India vs West Indies, 3rd ODI at Antigua, Highlights: Dhoni, Ashwin, Kuldeep star in India win, beat hosts by 93 runs

India v West Indies, 3rd ODI, live score:Indian team remain unchanged but West Indies have made the changes looking at the ground conditions

2:07 IST: Kedar gets the ball and first ball he strikes. India win by 93 runs and takes an unassailable lead in the series.

2:05 IST: Ashwin too strikes, hosts are reeling. Ashwin picks his third. WI 158/9 

1:57 IST: MSD has been continuously been talking to his bowlers, never seen him so animated. Kuldeep has been hard to read. He strikes, Jason has gone for the review. That looks plumb. WI 153/8

1:54 IST: Two of Ashwin’s over, now it is all about India winning and in how much time. WI 153/7

1:53 IST: The batsman are finding it hard to pick Kuldeep from the hand. Two singles off five balls. It is going to be very difficult for the last three batters to get it done. Over comes to an end with a single. WI 151/7

1:45 IST: Nurse thumps Ashwin first ball over Ashwin for four.But he has come back well in the over, it shows he is high on confidence. He drops the last one short, Nurse picks it off-side for twos. Miscued by Nurse, his adventurous stay was short-lived, Ashwin strikes again. DRINKS!!!

1:41 IST: Kuldeep strikes and as we told you something was coming and it is a wicket India’s way. Both the batsman were looking tentative. The hosts are falling apart like a pack of cards. WI 141/6

1:37 IST: Again an over that was well bowled by Ashwin, the spin-duo has really stifled them and it seems something might give way in the next couple of overs. WI 141/5

1:35 IST: Single of the last ball of the over. It was a tricky over. There was a huge appeal which was turned down by the umpire.  WI 138/5 

1:32 IST: A maiden over. Ashwin bowled wicket to wicket not much variation. WI 137/5

1:28 IST: Short ball by Pandya to start. Short again Powell whacks it for four. He hit it early and in front of mid-wicket. Over mid-off four more, 50 partnership up. Dot ball. WI 137/5 

1:25 IST: Ashwin continues it is a dot ball. Powell picks a single on the leg side. Another single, Ashwin is restricting his variations which he tried in the last game.  Dot ball. Dot again, nice loop. Two runs to end the over. WI 125/5 

1:23 IST: Umesh gives away two streaky boundaries, Powell it is. The pace is allowing the ball to carry, India is looking to close the game that is for sure. Down the leg side an appeal umpire turns it down. A dot ball. Bhuvi is still wicket less mind you. 10 of the over. WI 125/5

1:18 IST: Ashwin bowls a good over only 3 runs of it. Ashwin is looking to try all his variations, which is good in a way. WI 115/5

1:14 IST: Umesh brought back to get two more wickets and then finish the game. Six runs of the over which comprised of a boundary. WI 112/5 

1:12 IST: Only a run of the over, hosts play out Ashwin with caution. Ashwin has looked a different bowler this season. He has developed his skills. WI 106/5 

1:08 IST: A productive over for the hosts, eight of the over. Boundary of the last ball. That should not hurt India. WI 105/5

1:04 IST: Ashwin continues keeps it tight. There is a huge appeal, umpire gives it out but a review taken shows there was no contact, no trouble. Four runs of the over. WI 97/5

01:03 IST: Kuldeep bowls a decent over, only four runs coming of it. India is getting a stronghold of this match. WI 93/5

00:55 IST: Ashwin has finally been brought into the attack. Ashwin has struck of a wide. Dhoni looks confident. Powell comes in. WI 88/5

00:52 IST: Umesh starts and goes for a couple. Single for Holder. Four from the over. WI 85/4

00:48 IST: It is a good over but he goes for a boundary, the fielder was placed there but just out of reach. Cut away this time, too short Jason Mohammad has got it going. WI 81/4

00:40 IST: Pandya picks the other Hope with a short ball. He took the catch. It was a good over for India. Five runs and a wicket. WI 71/4

00:37 IST: Tidy over only a single after five balls, the batsman are having a problem in reading Kuldeep. Only two of the over. WI 66/3

00:32 IST: Umesh Yadav starts with a dot ball. Again a dot ball. Two wides. Apart from the wides, a good over. WI 64/3

