India vs Sri Lanka, Day 2 Highlights: Ashwin's double strike pegs back visitors, India on top

At the end of the day;s play, Sri Lanka are 50 for 2 after India declared at 621/9 dec.Visitors trail by 572 runs

Catch the highlights or should we say as it happened of India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test, Day 2, here:

At the end of the day;s play, Sri Lanka are 50 for 2 after India declared at 621/9 dec.Visitors trail by 572 runs. The Lankans had a long day in the field and this is a day they would like to put behind their back, soon. Ashwin scored a fifty and then went on to pick two crucial wickets as well. Sri Lanka have a tall mountain to climb, if they want to save the Test match as there is still three days to go. And rain seems a distant possibility. 

16:59 IST: Mendis sweeps, he picks a FOUR. Mendis knows the attack is the best form of defence. The ball pops in the air, but lands in no man’s land. Mendis blocks. Mendis sweeps FOUR more.  SL 50/2 in 18 overs.

16:56 IST: Jadeja continues, Chandimal blocks. They are playing for the end of the day’s play and that is understandable. Chandimal lets that go. Maiden again. SL 40/2 in 18 overs.

16:53 IST: Ashwin resumes, no runs. Mendis plays it safely. He defends again. He blocks. Can India get another wicket? Just short of Virat at leg slip. Maiden over. SL 40/2 in 17 overs.

16:50 IST: Jadeja is bowling, 4 overs to go. The ball spins and turns. No run. Maiden from Jadeja. Maiden over. SL 40/2 in 16 overs.

16:47 IST: Ashwin bowls a straighter one, Chandimal foxed. Chandimal plays it off the back foot, no runs. Chandimal gets a single. SL 40/2 in 15 overs.

16:45 IST: Jadeja to Mendis, he blocks. He does the same again. Jadeja is increasing his pace, Mendis continues to block. Maiden over. SL 39/2 in 14 overs.

16:39 IST: Karunaratne picks 2 runs. Ashwin strikes again, Karuratne OUT. Chandimal comes in, with Lankans in trouble. Chandimal hits a SIX, second ball.  SL 39/2 in 13 overs.

16:36 IST: Mendis drives off the back foot, picks 2 runs. Mendis blocks. He defends again. Mendis plays it out.  SL 31/1 in 13 overs.

16:34 IST: Ashwin resumes bowling, driven straight back by Karunaratne for FOUR. This time he blocks. Again past the outside edge, Ashwin has got the rhythm going. Karunarayne blocks. SL 29/1 in 12 overs.

16:28 IST: Karunaratne takes a single, Mendis blocks. Mendis pads it away. Mendis cuts, straight to the fielder. Huge appeal, but the umpire turns it down. Kohli takes a review, let’s see, no one looks confident. Impact is outside off, India loses the review. SL 25/1 in 11 overs.

16:25 IST: Karunaratne blocks that. He blocks another. Ashwin is concentrating on getting the lines and pace right. Mendis looks for a slog, gets a FOUR. Mendis looks to slog again, misses. SL 24/1 in 9 overs.

16:22 IST: Mendis on strike, Jadeja bowls flat, well blocked. Karunaratne gets a single. Mendis cuts straight to the fielder. Again that misses the outside edge. Mendis drives does not find the gap.  SL 19/1 in 8 overs.

16:25 IST: The ball is spinning big. This is a testing over. This one goes straight but well defended. Another one that goes past the outside edge. Ashwin is bowling probing lines. Karunaratne gets a FOUR.  SL 18/1 in 7 overs.

16:20 IST: Surprise, surprise Jadeja comes to bowl. He too is bowling with an attacking field. Mendis defends, but Jadeja is bowling quick. Just a single of Jadeja’s over.  SL 11/1 in 6 overs.

16:15 IST: Karunaratne defends well, Ashwin has two slips. Four men around the bat, but Karunaratne is playing well. He flicks it for a single. Another one, Karunaratne survives. SL 10/1 in 5 overs.

16:10 IST: Shami to continue, Mendis flicks it to leg side, gets a single. Karunaratne on strike, he blocks. He drives this time, FOUR. Bouncer, well left. Bouncer, well fended by Karunaratne. He flicks it for a single. The ball pitched and spun viciously, missed the outside edge.  SL 9/1 in 4 overs.

