India Vs England, Highlights Women's World Cup 2017 Final: Shrubsole's 6-fer shatters India's dreams, lose by 9 runs

Women's World Cup Final, Live Score, India Vs England: India Women need 229 to win the Women's World Cup, see you after the break

22:07 IST: Deepti OUT. Dot ball. Catch dropped that could have been it.  Single taken. England win by 9 runs, India’s dreams have been shattered. Shrubsole picks 6 wickets.

22:01 IST: Single for Pandey. Another single, they can do it in singles. Wide down the leg side and a run taken. Run out, another twist in the tale. 11 off 16 balls. Poonam plays a dot. No run again a dot. 11 off 12 balls. IND-W 218/8 

21:55 IST: 21 OFF 24 required. Two singles of the first two balls, two runs. BIG, BBBIIIIGGGG Relief that is not out. Single for Deepti. 16 off 20 balls. Dot ball. Another single. IND-W 215/7

21:45 IST: Veda out. Will it be Jhulan’s night? BOWLED!!!!!! Four for Deepti, everything is happening. Follows it with a single. No uns for Pandey. She will get a single. Single for Deepti. IND-W 209/7

21:40 IST: Four for India, Veda. Single for Veda. Sushma OUT. 31 OFF 36 BALLS. IND-W 195/5

21:35 IST: Four for Veda. Four more. Single. Raut out. But she is reviewing it? She has taken too long. Sushma Verma comes in. 38 off 42 balls. IND-W 191/4

21:32 IST: Single for Raut. 50 more to win. Single for Veda and Raut does the same. Dot ball. Dot again. 47 off 48. IND-W 180/3

21:28 IST: Singles of the first two. Top edge two runs for Raut. No run. IND-W 177/3

21:22 IST: Raut is set and that is the advantage for India at this stage as the ball is spinning and it would be hard for someone coming in new to start being aggressive straightaway. 63 off 66 balls. Single for Raut. Dot ball. Single of the pad. Single for Raut. Raut gets three. IND-W 173/3

21:20 IST: Just a single of the over, the pressure is shifting. IND-W 166/3

21:15 IST: Catch dropped by the English captain, Veda survives. Five off the over. IND-W 165/3

21:09 IST: Four for Raut. Five from the over. IND-W 160/3

21:06 IST: Nudged by Raut gets a couple. Follows it up with a single. Veda takes the risk, gets a couple. Veda gets a four. Wide. IND-W 155/3

21:00 IST: Raut gets a single, she is holding India together, but long way to go. Veda spanks it for four, she is fearless. Single to follow it up. Taylor misses a stumping, but has she dropped the cup? What a ball! Sweeps for a single. IND-W 145/3

20:55 IST: 94 OFF 104. Kaur gets a single, Raut too gets a single. KAUR IS OUT. IND-W 138/3 

20:52 IST: Kaur picks a single. Single for Raut. Kaur gets to 50. IND-W 136/2

20:47 IST: 102 TO WIN OFF 114 BALLS. Raut goes inside out four. Then she picks a single. Single for Kaur. IND-W 133/2

20:43 IST: 109 off 120 balls. Two runs for Raut and then she picks a single. Kaur does the same. Two runs of a misfield. IND-W 127/2

20:40 IST: Kaur picks a single. Raut goes aerial, picks two. Single for Raut. Kaur plays a dot. 50 foe Raut with that single. IND-W 120/2

20:36 IST: Single for Raut. Kaur and Raut are playing slowly but importantly they are set. Raut gets a single. Kaur gets a boundary. That will ease the pressure.Pulled for a single. IND-W 114/2

20:33 IST: Two dot balls from Kaur. Make that three in a row. Single for Kaur. Single for Raut. Two singles of it. IND-W 107/2

20:29 IST: 100 up with that single. No run. Single for Raut. Kaur picks a four, down the slope, her eyes are set now. Single for Kaur. IND-W 106/2

20:25 IST: Raut takes a quick single. 50 partnership up, but the scoring rate has been slow. But more importantly Kaur is there. No run, dot. Too much width, hits it hard but straight to the fielder. Kaur picks a single. No-ball on height from a spinner. Raut gets a couple. Two more. IND-W 99/2

20:19 IST: Three singles takes. A huge appeal turned down after a lot of thought of taking the DRS. Straight to point, just a single. Raut gets a single. IND-W 93/2

20:16 IST: Two dots in a row, pressure is building. Kaur gets a single. Raut gets a single. Monstrous, six. IND-W 88/2 

20:14 IST: Kaur and Raut take a single each. Single for Raut. Single for Kaur. IND-W 79/2

20:11 IST: Kaur gets a single of the third ball. IND-W 75/2

20:07 IST: Raut gets a single. Kaur gets a single. Raut gets one. Kaur gets that again. IND-W 73/2

20:04 IST:  Single for Kaur. Raut gets two. Ball is keeping low, dot ball. Single. Six for Kaur.

