India vs England 1st T20 - As it happened

Ind vs Eng 1st T20 Live updates: Eoin Morgan's men will be hoping to change things around as they set to take on India in the first T20 international game at Kanpur.


Chasing a target of 148 runs, England defeated India by 7 wickets and lead the 3 match series by 1-0. The winning run came in the first ball of the 19th over.

After the 18th over England are at 147/3. With three overs left in the game, Ashish Nehra was brought back to bowl the 18th over and he started it with a wide bowl. At this stage, India were at 126/6 and England were at 138/3. Joe hits a boundary in the 4th ball taking the team nearer to the victory.

After the 17th over England are at 132/3. Jasprit Bumrah was brought back into the attack. The Indians are trying really hard to turn the game somehow. A moment of joy came at the 5th delivery as Bumrah was succesfull to hit the wickets behind Joe Root but it was a no ball. A good over from Bumrah and just 3 runs came from the over.

After the 16th over England were at 129/3. Rasool was brought back but he was welcomed with a huge six hit by captain Morgan and thus, he completed his 50. But at the very next ball, this fearless innings came to an end as Rasool dismissed him for 51. Ben Stokes the new man came in at number 5. Thiugh a sigh of relief but yet the match was going in the favour of England. 9 runs and a wicket from this over.

15.2: WICKET! E Morgan (51) is out, c Suresh Raina b Parveez Rasool, 126/3

After the 15th over England were at 120/2. Chahal returns with the ball and what a piece of fielding exhibited by Raina in the 2nd delivery as he saved 6 runs by performing a great heroic stunt. The game have almost tilted towards the English side. 6 runs came off the over and England again have move few steps closer to victory.

After the 14th over England were at 114/2. Skipper Kohli handed over the ball to Rasool again. India trying to take a wicket but both the batsmen are totally set. Morgan reached to 40 after hitting a huge six in the 4th ball and the over ended after 11 come off it.

After the 13th over England were at 103/2. Pandya came to deliver the 13th over and started the over with a wide and added an extra run in the opponent’s account. The pressure was clearly visible on the Indian team as the two set Batsmen Morgan and Root were moving ahead uninterrupted. A boundary came off the 3rd ball and which took England a bit nearer to the target. The over ended with a single and 9 runs came off the over.

After the 12th over England were at 94/2. Skipper Kohli installs Raina again with the ball. The Indian side desperately required wickets. But as the English men had taken the wave towards them, Morgan hit Raina a huge six in the 3rd ball. No wickets but 12 runs came off the over. India is in deep trouble now.

After the 11th over England were at 82/2. Pandya got the ball to deliver the 11th over as Skipper Kohli believed that he could extract few English scalps. Though he could not get any wicket from the over but tried to control the run flow and gave 6 runs.

After the 10th over England were at 76/2. Yuzvendra Chahal brought back into the attack but this time Root welcomed him with a 4 and also hit a massive six in the third ball. The Englishmen look stress-free while pressure surmounts the Indian side. Again a good over for England and 12 came off the 10th over.

After the 9th over England were at 64/2. Jasprit Bumrah was brought in to deliver the 9th over. It looked as if he had learned a lot from his previous over in which he conceded 20 runs. Still, the Englishmen are looking on the winning side as they are maintaining the required run rate of 7. However, it was a good spell from Bumrah and gave just 2 runs.

After the 8th over England were at 62/2. Raina was brought in to bowl. Fifth baller brought in to bowl within the first 10 overs. However, Raina’s bowling somewhat controlled the English run rate and 5 singles came from the over.

After the 7th over England were at 57/2. Rasool continued with the 7th over and he conceded 9 runs in the over including a four hit by Eoin Morgan.

India vs England

India vs England (PIC BCCI)

After the 6th over England were at 48/2. Chahal continued with his attack and it looked as he had maintained the grip which he put in his last over. Just 2 runs came off the over.
After the 5th over England are at 46/2. Debutant Parvez Rasool comes in with the bowl. A great calculated bowling by the new bowler in and the batsmen seemed not so comfortable facing his balls. Just 4 runs of his first ever over in the T20 internationals.

After the 4th over England were at 43/2. Bowling attack changed and spinner Yuzvendra Chahal came in to bowl and extracted two English scalps off the 2nd and 5th ball in thr form of Jason Roy and Sam Billings. Both the openers are back to the pavilion. Joe Root and Eoin Morgan were the two men on the crease. A great comeback by the Indians in the game. 7 runs off the over with 2 wickets.

1st T20I. 3.5: WICKET! S Billings (22) is out, b Yuzvendra Chahal, 43/2

1st T20I. 3.2: WICKET! J Roy (19) is out, b Yuzvendra Chahal, 42/1

After the 3rd over England were at 36/0. Nehra continued to bowl and came to deliver the 3rd over. Now, this time Jason Roy hit him a massive six in the 2nd ball of the over which compelled skipper Kohli to alter the fielding for the rest of the over. Again a good spell of England and 12 runs came off the over.