16:05 IST: Ashwin will continue with his tails up, Karunaratne takes a single on the leg side. Straighter one by Ashwin, well played by Kusal, single for Kusal. SL 3/1 in 3 overs.

16:00 IST: Kusal comes in, Karunaratne ducks the bouncer. Lankans are off and away with a single. Mendis on strike for the first time, he lets it go. Well left. He leaves the next one as well. Shami appeals, nothing, the ball keeps low.  SL 1/1 in 2 overs.

15:56 IST: As expected it is Ashwin to Tharanga, dot ball. It will be interesting to see if he gets the turn. Tharanga drives, no runs. Tharanga misses the carrom ball. Tharanga is cautious against Ashwin. They have two slips and a maiden to end. Ashwin strikes Tharanga OUT.  SL 0/1 in 2 overs.

15:53 IST: Lankans start with four dot balls.Maiden over to start. SL 0/0 in 1 over.

15:36 IST: This is the last over before they declare. That is what Virat indicated. Jadeja still blocks. Jadeja gets a couple. Jadeja picks another single. Umesh blocks. Umesh has a wild slog, he will get a FOUR. Single, India declare at 622 for 9. IND 621/9 in 156 overs

15:32 IST: Umesh picks a single, he is making use of the spread out field. Jadeja plays a dot ball. Jadeja goes down town, he hits a SIX. Jadeja picks a single. Umesh blocks it and survives. Umesh defends. IND 614/9 in 155 overs

15:27 IST: Jadeja on strike, it will be interesting to see how he plays with the number 11. He cuts late, FOUR. 600 up. Jadeja plays a dot ball. This time he cuts for a single. Umesh will now be on strike to Dilruwan. Yadav picks up a single and gets off the mark. Jadeja defends and picks a single. Umesh picks a single off the last ball. IND 606/9 in 154 overs

15:22 IST: Jadeja cuts he picks up a single. Shami hits a SIX. Another SIX. Shami is having a real ball. He pulls, but finds the fielder, OUT. Umesh comes in to face the last ball, he defends. IND 598/9 in 154 overs

15:21 IST Dilruwan continues, Jadeja takes a single off the first ball. Shami defends, he goes back into the crease and plays the ball towards on side. FOUR! Shami hits that straight past the bowler, he gets a boundary off that one. Shami goes down the track again, this time just a single as long on fielder was in place. IND 584/8 in 154 overs

15:17 IST Mohammed Shami comes to bat, he takes a single off the first ball. Jadeja on strike, he defends the first ball. FOUR! Jadeja goes back into his crease and plays it late, the ball runs wide of the square fielder, a boundary for him, moves to 47. FOUR! Jadeja works the ball towards fine leg, gets a boundary. 50 for Jadeja! Here goes his fencing skills and Kohli is, as usual, laughing in the dressing room. Jadeja takes a single towards long on, retains strike. IND 578/8 in 153 overs

15:11 IST WICKET! Saha st Dickwella b Herath 67(114) Saha falls prey to Herath’s flight and gets stumped out, he departs after a good inning. IND 568/8 in 152.1 overs

15:10 IST Dilruwan Perera comes to bowl, the first ball hits his pads, a dot ball. Saha takes a single off the next ball, gets off strike. Jadeja drives that through extra covers, picks up a couple of runs, good running between the tickets. He takes a single off the next ball towards leg side. Saha tries to go for the slog sweep, a single taken, the Umpire signals leg byes. A dot ball to end the over. IND 568/7 in 152 overs

15:06 IST Dhananjaya de Silva has come to bat, Jadeja defends the first two bats. Jadeja works the ball into the gap, takes a couple of runs. He takes a single off the next. SIX! Saha starts off his innings post-break with a maximum, the message is loud and clear, get over 600-650 and declare. A single off the last ball to end the over. IND 563/7 in 151 overs


14:38 IST: Saha picks a single so does Jadeja. There was an inside edge, Saha mis read it. Saha blocks, he is playing for tea. IND 553/7 in 150 overs.