19:59 IST: Single for Kaur. Raut, too gets a single. Two dots from Kaur. Wide, that will help. Single for Kaur. IND-W 59/2

19:55 IST: Kaur plays a dot. Again a dot. Three in a row. Make that four. Five, a maiden? Averts a maiden with a single. IND-W 55/2

19:51 IST: A quiet over with a couple of singles. Raut plays it backward of point finds the gap will get a couple. IND-W 54/2

19:48 IST: No runs of the first three balls. IND-W 50/2

19:45 IST: No run for Kaur. Kaur smashes it for four. Single down the ground. 50 up. IND-W 50/2 

19:41 IST: Raut guides it to third man, picks a single. Harmanpreet defends, he is getting her eye in. She is yet to get off the mark, she has faced 7 balls. Still, 8 balls now. Finally, she is away with a single. IND-W 45/2

19:36 IST: Raj is out, big fish. Star Harman comes in, she defends two. India has to be said have been sent back. She was callous, no urgency. A successful over for the hosts. IND-W 43/2 

19:33 IST: Raj plays a dot ball, and she is happy to defend again. She is waiting for the lose ball. She gets a single, rotates the strike. Quick single for Raut. Raj hits down the ground for a single. IND-W 43/1

19:30 IST: Raut breaks the shackles with consecutive fours. Gets a single. IND-W 41/1

19:26 IST: Akshay Kumar in the house. 9 dot balls in a row. Raj drives straight to covers. Will it be back to back maidens? Yes it will be. IND-W 31/1

19:21 IST: A maiden over. IND-W 30/1

19:18 IST: Stump to stump to Raut, two dot ball. Then a SIX from Raut. IND-W 30/1 

19:14 IST: Mithali flicks it leg side, it is a four. She is looking in good touch and this will be her last world cup match. Raj defends. Raj solid in defence. Raj cuts, straight to point. Raj is waiting for the lose ball. IND-W 24/1

19:11 IST: Raut picks a single. Single for Raj. Dot ball. Raut lays a dot ball. IND-W 20/1

19:08 IST: Raut gets a single. Raj drives, no run. No runs. Raj cuts backward of point four. IND-W 18/1

19:05 IST: Dot ball. Raut goes down town, one bounce four. Follows it up with a single. Raj defends. No run. IND-W 13/1

19:00 IST: Raj picks a single. No runs in the next two balls. Raut gets off the mark. IND-W 8/1

18:54 IST: Schrubsole from the other end. Raut picks a single to fine leg. Smriti defends, she has been off colour after the first two knocks. Wide, that will help India. No run for her, she is struggling to get going. A lot of chatter among the English players. Wide ball. Smriti is BOWLED! This is a big setback for India. Mithali comes in for one last time in World Cup’s. Raj is off the mark. Eventful over, still a ball to go. IND-W 6/1

18:50 IST: Indian openers are ready and Brunt starts with a dot ball. No run for Poonam Raut again. She lets that go, watches it to the gloves. The bounce is low and that will make things difficult. No runs. Raut gets off the mark with a single. Mandhana plays a dot. IND-W 1/0

India Women need 229 to win the Women’s World Cup.

18:18 IST: Single for Gunn, that is alright from India’s point of  view. Two runs. Single, but Shikha Pandey saves a four. Single. Single for Gunn. Single again. ENG-W 228/7

18:15 IST: Single of Gayakwad. Single again. Single again, that is okay. Single again. Jhulan keeps that down to a single. ENG-W 221/7

18:10 IST: Four for Gunn, dispatched with disdain. Single for Gunn. Single for Marsh. Three runs a no ball and a free hit. Single off. Four to end the over, 14 runs off the over. ENG-W 215/7

18:06 IST: Marsh comes in. No run as Gayakwad continues. Single for Marsh finally. Quick single again as Jhulan picks up the ball. Nicely struck by Gunn, only a single. ENG-W 201/7

18:04 IST: Pandey continues single to third man. Single again.  Single again. Singles are coming at a premium. Once again a single. Finally a dot ball. Run out, direct hit. Brunt packed home OUT. ENG-W 196/7