After the 2nd over England were at 24/0. Bumrah came in to bowl the 2nd over and was welcomed by two consecutive fours hit by Sam Billings in the first two balls. Billings understood  Bumrah very soon and hit a massive six in the 4th ball and ended the over again with a four. A good over for England to start with as 20 runs came off the 2nd over.

After the 1st over England were at 4/0. Sam Billings and Jason Roy opened the English innings and after a long time, India’s very own Nehra Ji started the Indian bowling attack. Nehra looked fully determined with his line and length and didn’t give chance to Roy to read his first delivery. A pretty good over from Ashish Nehra as he conceded just 4 runs off the first over.

England vs India (PIC BCCI)

England vs India (PIC BCCI)

In the first T20 game of the T20I series between India and England, India, after being asked to bat first, scored 147 runs and set a target of 148 for the English opponents to chase.  For India, M S Dhoni was the top scorer with 36 (27). During his innings, he smashed 4 fours.

For England, Moeen Ali was the pick of the bowlers for picking 2 wickets for 21 runs in his 4 overs.

Highlights of Indian Innings

The 20th over was a massive come back from MS Dhoni after he smashed almost every ball and scored runs. He scored 2 runs on the first fall and then he smashed other two balls for fours. But on 4th ball, Rasool got run out. Finally, India managed to score 10 runs in the last over of their innings. as they ended at 147/7.

19.4: WICKET! P Rasool (5) is out, run out (Eoin Morgan/Chris Jordan), 145/7

After the 19th over India were at 135/6. Mills came to bowl his last and the second last over ogf this game. Indians looked struggling badly in front of the English bowling attack. An excellent over from Mills as just 6 runs came off it. Last over to go.

After the 18th over India were at 128/6. Chris Jordan came in to bowl the 18th over and he had the struggling Indians in front of him. MSD still looked charged up through his speed but both batsman are struglling very hard as well. The over ended up with a single and 6 runs came off the over.

After the 17th over India were at 122/6. Mills continued his over and caused qnother damage t the 2nd ball by dismissing Pandaya for 9. MS Dhoni still on the other side while debutant Parvez Rasool came in at number 8. Both the batsmen rotated their stikes simultaneously and finished the over with a single and a total of 5 runs came off the over.

16.2: WICKET! H Pandya (9) is out, c Sam Billings b Tymal Mills, 118/6

After the 16th over India are at 117/5. Stokes continued his spell. Dhoni coming out his shell after a long time and hit a massive four through the covers in the 2nd ball. While Pandya is taking his time and playing a calculated inning. Dhoni took a single at the last ball and 11 runs came off it with 2 wides.

After the 15th over India are at 106/5. Plunkett continued his attack. Massive fielding by Stokes in the deep in the 4th ball as he saved 2 runs for his team. The batsmen need to speed up the run rate to set a competitive target. Over ended with no runs in the last ball and just 3 runs came off it.

After the 14th over India were at 103/5. Moeen Ali hit again and dismissed the new batsman Manish Pandey before he could get settled on the crease. The hero of the last ODI Hardik Pandya came in at number 7. Dhoni and Pandya on the crease and just 5 came off the over.

1st T20I. 13.1: WICKET! M Pandey 3(5) is out, lbw b Moeen Ali, 98/5

After the 13th over India were at 98/4. Stokes comes in with the ball and the Indian were playing with a net run rate of 7.15 rpo. Raina seemed charged up and hit a massive six to stokes at the 2nd ball. But the bad luck arrived at the very next ball and Raina was bowled out for 34 and the team was reduced to 95/4. And then came youngster Manish Pandey at number 6. A good over for the guests as 10 came off it with a wicket.

1st T20I. 12.3: WICKET! S Raina (34) is out, b Ben Stokes, 95/4

After the 12th over India were at 88/3. Moeen Ali continued his spin attack and both the batsmen were looking quick between the wickets. No boundaries came from the over and the batsmen scored 6 runs.

After the 11th over India were at 82/3. Liam Plunkett came back with a bang and gulped Yuvraj in the very first ball. Yuvi departed for 12. MS Dhoni was the new man came in at number 5. But Raina was still playing his game. Raina hit a phenomenal four to Plunkett in the 5th ball and ended the over with a single. 7 runs came from the over.

10.1: WICKET! Y Singh (12) is out, c Adil Rashid b Liam Plunkett, 75/3

After the 10th over India were at 75/2. Spin brought back and Moeen Ali was there to deliver the 10th over. The fourth ball was sent out of the fence by Yuvraj and with this shot, he has proved that the class is still with him. Over ended with a single and 7 runs came out of it.

After the 9th over India were at 68/2. Ben stokes came back with the 9th over. Both the land-handers are out on the crease now and both look pretty good to play in the present condition as the over finished with a four hit by Raina gain and a total of 10 runs came off the over.

After the 8th over India were at 58/2. Captain Morgan introduces spin and brought Moeen Ali and did the 2nd damage to the Indian side. Kohli was dismissed at an individual score of 26. Yuvraj Singh was the next man who came in at number 4. A successful over and 3 runs came off it with a crucial wicket.