00:30 IST: Kuldeep Yadav strikes, what drift. Chase is out. Nabi gets of the mark with a boundary. WI 63/3

00:21 IST: Puff of dust comes out, dot ball. Single of the next. Short ball, went to leave but got a feather and four. Pandya strikes. WI 57/3

00:17 IST: Kuldeep Yadav comes in. First bowling change. Full-toss two runs taken. Two dot balls. Single of the fifth ball. Only two of the over. WI 48/1

00:13 IST: Pandya replacing Bhuvi, starts with a dot. Single taken. Wide ball, swing and a miss. Short ball but it finds the gap four more. Dot ball. WI 46/1

00:09 IST: Full and straight had he missed he was out. Two dot balls, pressure is building. Four dots. Sneaky outside edge and a boundary. Down the leg, Umesh should be lucky no runs were picked. Dot ball. WI 40/1

00:05 IST: Bhuvi starts with a dot ball. Again a dot. No runs after four balls, will he finish well? Maiden over. WI 33/1

00:00 IST: Umesh starts with a wide, comes back with a dot ball. Picks up a single. This time it is flicked leg-side for a couple. Dot ball. India has given away 13 extras. Dot ball again. Yes, no then they decide against it. WI 33/1

23:56 IST: Umesh starts with a dot ball. Attempted pull shot just falls short of third man, picks up a single. A dot ball, they do not need to play these high-risk shots. Finally a boundary, a cut shot will give him confidence.Hope gets a single, positive calling. This time he punches it through the off-side he will pick up a boundary. WI 30/1

23:51 IST: Umesh starts and he bowls a dot ball. He is keeping it tight not allowing the pressure to release. Then he bowls a wide of the fourth ball. He finishes with two more dot balls. WI 21/1 

23:49 IST: Three dot balls from Bhuvi, he is just not allowing the pressure to release. Hope threads it through cover and point for a couple. Dot ball, he concedes just a couple. WI 19/1

23:44 IST: Umesh is not shy of pitching the ball up. This time he strays but only a couple. Umesh is bowling just outside the off stump, getting the shape going. He is really getting the ball in the right areas. WI 17/1

23:42 IST: Bhuvi is bowling just outside off stump. Single Shai Hope takes a streaky single. Indecision between the brothers, they almost got run out. Bhuvi gets in-swing, Hope gets a single. Bhuvi finishes with a beauty outside the off-stump the batsman all ends up. WI 14/1

23:33 IST: Umesh starts with a wide. So, Umesh will partner Bhuvi. Wide to start and again a wide. But he is getting swing and classical swing. Round the wicket this time, keeps it tight, no run. Umesh gets one to swing back and hit the off-stump. India draw first blood. Lewis departs for 2. WI 3/1

23:30 IST: Bhuvneshwar Kumar starts proceedings. Lewis is off the mark. Lovely in-swinger to Hope he gets the run. Little bit of bounce but Lewis keeps it down, he gets a single to third man. 3 off the first over. Lovely first over from Kumar. WI 3/0

22:42 IST: Williams bowls a dot ball, it was short into the body and he could just manage to duck.Jadhav shows power hits a boundary through extra cover. Jadhav is on 35. The bowler follows him again Jadhav could not do anything. Dot ball. Jadhav top edges one behind the keeper and gets a boundary. Dhoni ends with 78 not out, India finish at 251.

22:37 IST: Jadhav improvises again gets a four. He is sweeping the fast bowlers. He flicks it to the leg side and gets a single Dhoni comes on strike, more importantly. Dhoni tries to emulate Jadhav it is a wide. The bowler errs. Dhoni swings hard, mistimes it but it lands safely and he picks a single. Jadhav strikes it down the ground will only get a single. Dhoni smashes it past extra cover gets a couple. IND 236/4

22:33 IST: Jadhav hits a six and the 50 partnership comes up off 30 balls. Jadhav is playing a crucial cameo. Jadhav picks a single and MSD is back. Three balls to go. Dhoni gets a cheeky single. He is on 69. Jadhav miscues the ball but he is lucky there is no one there. Dhoni picks another single it is 10 runs of the over. IND 226/4

22:24 IST: Holder to Dhoni and Dhoni hits him straight back for a six and another six, he is turning it on. It was innovative. He keeps his cool and picks a single. Kedar misses a widish ball, dot.  Jadhav gets a single. Can MSD get 100? Wide too Dhoni. Boundary to end the over. IND 217/4