17:57 IST Poonam Yadav again into the attack. It’s her last over which she started with two consecutive dot balls. A good over by her where she concedes 4 runs. ENG-W: 192/6

17:54 IST It’s Deepti Sharma with the ball to deliver her 8th over. Katherine Brunt smashes a massive boundary off the 4th delivery after 4 singles. And a single to finish the over with. 9 runs off the over, ENG-W: 188/6

17:51 IST: Two dot balls for Gayakwad. Brunt laps it for a single. Sloppy in the field allows two runs. ENG-W 179/6

17:48 IST: Poonam bowls two dot balls. Couple for Brunt. Dot again. Top edge, it was in the air, but the ball was out of Mandhana’s reach. ENG-W 173/6

17:45 IST: Gayakwad starts with a dot ball. Again a dot. Two dot balls. Single for Brunt. Gunn picks a single. ENG-W 171/6

17:41 IST: Last over of Jhulan. Brunt gets a single. Dot ball follows. Gunn is off the mark. Only two runs of this over. ENG-W 168/6

17:38 IST: Single picked of Gayakwad. Dot ball. Dot ball again, pressure is mounting. No run again. Only a single off this over. ENG-W 165/6

17:31 IST: Goswami strikes, picks her third. Sciver OUT. Gunn plays a dot. Dot again, Jhulan has really pegged back the hosts. Dot again, Jhulan is on a roll. second maiden from Jhulan.

17:26 IST: Single for Sciver, 50 up. Belts it down the ground, four. ENG-W 164/5

17:22 IST: Jhulan will start in powerplay 2. Single to third man. Dot ball as the batter tries to run it to third man. Another single. No run. No run. ENG-W 157/5

17:19 IST: Starts with a dot. Single for Sciver. Couple of runs taken. Dot ball. ENG-W 155/5

17:15 IST: Dot ball from Poonam. Dot ball again, England need to consolidate. Brunt is off the mark, untidy fielding allows a couple. No run. Single on the legs. Single of the last ball. ENG-W 151/5

17:06 IST: Goswami starts with a dot. Two runs for Taylor. Sarah is dissapointed OUT. Misses the hattrick. ENG-W 146/5

Meanwhile, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar praises Jhulan Goswami’s bowling performance in the on going game

17:03 IST: Sciver picks a single. Dot ball. Single, down the ground. Three of this over already and another one to end the over. ENG-W 144/3

16:59 IST: Single for Taylor, Jhulan has come back in to the attack. Single in the off side. Single to fine leg. Top edge but Jhulan could not get to that. Single of the last ball. ENG-W 140/3

16:55 IST: Single for Sciver. Out side edge, Taylor picks two. Dot ball. Single down the ground. Single. ENG-W 133/3

16:52 IST: Harmanpreet starts, a leg bye to start. Two runs to Taylor to fine leg. Single this time to long on. Sciver sweeps for a single. ENG-W 128/3 

16:48 IST: Sharma will start. Single for Taylor. The run rate is back to over four runs an over. No run. Single to mid wicket. No run now. Single to mid wicket. Single to backward square leg. ENG-W 118/3

16:44 IST: They carry on despite rain. Pandey brought back with the light fading. Single to Taylor. Dot ball. No run again. 1 run, to backward square leg. Another single to fine leg. Four of the last ball. ENG-W 114/3

16:41 IST: Poonam continues, no run. The rain is heavy. Quicker one, well kept out, no runs. Single for Taylor. Juicy ball, two runs picked up. Single this time. ENG-W 105/3

16:37 IST: Lights are on, its getting gloomy. Still playing on, Kaur continues, single taken. Swept for four by Sciver. 100 up as Sciver takes a single. Rain is picking up. Single taken. Pulled but straight to the fielder, single. ENG-W 104/3

16:33 IST: Poonam continues, no runs as Taylor defends. No run. Taylor advances but no runs. Light is deteriorating. Taylor picks two, good running. this time she will have to be content with a single. Dot ball. ENG-W 94/3

16:31 IST: Harmanpreet in the attack, single. She is bowling from round the wicket. Dot again. Dot ball again, the run rate is dipping. Single on the leg side. Single picked off to long-on. ENG-W 91/3

16:28 IST: Sharma from the pavilion end, single taken. Single taken. Dot ball but then she pulls for a single. Dot ball. ENG-W 88/3