14:34 IST: Dhananjaya resumes, Saha picks a single. Jadeja defends, he is also inching close to a 50. Jadeja cuts it late with finesse, he gets a couple. Jadeja hits it straight back, it was a chance but was hit hard, FOUR. IND 551/7 in 149 overs.

14:29 IST: Dilruwan will resume, Jadeja defends with his foot right to the pitch of the ball. Jadeja cuts straight to the fielder, he is upset with that. Jadeja pulls it for a SIX. Jadeja defends. IND 544/7 in 148 overs.

14:26 IST: Saha cuts, he gets two runs. Saha paddles for two more runs. Jadeja blocks. He picks up a single on the leg side. IND 538/7 in 147 overs.

14:24 IST: Jadeja cuts, straight to the fielder. India is inching close to 550. The ball went over the stumps, Jadeja survives. IND 532/7 in 146 overs.

14:20 IST: Jadeja on strike, there is a bowling change, Dhananjaya comes to bowl. Jadeja defends. He blocks again. He picks a couple, thanks to good running. Jadeja pulls to pick another two. Jadeja picks a single. Saha defends. IND 531/7 in 145 overs.

14:15 IST: Dilruwan to continue, Saha takes the strike on 50, this is a timely knock. India needed somebody to anchor an end and he is doing it. He gets a single on the leg side. Jadeja blocks it. Jadeja cuts and gets a single. Saha blocks it, right behind the ball. IND 527/7 in 144 overs.

14:10 IST: Jadeja gets a single. Saha blocks it. Saha is on 49, there is a huge appeal, not out. Saha picks a single with a drive down the ground. SIX from Jadeja. He finally breaks the shackles. IND 524/7 in 143 overs.

14:06 IST: Dilruwan brought back into the attack,  Jadeja blocks. He gets a single this time. Saha clips it leg side, no runs.  IND 517/7 in 142 overs.

14:02 IST: Pushpakumara continues, Saha works it leg side, no runs. Saha cuts, he will pick a single. Jadeja picks a single down the ground. No runs for Saha. IND 516/7 in 141 overs.

13:59 IST: Jadeja defends, he does that again. There is an appeal, but it is missing leg. Jadeja cuts he will get a couple. IND 514/7 in 140 overs.

13:55 IST: Pushpakumara will resume, Saha, drives, no run. Saha defends. Saha is blocking ball after ball, even the intent is not there. Saha pulls for FOUR. No runs.  IND 512/7 in 139 overs.

13:52 IST: Jadeja picks a couple on the leg side. Dot ball. Jadeja cuts but straight to the fielder. Just a couple off the over. IND 508/7 in 138 overs.

13:49 IST: Pushpakumara to Jadeja, he picks a single on the leg side. Saha looking for a single, not there. No runs for Saha. Saha gets another single. Jadeja picks a single. IND 506/7 in 137 overs.

13:45 IST: Herath continues after drinks, Saha happy to defend. A punch will fetch him no runs. Saha picks a single on the off-side. Jadeja blocks. Jadeja picks up a quick single.  IND 503/7 in 136 overs.

13:40 IST: Saha on strike to Pushpakumara, Saha cuts, he will get a single. Jadeja blocks, but how long? He advances but had to check his shot, he gets a single. Another milestone reached. Saha gets a single. IND 501/7 in 135 overs.

13:35 IST: Herath starts, Jadeja blocks. Jadeja will surely go after the left arm spinners. It is only a matter of time before he does that. He blocks three balls. Four dots. Surprisingly, a maiden.  IND 498/7 in 134 overs.

13:30 IST: Pushpakumara starts, Pandya defends. How long will he defend is the talk? Well, he has put away a short ball for a FOUR. FOUR again. He is OUT, looking to hit a six. Jadeja comes in to bat, but Saha is on strike and he will pick up a single. Jadeja is off the mark.  IND 498/7 in 133 overs.

13:25 IST: Herath continues, Saha defends. The ball is spinning more and more. Saha cuts but good fielding keeps it down to a single. Pandya picks a single off the last ball. IND 488/6 in 132 overs.

13:22 IST: Pandya blocks the first one. He smashes the next one for FOUR. It nearly hit the umpire on the way back. Pandya follows it with a single. Saha defends. Saha leaves the ball, there is an appeal, but it’s a dead ball. Saha gets a single off the last ball. IND 486/6 in 131 overs.