22:23 IST: Williams to Dhoni, he gets a single. Kedar too gets the single and Dhoni does that again. India need more than singles. Four singles of the over. IND 199/4

22:15 IST: Holder is back to complete his quota. Kedar plays an audacious sweep for a single. Dhoni plays a cover drive gets a single. Dhoni on 49 Kedar puts away a good ball creatively for four. 50 for Dhoni. IND 195/4

22:12 IST: Williams to Jadhav, he picks a single. Williams bowls a cutter and Kedar misses. Dhoni should be eyeing anything around 225-230. Kedar gets a streaky edge picks 3 runs. Kedar gets a single and so does Dhoni. IND 185/4

22:06 IST: Rahane picks a single of Cummins. Rahane dismissed for 72. Kedar Jadhav walks in to the middle. A couple and a boundary make it a productive over. 11 off. IND 178/4

22:01 IST: Williams is in and now they have an unusual leg side field. Dhoni gets a single. Rahane does the same he picks a run. Dhoni is closing in on another 50. Dhoni dabs it on the off side picks a single. Rahane too picks a single. IND 167/3

22:00 IST: Bishoo continues and singles are the order of the day both the batsman take singles. Dhoni is on 35 off 55 balls he needs runs under his belt as Pant is waiting. Eight runs off this over a productive one for India. IND 161/3

21:56 IST: Nurse to Rahane, no run, steps out, takes it on the full outside off, flicks straight to midwicket. Only a couple of singles from the 40th over. IND 151/3 

21:50 IST: Bishoo continues, Rahane picks a single, he is on 64 with sights on another hundred. Outside off stump Dhoni picks up two runs. And he picks another two runs. Now the innings is finally getting some momentum. IND 144/3

21:49 IST: Nurse to Dhoni, no run. He now picks up a couple, nicely placed. Then he picks up another single after a couple of dot balls. IND 144/3

21:47 IST: Nurse is bowling and these two batsman are showing that cautious approach again. Rahane got a single of the first ball but then there were two dot balls till Dhoni hit this boundary. Then he wisely picks a single as the over ends. IND 141/3

21:45 IST: Nurse has been brought back and he is bowling with an off side packed field. Rahane still manages a single of the fourth ball. Dhoni too gets a single to rotate strike. Rahane does the same gets a single. IND 135/3

21:42 IST: Bishoo again tightens things gives away only a single run of a wide. What an over to peg things back. IND 130/3

21:34 IST: And finally Rahane breaks the shackles he hits a six of Holder who had been economical throughout the day till this moment. It was short he swiveled and hit it.

21:29 IST: Bishoo to Dhoni, no runs of the first four balls. Dhoni finally gets a single. Just one run of the over. IND 123/3

21:25 IST: Holder to Rahane he gets a single. Dhoni too gets a single. Rahane gets a single. Holder to Dhoni, 1 run, short, angling into the body, swivels to pull to long leg. IND 122/3

21:20 IST: Cummins to Dhoni who gets a single of a shortish ball. Rahane gets a single of a fullish ball but coverts it into a single. IND 118/3

21:16 IST: Holder is back, Rahane picks a single. It is the dangerous nelson number for India, save them. MSD gets three runs between cover point and cover. Rahane this time gets another single. IND 116/3

21:14 IST: Bishoo to Dhoni, he picks a single. Rahane also gets  a single with a slap to cover. MSD also gets a single with a shot on the off side. Rahane too gets a single of the last ball. IND 110/3

21:08 IST: Cummins returns, obviously to keep up the pressure. Dhoni in the meanwhile sneaks a single. Rahane too does the same of a short ball. Dhoni manages another single with a jumpish flick, so MSD. Rahane sensibly takes another single. No run for Dhoni. And Dhoni gets a single to end the over. IND 106/3

21:05 IST: Bishoo strikes Yuvraj Singh OUT. MS Dhoni comes in to bat plays out the over quietly takes a single to get off the mark. IND 101/3

21:02 IST: Yuvraj Singh picks two of the first ball. He picks up another couple. Then he backs it with a single. 100 up for India. IND 99/2

21:00 IST: Bishoo bowls another over there is little help he will get because of the moisty conditions, he gives away only six runs of this over. IND 97/2