16:25 IST: Poonam Yadav continues, single of. Single again down the ground. Single again, but she is bowling well. Single again. She is giving the ball loop. Single of all the balls this over. Finally a dot. ENG-W 85/3

16:20 IST: Gayakwad continues, dot ball. She is bowling from over the wicket. Sciver sweeps for a single. Taylor picks a single leg side. Out side edge only a single. Couple for Taylor. Single taken direct hit, looks close. Safely home. ENG-W 80/3

India v England

India v England

16:17 IST: Sciver sweeps for four. Dot ball. Poonam is flighting the ball well. Dot again, she has come back well after a four. No runs. ENG-W 74/3

India v England

India v England

16:14 IST: Sharma starts with a dot ball. Sharma pulls a dot again. Counter-attack, hits it straight back for  a four. Sciver is an attacking player, dot ball. Dot ball. ENG-W 69/3

16:10 IST: WICKET Knight lbw b Poonam Yadav 1(7). The Captain is out. India is in front in this match. Dot ball again. Misfield by Mithali allows a single. ENG-W 64/3

16:09 IST: Poonam continues. First ball and the ball hits  Knight pad. Big appeal from the bowler and keeper but Umpire says no. Review taken and it’s a wicket for Poonam

16:00 IST: Sharma continues, Taylor picks a single down the ground. Dot ball. Dot again, Knight is not yet off the mark.  Not yet, five balls for no runs. She is away finally. ENG-W 63/2

15:57 IST: Poonam starts with a dot ball. Poonam strikes Beaumont Out! Skipper walks in, picks a single of the first ball. Slow through the air, a dot ball. ENG-W 61/2

15:53 IST: Taylor lifts it down the ground, four. She is attacking. Taylor is an attacking player. Dot ball. Single down the ground. Taylor cuts this time, finds the gap and the boundary. ENG-W 61/1

15:50 IST: Sharma bowls a wide. Dot ball to Taylor. Dot again, but her intentions are clear. No run. Last ball, Beaumont , no runs. ENG-W 52/1

15:44 IST: Gayakwad comes over the wickets. BOWLED!!! Gayakwad is now bowling with a spring in her stride. Taylor is off the mark, two runs. Taylor blocks it safely. ENG-W 50/1

15:40 IST: Deepti Sharma starts with a dot ball and again a dot. She was the star from the last match. Three dots. Gets past the in-field, picks a couple. Single, there was a huge appeal. Three from the over. ENG-W 46/0 

15:37 IST: There is a catch drop it seems. A maiden. ENG-W 43/0

15:32 IST: Jhulan continues, no run. She dances down the track, single. Winfield given out she is reviewing it. Fair delivery. No bat on the UltraEdge, not out. No runs again. No runs, Goswami has been good with her length. Dot again. ENG-W 43/0

15:28 IST: Who will be the first spinner on action today? Gayakwad starts, she over-pitches, four. Too many half volleys by Indians. Dot ball. Half appeal, inside edge four. Little paddle, Jhulan cannot stop that, three boundary of her first over. ENG-W 42/0

15:25 IST: Jhulan starts with a dot ball, she is bowling from the pavilion end. Dot again, but the intent is there from England. Dot again, she is keeping Beaumont quiet till now. Beaumont pulls does not get it of the middle but gets a single. Maiden. ENG-W 30/0 

15:21 IST: Beaumont creams that through the off-side four. An action replay, four more. That’s a gorgeous shot! Dot ball, Pandey comes back well. She picks a single of the next. Dot ball. Dot again, nine from. ENG-W 29/0

15:17 IST: Goswami continues, pitches it up looking for swing, no runs. Winfield drives straight, no runs. Past slips. Smriti at third man keeps it down to one. Again an edge but stopped at slips, no runs. Single on the leg side. Drifting on the pads, two runs. ENG-W 21/0

15:14 IST: Pandey starts with a dot ball, she has a strong off side field. This time the ball straightens, she runs her fingers over the ball. England pick up a single, Deepti saves a boundary. She is bowling with good pace. Pandey bowls it a bit wide but the batter lets it go. Two from the over. ENG-W 17/0

15:10 IST: Dot ball. Driven by Beaumont to mid-off, no runs. Driven again, does not find the gap, no runs. This time she finds the gap, wide short, on top of it four. Comes back with a dot, four from the over. ENG-W 15/0

15:05 IST: Pandey from the other end. India need an early breakthrough, swing for Pandey, no run. Yorker, first up. On the legs, in-swinger, clipped leg side for a single. In-swinger again, no run. Beaumont flicks it leg side for the first four. Carved away to third man for a single. In the air on the leg side, but a four thanks to a misfield. ENG-W 11/0 

15:00 IST: English openers walk in to the middle. Beaumont and Winfield open for England. Jhulan with the ball, starts with a dot ball. Right on the money is Jhulan, dot ball. Dot ball again, will she start with a maiden? Yet another dot ball, this is turning out to be  a good over. Jhulan is bowling wicket to wicket. Will Jhulan start with a maiden? First runs on the board, streaky. ENG-W 1/0

14:59 IST: All in readiness for the match to start.