13:18 IST: Herath is bowling flat and quick. Saha advances and defends. The ball spun and turned, it beats everybody and reaches the fences for a FOUR. Saha defends. IND 480/6 in 130 overs.

13:15 IST: Pushpakumara starts, Pandya picks an easy single. Saha defends again. Saha cuts, he will get a single. Pandya defends clumsily, there is an appeal, they have taken the review. It seems it did not pitch on leg stump. No bat involved. Oops, it’s pitched in line, but it is missing the stumps. Not out. Pandya belts it straight to the fielder, but a misfield allows a single. IND 472/6 in 129 overs.

13:10 IST: Herath starts, Saha defends. He is blocking again. Huge appeal, but that is missing the leg stump. The review was taken, but the decision stands. Maiden over. IND 469/6 in 128 overs.

13:06 IST: Pushpakumara to bowl, Saha advances but checks his shot. He sweeps again for a single. Saha defends. Saha picks a single down the ground. Pandya is beaten. IND 469/6 in 127 overs.

13:02 IST: Herath comes back, Pandya on strike, it is a spread out the field. Pandya picks a single, down the ground. Saha on strike, he defends.  He blocks again. Saha does not need to do anything silly and he knows that. Saha picks a single on the leg side. IND 467/6 in 126 overs.

12:58 IST: Saha is blocking and he is doing it gleefully. Pushpakumara is bowling wicket to wicket as Saha sweeps it for a single. Pandya opens his account as he strolls over with a single. Saha sweeps again, he gets three runs. Pandya on strike, he sweeps, it is in the air but lands safely, only a single. IND 465/5 in 125 overs.

12:55 IST: A SIX and nothing else of the over.  IND 460/6 in 124 overs.

12:50 IST: Pushpakumara starts, Saha defends. Saha defends again. He defends again. Saha sweeps fine, he gets three runs. Pandya comes on strike, goes past the outside edge of Pandya, the ball spun viciously.  IND 454/6 in 123 overs.

12:46 IST: Herath will start from the other end. Saha cuts it for a single. Ashwin defends. Ashwin is two runs shy of his 2000 runs in Test cricket. Ashwin defends. Herath is bowling quicker. Ashwin hits a SIX, brings up his 50 and 2000 runs in Test cricket. Ashwin is BOWLED. He departs for 54. Pandya comes in, he defends well.  IND 451/5 in 122 overs.

12:43 IST: Pushpakumara will start proceedings after lunch, Ashwin will take strike. Ashwin picks a single on the on side. Saha on strike, he defends, with his leg right out to the pitch of the ball, he does that again. Saha picks a single off the last ball.  IND 444/5 in 121 overs.

12:40 IST: The two Indian batsman walk out to the middle.

Wriddhiman Saha and Ravichandran Ashwin will look to take the score past 500 first and then press for 600.

11:58 IST: Ashwin defends, this could be the last over before lunch. Ashwin defends as Dilruwan has changed his angle. Ashwin picks a single. Saha picks a single on the leg side. Ashwin picks a single and that is LUNCH. IND 442/5 in 120 overs.

11:55 IST: Ashwin drives, takes a single. Saha defends, he is on 15. Saha blocks the next two balls, he is playing for lunch it seems, and that is fair. IND 437/5 in 119 overs.

11:52 IST: Dilruwan continues, Single for Saha. Ashwin drives, no runs. Saha blocks, he is happy to do that. There is no pressure at all on the visitors. Saha advances but hits it straight to the fielder. IND 436/5 in 118 overs.

11:47 IST: Ashwin cuts, he will get three runs. Saha sweeps, he will get only a single. That spins and beats Ashwin. Dot ball as Ashwin defends. Dot ball again. IND 436/5 in 117 overs.

11:39 IST: Ashwin defends. Pushpakumara continues, Ashwin drives for a single. No runs for Saha. Saha defends. Ashwin hits it for a FOUR.  IND 429/5 in 115 overs.

11:36 IST: Ashwin drives Dilruwan for a couple. Dilruwan comes round the wicket. Ashwin drives it to sweeper cover on the off side. Saha goes deep in his crease and blocks. He defends. Three of the over. IND 424/5 in 114 overs.