20:58 IST: Nurse to Rahane he is tossing the bowl more but that will not stop him from taking a single. Yuvraj and Rahane pick up a single each before Yuvraj Singh hits another boundary. Seven of the over, a better one from India’s perspective. IND 91/2

20:55 IST: Finally we have the first look of Bishoo. He starts off well as expected, he bowls a tidy over only giving four singles. IND 84/2

20:52 IST: Nurse is back to bowling flat and both the Indian batsman are content with singles. Tidy over only a single. IND 80/2

20:49 IST: Four of the first ball for Yuvraj that will relive some nerves. He picks a single of the next ball. Five off the over. IND 79/2 

20:45 IST: Mere 3 runs of Nurse’s over, it is a tight one. He has been troubling Yuvraj Singh who is looking to break free considering he is a left arm spinner. IND 74/2

20:39 IST: A tidy over by Williams till Yuvraj Singh decides he has had enough, he smashes a boundary. Six off the over. IND 71/2

20:35 IST: Nurse had tightened proceedings no runs of the first four deliveries. Will Yuvraj attack? Just 2 runs of the over one for a wide and Yuvraj took the other. IND 65/2

20:26 IST: Williams continues, Yuvraj picks a single as he runs down to third man. Rahane now gets a single towards the point region. Singles by both of them to end and then Yuvraj latches on to a lose ball he gets a boundary but had there been a sweep he would have had to make the long walk back. IND 63/2

20:23 IST: Nurse resumes, Yuvraj picks a single. Just three runs of this over. It is a good one for West Indies. They have managed to keep things tight. IND 55/2

20:18 IST: Williams from the other end, Rahane hits a boundary, a welcome boundary for certain. With that India bring up their 50. Rahane picks another two runs. This is turning out to be good for India. IND 52/2

20:15 IST: Dual changes, Ashley Nurse in the attack, Yuvraj Singh picks a single of the first ball. Rahane picks another single. Yuvraj Singh picks up two runs. Nurse is not tossing it up he is happy bowling flat balls. IND 45/2

20:10 IST: Kesrick Williams is brought in to the attack. Rahane is watchful, two dot balls. Rahane is trying to get a hang of what he is doing. The line is great, probing as they would say. No run. Finally a single of a thick outside edge. Yuvraj Singh pick a single of the last ball. IND 42/2

20:04 IST: Short again from Holder no runs and then a wide. Yuvraj Singh picks up a single with his bail out shot, the flick. Short ball to Rahane, no run. Short and wide outside the off stump, Rahane leaves it. Rahane finally gets a single of the last ball of the over. IND 39/2

20:01 IST: No change of bowling. Cummins continues and Rahane picks up a single and now it is over to Yuvraj. Finally with a flick to square-leg Yuvraj is off the mark. This time Rahane is facing the short pitch stuff but he negotiates well. IND 36/2

19:55 IST: No change in bowling, Holder continues and Kohli plays two dot balls. Kohli is OUT for 11, what a catch! Yuvraj Singh comes in and Holder is peppering him with the short pitched stuff. It is a wicket-maiden. IND 34/2

19:51 IST: Kohli is not looking that good in the crease. Three dot balls and this is a different Kohli we are witnessing. But then good players always have a way to find runs, he gets a boundary, of the back foot. Single of the last ball, Kohli retains strike. IND 34/1

19:47 IST: No runs of the first two balls before Rahane picks a single. Just a single of the over. The going is not so easy, the pitch is tacky and run scoring is difficult. Only one run of this over. IND 29/1

19:43 IST: Cummins bowls three dot balls to Rahane before Rahane manages to take a single. No runs for Virat Kohli, it has been a good over by Cummins he now has to finish it well. IND 27/1

19:38 IST: Holder to Kohli, no run. No run again, it seems Virat Kohli is taking his time. Holder has probably found a spot to bowl and that is keeping Kohli tight. Kohli unleashes that is a boundary, and straying in line on the pads. They are now compiling it playing steady and watchful cricket. IND 26/1

19:34 IST: Kohli finally gets off the mark. On his legs Rahane picks up 2 runs. Rahane is coming into this match on the back of a century. He is in supreme form. Short and wide Rahane spanks it for FOUR. No run of the next two balls. IND 22/1

19:30 IST: Rahane is taking his time four dot balls in a row. And then comes the boundary. On his pads that is bread and butter for him. Some outswing for Holder. IND 15/1