1st T20I. 7.1: WICKET! V Kohli (29) is out, c Eoin Morgan b Moeen Ali, 55/2

After the 7th over India were at 55/1. Bowler was changed and Ben Stokes had the ball. Three runs came off the first two balls. Raina looked pretty confident out there after being back in the squad. Big appeal was made by Stokes in the 3rd ball but was denied by the umpire and was given a leg-bye. The over finished with a single and 8 runs came off it.

After the 6th over India were at 47/1. Liam Plunkett came to deliver the 6th over and Raina, playing from the front, hit a massive boundary in the third ball. Two singles were taken off the 4th and 5th ball while Raina ended the over with a four. 11 runs came off the over.

After the 5th over India were at 36/1. Chris Jordan came in to deliver the 5th over and did the damage to India in the 3rd ball. Rahul went back to the pavillion after scoring 8 of 8 balls. Suresh Raina came in at number 3. The over finishes off with a single and 3 runs came off the over.

4.3: WICKET! L Rahul (8) is out, c Adil Rashid b Chris Jordan, 34/1

After the 4th over India were 33/0. Liam Plunkett replaced Jordan in the 4th over and Kohli smashed his first two deliveries out of the boundary for 4. Single cme off the 4th ball and Rahul got the strike and he took a quick single.With a single in the last ball, 11 runs came off the over.

After the 3rd over India were 22/0. Mills returned to deliver the third over and Kohli welcomed him with a single. With no boundaries from the over, 6 runs came off it including a wide ball.

After the 2nd over India were 16/0.  2nd over started with a no-ball delivered by Chris Jordan. However, the free hit was missed by Kohli. For the first 3 deliveries, Indian skipper again looked struggling with Jordan’s attack. But, again Kohli sent the 4th ball out of the boundary for 4. Jordan left Kohli in surprise at the very next delivery. And the over ended with a single at the last ball.

After the first over India were 9/0. Skipper Virat Kohli and KL Rahul opened the innings for India while the first over was brought by Tymal Mills. Kohli looked bit struggling in the first two balls while Mills didn’t lose his length. 3rd ball went for a four, hit by Kohli and opening runs came for India. The over ended with a 4 too with 9 runs coming off it

After going down in the test series and ODI as well, Eoin Morgan’s men will be hoping to change things around as they set to take on India in the first T20 international game at Kanpur. They have won the toss and have elected to bowl first.

Virat Kohli is leading the side for the first time in the T20 internationals after MS Dhoni stepped down from the post on January 4.

After conquering the One-Day International (ODI) series by 2-1, the Virat Kohli-led Indian side will be aiming to make the most of their limited overs experience, as the T20I rubber is the last before the International Cricket Council (ICC) Champions Trophy starting from June 1.

Playing XI for India:

Earlier in the day, promising spinner from Jammu and Kashmir, Parvez Rasool has received his T20 debut cap from former spinner Sarandeep Singh. Rasool has been recalled to the squad as spinners duo Ashwin and Jadeja has been rested for the series.

All eyes will be on the likes of seasoned campaigners Suresh Raina and Nehra — making a comeback after almost a year’s lay-off.

India will hope to end their opening woes and try a new combination with Lokesh Rahul and Pant at the top followed by the settled middle order comprising Kohli, Yuvraj Singh, wicketkeeper-batsman MS Dhoni and Raina.

The Indian squad had reached Kanpur on January 23 after which the players were seen practicing hard at the net sessions and getting ready to take on the English opponents.

On January 25, wicket-keeper batsman Mahendra Singh Dhoni spent a lot of time on the ground facing pacer Jasprit Bumrah’s attack, while batsman Manish Pandey was also seen tackling few speedy chunks by Ashish Nehra.

The bowling department will have the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Pandya apart from Nehra while Bhuvneshwar Kumar may get a look-in depending on the conditions.

Leg-spinner Amit Mishra is most certainly to get a look-in ahead of Chahal with Jammu and Kashmir off-spinner Rasool.

Yesterday, while addressing the press ahead of the first game against England, captain Virat Kohli said that it is important to back youngsters in the shortest format of the game so that they can gain some confidence and can take this forward in limited overs cricket and also in Test matches.

Kohli said: ‘The idea behind youngsters in the team is to give to them confidence.”

“Team India have a clear vision for youngsters joining the T2OI team,” he added.

On the other hand, England, after pipping India by five runs in the third ODI and avoiding a whitewash, will be aiming to finish their dismal tour on a winning note. The visitors had earlier lost the five-match Test rubber 0-4.

The visitors have added more firepower in their bowling with the addition of right-armed Chris Jordan and left-arm quick Tymal Mills.

The English side will once again bank on their top order, comprising the likes of Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan and Moeen Ali to post a competitive total on the board.


India: Lokesh Rahul, Manish Pandey, Virat Kohli(c), Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina, MS Dhoni(w), Hardik Pandya, Yuzvendra Chahal, Parvez Rasool, Jasprit Bumrah, Ashish Nehra

England: Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root(c), Eoin Morgan, Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Chris Jordan, Liam Plunkett, Adil Rashid, Tymal Mills