Virat Kohli may win an Olympic Gold in 2024. Here's how!

Cricket was last played in the Olympics in the 1900 Paris Games. ICC is pushing for a return of the T20 variant of the sport in the 2024 event

Yes, very soon it can be a reality! ICC has a dream of including cricket in Olympics, but for that to happen they dearly need the support of India. Virat Kohli-led team India is now in Sri Lanka for a 3-Test series, followed by a 5-match One Day International series and to round of the series, there is a one-off T20I. Team India has already won the first Test by a handsome 304 runs.

Fun fact: Did you know, cricket was a part of the 1900 Olympics. There were also talks of it being seriously carried forward, but that never happened.

Meanwhile, Virat Kohli with his 17th century became the first person to average in excess of 50 in all three international formats.

Virat Kohli also somebody who knows how to work hard, and party harder. He was seen enjoying his off-day by the pool, chilling with his colleagues.

As Kohli is adding one crown after another to his crown, he could very well land up with an Olympics gold in 2024, here’s how.

Speaking to The Times of India, a source said, “We have heard about the ICC’s Olympics initiative but most members are not keen.”

“The ICC is continuing to explore the possibility of cricket’s inclusion in the Olympics and the main thrust of that at present is on convincing the BCCI. But with everything that has happened there over the last few months, it has delayed the process,” a source close to the developments told TOI. The world body has approached the BCCI to take a call on the issue so that it can move forward with the bidding process, which will take place in September. Time is running out for the ICC but the Indian board, which has been mired in a legal tangle, has not made much of a headway. The court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA), which has a final say on the day-to-day workings of BCCI, has asked for a report from the BCCI CEO Rahul Johri on the feasibility of cricket being part of the Olympics,” he added.

“The BCCI has been treated very shabbily by the ICC in recent times. Now if they come to us for their own benefits, why would we comply? And we don’t even know about the financial aspect of such a big step,” the member further added.

“We are not saying it’s completely ruled out, but a decision shouldn’t be forced upon us. It should be an independent, well-considered decision,” another official added.

“It certainly would play a big part in the growth of the women’s game -so there is an added attraction there,” an ICC source said.