11:32 IST: Saha punches for no runs. He defends again. He is happy defending. Maiden over. IND 421/5 in 113 overs.

11:28 IST: Dilruwan starts, Ashwin works it leg side for a single. Saha pads it away. Saha plays it fine past leg slip, he picks two runs. Saha uses his feet, goes over the top FOUR. He follows it with a single. Ashwin defends. IND 421/5 in 112 overs.

11:23 IST: Pushpakumara will start, Rahane defends. This one turns and beats Rahane. Rahane happy to play it back to the bowler. Rahane drives to cover. Rahane STUMPED! Saha comes in at the fall of Rahane. Saha sees off the over. IND 413/5 in 111 overs.

11:20 IST: Dilruwan continues, Rahane defends. Rahane goes for a slog, but finds the fielder, he gets one. Ashwin blocks.Ashwin drives, no runs. Ashwin blocks again. The more he bats, he will figure out what to bowl. IND 413/4 in 110 overs.

11:15 IST: Ashwin blocks. Pushpa continues, no runs. No runs for Ashwin. Ashwin cuts and finds the gap for FOUR.  IND 412/4 in 109 overs.

11:10 IST: Dilruwan continues, Rahane defends. Rahane picks a single of a no ball. Ashwin defends. He does the same. Rahane defends. IND 408/4 in 108 overs.

11:05 IST: Pushpakumara is brought into the attack. Rahane drives, but no runs. He drives, finds the gap, gets two runs. Rahane defends. Rahane drives for a single. Ashwin drives to get a single. Rahane taps it to leg side, gets a single. IND 405/4 in 107 overs.

11:00 IST: Rahane picks a single. Ashwin plays it fine to third man for 3 runs. Ashwin is on 28. Rahane picks two runs on the off side. Rahane picks a single and that is 400 runs. IND 400/4 in 106 overs.

10:55 IST: Ashwin cuts it for FOUR. He follows it with a single. Rahane blocks it well.Rahane picks up a single to long off. Ashwin opens the face of his bat to pick up a single. Rahane flicks leg side for a single. IND 393/4 in 105 overs.

10:50 IST: Dilruwan will continue. Rahane defends, he is bowling more middle-leg now. Rahane gets a single to long on. It’s too easy, Ashwin gets a single. Rahane defends with soft hands.Down the track comes Rahane, but defends. Rahane again down the track but hits it straight to the fielder. IND 385/4 in 104 overs.

10:46 IST: Herath continues, Rahane defends with a long stride forward. He blocks again. Rahane defends again. Rahane drives to get a single, it’s all too easy. Bat pad from Ashwin, but falls safe. Ashwin blocks it, one from the over. IND 383/4 in 103 overs.

10:41 IST: There is a bowling change, Dilruwan is back. Rahane cuts for a FOUR. Rahane plays it fine, gets a single. The pitch is showing signs of changing. This time Ashwin is beaten, the ball went straight on, he was playing for the turn. Ashwin defends. He pads it away. No runs. IND 382/4 in 102 overs.

10:38 IST: Herath continues, Ashwin drives, no runs. No runs for Ashwin. Ashwin is ready to wait for the loose balls. Ashwin drives, no runs. It’s a maiden over.  IND 377/4 in 101 overs.

10:34 IST: The pitch is showing signs of wear and tear. Karunaratne continues, Ashwin steady in defence. Ashwin flicks it fine to fine leg for a FOUR. He follows it up with a single to the third man. Rahane cover drives for a single. The partnership is 26, Ashwin defends. Single of teh last ball. IND 377/4 in 100 overs.

10:31 IST: Ashwin defends, no runs. He defends again. Again a dot, Ashwin is on 11. Ashwin gets a thick outside edge, picks one run.  IND 370/4 in 99 overs.

10:28 IST: Rahane clips it leg side for a single. Ashwin defends. Ashwin flicks straight to the fielder. No runs. Ashwin drives straight to the fielder.Uppish by Ashwin, but no problems single. IND 369/4 in 98 overs.

10:25 IST: Field comes in for Ashwin. Ashwin plays it safely, Herath is bowling. Ashwin is looking to play the cover drive, but he restrains. Ashwin blocks again. He drives, no runs. Maiden over. IND 367/4 in 97 overs.