14:54 IST: Jana Gana Mana at Lords. Its EMOTIONAL! Lords has been painted BLUE… is that an indication? Will be a full house shortly. Reminds us of Sourav Ganguly and Kapil Dev lifting the trophy at Lord’s.

14:53 IST: Time for the national anthems of both the sides.

14:44 IST:  The Pitch conditions: After the month of May, the pitch will be used today in the World Cup finals. It may get drier as the game progresses on, says Ian Bishop.

14: 29 IST Both the sides remain unchanged for the big clash.


England Women (Playing XI): Lauren Winfield, Tammy Beaumont, Sarah Taylor(w), Heather Knight(c), Natalie Sciver, Fran Wilson, Katherine Brunt, Jenny Gunn, Laura Marsh, Anya Shrubsole, Alex Hartley

India Women (Playing XI): Smriti Mandhana, Punam Raut, Mithali Raj(c), Harmanpreet Kaur, Deepti Sharma, Veda Krishnamurthy, Sushma Verma(w), Jhulan Goswami, Shikha Pandey, Rajeshwari Gayakwad, Poonam Yadav

14:27 IST It’s toss time. English captain Heather Knight flips the coin. England win toss and opts to bat first.

Hello and Welcome to, I am Ankit Banerjee and I will take you through the live updates of the India vs England Women’s World Cup Final at Lords. Mithali Raj-led India come into this match on the back of a historic victory against defending champions Australia. India trounced Australia by 36 runs, thanks to a scintillating 171* off 115 balls by Harmanpreet Kaur. England, on the other hand, are the hosts, well acquainted with the conditions. They happen to be the defending runner-up from the last edition of the Women’s World Cup.

This has been a dream tournament for the batters from India. All the top four batswomen have centuries to their name while they head into the big match. The bowlers, especially the spinners have won India games single-handedly in the tournament. But playing in unison has been the factor that has seen India progress so deep into the tournament. Now, Indian eves are just one step away from creating history.

It has been a great comeback for England after they had a torrid outing last year. Mark Robinson, just a few months after he was made the coach, took the big call of chucking out Charlotte Edwards. The captaincy was promptly passed on to Heather Knight at a time when the team was undergoing slight transition. Sarah Taylor’s return, after she took time away from the game to deal with anxiety, and her form in front and behind the stumps, has been one of the stories of the tournament.

But it looks like it will be advantage India, because of two reasons.

They have defeated England in the tournament opener.

India will be high on confidence after defeating Australia in the semi-finals.

Harmanpreet injury: She had picked up a shoulder injury but looks like she will be fit in time for the big game.

Weather: The predictions are that it will remain a bright and sunny day. But with London, only a fool can predict. But there is a reserve day in store.

Pitch: The pitch will have to offer something for the bowlers in the first hour, but as the game progresses it will flatten out.

India v England live scores

India v England live scores

Win the Toss and… The team that wins the toss should ideally bat first because then the team batting second will feel the pressure of a nerve-wracking chase.

India v England live scores

India v England live scores

Expected viewing: It is set to be the most-watched game in women’s cricket history, with 26,500 fans in attendance, and a few million more expected to be glued to their TV sets.

Likely XI:

England: 1 Lauren Winfield, 2 Tammy Beaumont, 3 Heather Knight (capt), 4 Sarah Taylor (capt), 5 Natalie Sciver, 6 Fran Wilson, 7 Katherine Brunt, 8 Jenny Gunn, 9 Laura Marsh, 10 Anya Shrubsole, 11 Alex Hartley

India: 1 Punam Raut, 2 Smriti Mandhana, 3 Mithali Raj (capt), 4 Harmanpreet Kaur, 5 Deepti Sharma, 6 Veda Krishnamurthy, 7 Shikha Pandey, 8 Sushma Verma (wk), 9 Jhulan Goswami, 10 Rajeshwari Gayakwad, 11 Poonam Yadav/Ekta Bisht

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