India vs Bangladesh one-off Test, Day 1: As it happened

Bangladesh has had a forgettable past against India so far in the longest version of the game, will there be any twist to the usual one-sided story?

The Day One of the one-off Test between India-Bangladesh clearly belonged to India as they went on to pile 356 runs at the loss of 3 wickets. They scored at almost 4 runs per over. The pressure is clearly on the visitors who are yet to win a Test against India. It was a good toss to win for India as they have piled on runs on Day One. According to the curator, the pitch will show it’s true character from Day Three. It will be interesting to watch how Bangladesh bowlers bowl on the Day Two of Hyderabad Test.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 356/3, Virat Kohli 111(141), Ajinkya Rahane 45(60)

Virat Kohli got to his 16th Test hundred and as always it was a joy to watch. The new ball taken by the Bangladesh players did not pose any problems for the hosts as they went on to pile 150 runs in the final session. Kohli got to his hundred and punched the air with his bat in style. Rahane’s selection in the team ahead of triple-centurion Karun Nair paid off. After playing a bit cautiously in initial stages due to immense pressure before the match, Rahane played himself in and started scoring boundaries. Rahane is just 5 runs away from his 10th Test fifty.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 298/3, Virat Kohli 79(111), Ajinkya Rahane 19(42)

Virat Kohli at his best, bo bowler has posed any problem for the captain. Meanwhile, Kohli-Rahane bring up their 50-run partnership. Rahane has played himself in, he has taken a back seat whereas Kohli is attacking the bowlers. With the new ball taken, Kohli is looking much more attacking, he is piercing the field. Although, slow outfield has denied India many boundaries today. Taskin Ahmed has got back into the attack. Kohli plays first foul shot of the innigns as the ball takes a leaning edge, fortunately, it lands where there was no fielder.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 277/3, Virat Kohli 65(87), Ajinkya Rahane 12(36)

Virat Kohli gets his 15th Test fifty, he has not done a single thing wrong today. He has matured a lot over the years, just a customary wave on getting to his half-century. He knows it’s a job only half done. Meanwhile, Rahane is playing safe trying to keep his wicket intact. Despite three wickets, Indian batting line-up looks strong enough to take the first inning score to 500.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 256/3, Virat Kohli 48(65), Ajinkya Rahane 8(28)

Virat Kohli has switched down a gear or two after Vijay’s wicket. Rahane is taking his time to play himself in. Kohli scoring and odd boundary to lift up the spirits, he is nudging towards another fifty. At the same time he is being cautious, not doing anything extraordinary, playing the ball on merit.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 242/3, Virat Kohli 48(65), Ajinkya Rahane 3(13)

Youngster Taijul Islam takes the much-needed wicket here. Vijay got a bit carried away trying to sweep the spinner for a boundary. In doing that, he exposed his stumps and the delivery went straight through the gates and rattled the stumps. A great knock comes to an end, a chanceless innings. Rahane comes to the crease now, he got picked up ahead of triple-centurion Karun Nair. Kohli backed him to play in this match, he needs to prove his skipper right. Meanwhile Kohli completes 1,000 runs in home season. India need another partnership now.

OUT! Murali Vijay b T Islam 108(160) 

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 229/2, Murali Vijay 106(155), Virat Kohli 31(38)

Virat Kohli is timing the ball really well, he is piercing the fielders as the ball is racing towards the fence. It seems like Kohli is ‘a man on a mission’. Taijul Islam reviewed a LBW appeal which went in vain. After few hiccups, Vijay finally reached his 9th Test ton. He has looked flawless today, timing the ball to perfection. Even after Pujara’s wicket, Bangladesh bowlers cannot breathe a sigh of relief.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 206/2, Murali Vijay 98(145), Virat Kohli 17(24)

Virat Kohli has looked positive as soon as he hit his first boundary. Vijay is trying hard to get to his century but Bangladesh have been smart in their fielding positions, making him wait for the century. He seemed frustrated from himself in last over before Tea from Taijul Islam. It has been a good session for India. Pujara became the highest run-scorer in one Indian First-Class season as he overcame Chandu Borde. India will look to get past the 300 mark at the end of Day 1. Also Read: Tea Report

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 193/2, Murali Vijay 94(128), Virat Kohli 8(5)