10:21 IST: Karunaratne continues, Ashwin defends. He plays it towards off side, picks a single. Rahane defends. Plays it straight, no runs. Rahane picks a single on the spread out off side. Ashwin picks a single to end the over. IND 367/4 in 96 overs. 

10:17 IST: Herath will start, Rahane steady in defence. Rahane hits it straight back for a FOUR.  Rahane cuts straight to the fielder. He blocks again. Rahane pulls but hits the short leg on the full, no runs.  IND 364/4 in 95 overs.

10:15 IST: Rahane picks a single on the leg side. Ashwin drives, full of timings, FOUR. Elegance written all over it.  IND 360/4 in 94 overs. 

10:10 IST: Rahane picks a single. Ashwin cuts for a FOUR. IND 355/4 in 93 overs

10:05 IST: Karunaratne will start from the tennis court end. Pujara steady in defence. He defends again, there is a hint of swing. He lets it go. Pujara looks for a single, Rahane wisely turns it down. Pujara flicks it to bring up the first boundary of day 2. FOUR There is an appeal, they are reviewing it. It seems height is the issue, nothing on the snicko. It is hitting the stumps, it’s out. OUT. Ashwin comes to bat.  IND 350/4 92 overs. 

10:00 IST: Rahane will take the first strike, Dilruwan will start proceedings. It is a spread out the field. Rahane defends. Drives down the ground to long on for a single, India are off and running on day 2. Pujara gets underway with a single on day 2. Rahane defends the next two balls.  IND 346/3 91 overs. 

9:52 IST: Sunil Gavaskar at the pitch report makes it clear that the pitch will play well and it could be a long day for the hosts. Hardik Pandya says it was amazing to get the Test cap and then to do well it is like a dream come true.

9:20 IST: One feels, the key to Pujara’s long knock was how he used his feet to the spinners. His appetite for batting and scoring runs is unmatchable.

9:03 IST: Can the hosts make a match out of it or will they be smashed away?

9:01 IST: Pujara became the joint third quickest Indian player to score 4000 Test runs alongside Dravid with 84 innings. Gavaskar & Sehwag lead the list with 81 innings each. Stay tuned, match begins in 30 minutes.

8:52 IST: Good morning and a very warm welcome to inUth’s coverage of the 2nd Test, Day 2.

Earlier, India won the toss and opted to bat first. India lost Shikhar Dhawan early for 35 and KL Rahul who is making a comeback in the Indian mix departed for 47. Even Virat Kohli did not get going, he departed for 13 runs. But the day rightly belonged to the centurion duo of Cheteshwar Pujara and Ajinkya Rahane. Cheteshwar Pujara is on 128 and Rahane is on 103. Pujara by getting this hundred brought up his 13th Test ton and Rahane smashed his 9th ton. Pujara, the new Khel Ratna awardee also brought up his 4000 Test runs in this innings.

If anything, the pitch will become better to bat on and we could very well be in for a run fest. Virat Kohli-led team India already have a 1-0 lead in the 3-Test series. The pitch does not have any demons as such and it is pitted to be a batting friendly strip on day 2. Dilruwan and Herath picked up a wicket a piece, but no bowler really troubled the famed Indian batsmen.

Pujara became the seventh Indian player & 36th overall to score a hundred in his 50th Test appearance.


India: Shikhar Dhawan, Lokesh Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Ravichandran Ashwin, Wriddhiman Saha(wk), Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Mohammed Shami, Umesh Yadav, Abhinav Mukund, Rohit Sharma, Ishant Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Kuldeep Yadav

Sri Lanka: Dimuth Karunaratne, Upul Tharanga, Kusal Mendis, Dinesh Chandimal(c), Angelo Mathews, Lahiru Thirimanne, Niroshan Dickwella(wk), Dilruwan Perera, Rangana Herath, Nuwan Pradeep, Lahiru Kumara, Lakshan Sandakan, Danushka Gunathilaka, Dhananjaya de Silva, Vishwa Fernando, Malinda Pushpakumara

Where to watch: India vs Sri Lanka, 2nd Test match, will be broadcast live on Sony Six and other channels of Sony Ten network. The match will be streamed live on