19:24 IST: Then a FOUR to start the over it was marginally short and Rahane ponced on it. Dhawan OUT. Kohli is cautious as the over ends. India need to build. IND 11/1

19:19 IST: India have got off to a good, cautious start. Holder is bowling a decent line and length. Singles are the order of the day as both batsman are not looking for anything fancy. And the Dhawan looks for a big booming cover drive and misses. IND 6/0

19:15 IST: Play underway, no run of the first ball. Cummins to Rahane who picks up a single and gets the innings underway. Dhawan has also got off-the-mark with a single. Rahane lets that one go but no lateral movement. Rahanae picks a single to finish the over. IND 3/0

19:13 IST: The players walk out to the middle.

19:01 IST: We are minutes away from the start of the third and crucial One Day International. Big news is Rishabh Pant will have to wait.

18:56 IST: Holder wants to use the early moisture and hence he has opted to bowl and he will stand an advantage batting second if it is a rain-curtailed game.

18:51 IST: West Indies win the toss and chose to bowl.

IND XI: A Rahane, S Dhawan, V Kohli, Y Singh, MS Dhoni, H Pandya, K Jadhav, R Ashwin, K Yadav, B Kumar, U Yadav

WI XI: K.A. Hope, S Hope, J Mohammed, E Lewis, R Powell, R Chase, J Holder, A Nurse, D Bishoo, K Williams, M Cummins

18:45 IST: News came in sometime back that Rahul Dravid will continue as the coach of the Indian U-19 team for the next two years. This news comes in when there are speculations over who will succeed Anil Kumble as the team India coach.

18:43 IST: Seems to be that sought of a day when as a cricket fan you have got to be patient.

18:34 IST: Toss in 15 mins, start at 7:15 IST.

18:30 IST: Umpires are taking a good, close look to find the safety factor for play to get underway. But surroundings look promising.

18:21 IS: Will Rishabh Pant finally make his debut?

18:12 IST: Toss delayed due to overnight rain. Inspection at 6:30 IST.

Hello and Welcome to inUth’s live coverage of the 3rd One Day International (ODI) between India and West Indies. Team India have got a four-day break over Port-of-Spain to Antigua. With the series score 1-0 to India after the first two ODI’s, it is time West Indies open their account to stay afloat in the series. West Indies is a team that has not won a One Day Series at home since 2012, not a record one can be proud of. On the other hand Virat Kohli’s men showed exactly why they are the more supreme side, thumping West Indies by 105 runs at Port-of-Spain.


India: The grapevine has it that Rishabh Pant may be debuting in this game. So who sits out? In all probability a big fish, the likes of Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Yuvraj Singh may have to make way. This prediction is totally based on Virat Kohli’s policy of backing young blood. For example, Kuldeep Yadav, and debutante came out with  flying colors with figures of 3 for 50 in 9 overs. Going by Pant’s form off late, it is highly likely he will get a game.

West Indies: West Indies have been found wanting in both departments, be it batting or bowling. That could be the reason why they have got in the two new names Kyle Hope and Ambris. Jason Holder may include both at the expense of Jonathan Carter and Rovman Powell.

Weather report: The predictions or the weather report claims that there could be couple of scattered showers, nothing to be bothered about.

Ground History: In 15 matches at the Sir Vivian Richards stadium in North Sound, the average run-rate batting first has been 5.05. That roughly translates to an average total of 252.

… And here’s how the champion’s chill!!!

‘Gabbar’ truly knows how to balance it out…

Will this bit of good news change the fortunes of the West Indies team?


Likely XI

West Indies (probable): 1 Evin Lewis, 2 Kyle Hope, 3 Shai Hope (wk), 4 Jason Mohammed, 5 Roston Chase, 6 Jason Holder (capt), 7 Rovman Powell/ Sunil Ambris, 8 Ashley Nurse, 9 Alzarri Joseph, 10 Devendra Bishoo, 11 Miguel Cummins

India (probable): 1 Shikhar Dhawan, 2 Ajinkya Rahane, 3 Virat Kohli (capt), 4 Yuvraj Singh, 5 MS Dhoni (wk)/ Rishabh Pant, 6 Kedar Jadhav, 7 Hardik Pandya, 8 Kuldeep Yadav, 9 R Ashwin, 10 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 11 Umesh Yadav