Pujara and Vijay have decided to up the tempo as they start to hit boundaries more frequently. Taskin Ahmed comes back into the attack. Vijay is inching closer to his hundred, so was Pujara before he edged a beauty of a delivery by Mehedi Hasan Miraz. Pujara was surprised by the straighter one which skidded onto his bat and took an edge. Wicketkeeper Mushfiqur Rahim took the catch in second attempt and succeeds in breaking the partnership. Virat Kohli comes in to bat and the crowd goes berserk, he hits a boundary off the first ball. He has come with an intent to attack, Vijay on his way to his 9th Test hundred.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 162/1, Murali Vijay 79(119), Cheteshwar Pujara 76(160)

It seems like Bangladesh bowlers are running out of ideas as Vijay and Pujara are cruising towards their centuries. Mehedi Hasan who impressed the world with his spin bowling against England is not able to extract much turn from the wicket. Neither is Taijul Islam being able to repeat his performance from warm-up game where he picked up 3 wickets. These two have completed 150-run partnership and carrying it on flawlessly. Boundaries too are coming at regular intervals, batsmen are not feeling any pressure, they are just trying to increase the run-rate.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 141/1, Murali Vijay 74(112), Cheteshwar Pujara 60(137)

Runs have dried up despite both the batsmen looking comfortable on the crease. Especially, Pujara is trying hard to find the gaps and hit boundaries but Taijul Islam is bowling a tight line and length, not letting the batsman to open their arms. On the other hand, Vijay broke the shackles by hitting a six and a four of 41st over. He is looking to attack, it seems like he is in a hurry to complete his century.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 122/1, Murali Vijay 62(102), Cheteshwar Pujara 53(117)

Pujara gets to his fifty. Bangladesh bowlers tried to frustrate Pujara for a run to get to his fifty. Last five overs have rather been quiet as Vijay has not got much of strike. Although, both the batsmen are trying heard to up the run-rate and find boundaries. Bangladesh bowlers are trying to put pressure on batsmen, in order to produce a chance.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 111/1, Murali Vijay 56(90), Cheteshwar Pujara 48(99)

As soon as Vijay and Pujara have returned to the crease after Lunch, they have looked to attack. Vijay has launched a brutal onslaught as he scores his 14th half-century. Islam has lost his line and length entirely, bowling deliveries which are asking to be smashed for boundaries. Easy pickings for Vijay. Pujara-Vijay have shared more than 100-run partnership. Pujara too will be reaching his half-century. Bangladesh need a partnership-breaker, otherwise, they will be piled on for runs on Day 1 of the one-off Test.

Indian batsmen were given a wake-up call, more of a blow to the head with Rahul getting out in the first over. It was a clear signal that they should not take the underdogs lightly. Pujara and Vijay managed to survive the first session. Having shared a partnership of 84 runs in the first session, it will be interesting to see for how long they can carry this partnership. From the looks of it, both the batsmen have played themselves in. Bangladeshi bowlers have a tough task ahead, come second session of Day 1. Lunch Report 

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 86/1, Murali Vijay 45(71), Cheteshwar Pujara 39(87)

Taskin Ahmed could not provide with a breakthrough in his second spell. Taskin tried really hard but Pujara and Vijay were cautious against him most of the times. Pujara has looked to play himself in during the first session whereas Vijay looked to accelerate after giving the new ball it’s due respect. Both the batsmen have managed to steady the ship despite a few hiccups. On the contrary, Bangladesh fielders made a mistake when Vijay almost gifted them his wicket in a platter. Field placings from Bangladeshi skipper too were not impressive as bowlers were not provided with enough slips.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 69/1, Murali Vijay 36(54), Cheteshwar Pujara 31(62)

Murali Vijay is trying to attack Mehedi Hasan but has not been able to succeed in his efforts. Fast bowler Taskin Ahmed has been brought back into the attack, he is the only bowler who has impressed in the one-off Test so far. Pujara is looking comfortable now, it seems like he is in for a long innings today. Bangladesh all-rounder Shakib Al Hasan has pulled off a couple of spectacular efforts in the field. Bangladesh missed a runout chance of Murali Vijay which might have changed the scenario of first session altogether.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 55/1, Murali Vijay 27(36), Cheteshwar Pujara 26(50)

Pujara and Vijay have started to attack now. After initial caution and respect for the new ball, Vijay has started to open his arms. Pujara has been lucky today after edges off his bat have fell short of the fielder. Vijay is hitting boundaries now, he has started to take on the bowling, pulling the short ball and constantly looking to pierce the field. He was practicing sweep shots in the morning, with Mehedi Hasan coming in to bowl, he will try to put pressure on the new lad early on in his spell.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 26/1, Murali Vijay 12(22), Cheteshwar Pujara 12(34)

