST: Two slips for Umesh. He is getting the ball to move away. Dot ball. That is fired down the leg side, wide. Beautiful line, probing as they say the batsman lets it go. Single for Hope. WI 18/0

19:02 IST: Shami bowls two dot balls then pulls one short and Hope pulls it for s boundary. Inside edge and very well stopped by MS Dhoni. The pitch looks drier hence the bounce is low. Overthrows, man from mid on and mid wicket trying to stop it. Five runs. Bad throw by Yadav. WI 16/0

18:58 IST: Umesh starts with a short ball but Lewis misses out. Pitched up has a go at it, misses it completely. Back to back maidens. The line has been impeccable.  WI 7/0

18:54 IST: Shami starts with a dot ball. He is picking up consistency. Hope cuts but straight to the fielder. He is getting it on the right places, a dot ball again and then again, similar lines. That is a maiden-over. WI 7/0

18:49 IST: Umesh starts with a wide. Some habits die hard. Three dot balls just around the off-stump coming back. But then he again bowls a wide. Then again a ball that comes back in. Another dot ball. WI 7/0

18:45 IST: Shami starts with a bouncer, a classical fast bowler. Short next and smashed for four. This is Shami’s first game since 2015. So he is making a comeback. He has experience and that should help. On the money, an edge but past gully for a single to third man. Dot to finish the over. But Shami is pitching it up which is good to see. WI 5/0

18:30 IST: Play delayed due to rain.

18:23 IST: The teams are having last-minute huddles, as both the Indian openers are getting ready as well.

18:00 IST: West Indies win toss will bat first. Three changes for India – Dinesh Karthik comes in for Yuvraj, who has a hamstring niggle. Jadeja comes in for Ashwin and Mohammed Shami will play his first ODI since the 2015 World Cup. Bhuvneshwar is sitting out.

Hello and welcome to inUth’s live coverage of the fourth One Day International. India have already taken a 2-0 unassailable lead in the 5-match One Day International series. Now team India have put themselves in a spot where they can rest players if the want. They also have the luxury of trying their bench strength. Rishabh Pant, who has been waiting in the wings may finally get his opportunity. Rahane has been the silver lining in this series, where India is playing a weak West Indies. In the last game, when India was in a spot of bother, it was Mahendra Singh Dhoni who came up with the goods scoring an unbeaten 78. It was a crucial innings. Also from India’s point of view Kuldeep Yadav has been the big takeaway from this series. He has picked up wickets in abundance and because of his mid-innings exploits with the ball India have had it easy.

West Indies on the other hand have a mountain to climb. They have let themselves down in all the three disciplines bowling, batting and fielding. Jason Holder would be looking for inspiration from somewhere, if he is looking for a revival. Hosts will be looking at the Hope brothers to come good, especially Shai, who has shown he has a good temperament against spin. They will also look at Bishoo for a big performance.

Weather: There are again predictions of a couple of spells of shower but we should have a full game.

Team changes: Rishabh Pant could get a game ahead of Yuvraj Singh/Kedar Jadhav. Dinesh Karthik could also get a game considering he has been waiting for a long time on the bench.

Where to watch: If you want to live stream the match, Hotstar is there. To watch the match tune in to Ten Sports HD, Ten Sports 1 and Sony Six and Sony Liv.

West Indies (probable): 1 Evin Lewis, 2 Kyle Hope, 3 Shai Hope (wk), 4 Jason Mohammed, 5 Roston Chase, 6 Jason Holder (capt.), 7 Rovman Powell, 8 Ashley Nurse, 9 Kesrick Williams, 10 Devendra Bishoo, 11 Miguel Cummins

India (probable): 1 Shikhar Dhawan, 2 Ajinkya Rahane, 3 Virat Kohli (capt.), 4 Yuvraj Singh/Rishabh Pant, 5 MS Dhoni (wk), 6 Kedar Jadhav, 7 Hardik Pandya, 8 Kuldeep Yadav, 9 R Ashwin, 10 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 11 Umesh Yadav