Murali Vijay and Cheteshwar Pujara have done well to steady ship. They have survived the new ball. Islam has not posed much of a threat whereas Ahmed has asked questions from the batsmen on regular intervals. Pujara survived an edge which fell short of first slip.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 13/1, Murali Vijay 3(16), Cheteshwar Pujara 8(16)

Pujara pushes the first ball towards mid-off fielder, no run. Next ball, Pujara guides it towards mid-on region for a single. Vijay on strike, another short delivery down the leg side, batsman leaves it alone. Next delivery, Vijay gets off the strike, takes a single. FOUR! first boundary of the innings, Pujara drives the ball as it raises towards the boundary. Next ball, Pujara offers a defensive short.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 7/1, Murali Vijay 2(14), Cheteshwar Pujara 3(12)

Ahmed continues, Pujara defends the first ball. Pujara tries to work the ball into square-leg region but denied a run by the fielder. A solid defense offered on the next ball. Ahmed bangs it a bit short this time around, Pujara nudges the ball to leg-side for a single. Vijay on-strike, extra bounce, Vijay does well to leave it alone. Another dot ball to end the over. One run off it.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 6/1, Murali Vijay 2(12), Cheteshwar Pujara 2(8)

Islam continues, a yorker length delivery to start the over, no run. The second delivery goes down the leg side, Vijay leaves it alone. third delivery, wide on off-stump, left alone. The next delivery, Vijay tries to drive the ball, pierces the field as he picks up a couple of runs. Followed by two deliveries off-side offstump to end the over.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 4/1, Murali Vijay 0(6), Cheteshwar Pujara 2(8)

Taskin Ahmed continues, Pujara leaves the first ball, was pitched full and outside off. Next ball, Pujara tries to drive it but ends up tapping it on the pitch only. Third ball, surprising Pujara, extra bounce off the pitch. Fourth ball, goes down the leg-side, Pujara leaves it alone. Strange appeal, wicketkeeper goes up but Ahmed and Umpires unmoved. Another delivery pitched up, Pujara works it towards the leg side, picks up a couple of runs. Pujara defends the last delivery with ease.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 2/1, Murali Vijay 0(6), Cheteshwar Pujara 0(2)

Kamrul Islam Rabbi comes in to bowl the second over. Vijay taking his guard. First delivery, no run. A similar second delivery. Third ball, Vijay could not time it well, fielded by the man at mid-on position. Fourth ball, Vijay offers a defensive shot, no run. Vijay looking to settle in, defends the next ball as well, taps it towards the leg-side. Last delivery, inside edge off the bat, Vijay survives, maiden over from Rabbi.

Live Updates, India vs Bangladesh one-off Test: IND 2/1, Murali Vijay 0(0), Cheteshwar Pujara 0(2)

OUT! KL Rahul 2(4) b Taskin Ahmed

Taskin Ahmed runs in to bowl. First ball, onto the pads, Rahul flicks it towards square-leg region for a couple of runs. Second ball, off-side off stump, Rahul leaves it alone. Same fate for the next delivery, almost an action replay. Next ball, Rahul drags it onto the wickets, Ahmed picks up his first wicket, a big blow for India! Cheteshwar Pujara comes into bat, another full delivery, Pujara defends it. Another dot to end the over.

Gear up folks for this historic Test as KL Rahul and Murali Vijay walk out to take on the visitors!

Umpires are out in the middle, so are the players of both sides as they stand in line for their respective National Anthems.

India have decided to go with three seamers at Hyderabad instead of three spinners. Ishant Sharma, Bhuvneshwar Kumar and Umesh Yadav feature in the side for the one-off Test. On the other hand Bangladesh have included spinner Taijul Islam in their side, it seems to be a good decision keeping in mind Islam’s performance in the warm-up match in which he picked up 3 wickets.

TOSS: India win toss and elect to bat first in one-off Test against Bangladesh. Bangladesh will try to shake off the underdog tag as they enter Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium at Hyderabad to play one-off Test against India. Bangladesh are on 9th spot in ICC Test Rankings whereas the hosts stand tall on the No.1 spot. India are on a winning streak after beating Sri Lanka, South Africa, West Indies, New Zealand and England. If India win this Test, it will be their sixth consecutive series win and 18th Test without a defeat.

India and Bangladesh have played eight Tests against one another out of which India have won six and two were drawn. All eyes will be on Ravichandran Ashwin as he needs only two wickets to become the fastest to reach 250 Test wickets. Opener Abhinav Mukund is expected to make a comeback in the game after a long gap of 6 years.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has backed top-order batsman Ajinkya Rahane ahead of triple-centurion Karun Nair to play at Hyderabad. India are currently on the top of ICC Test rankings whereas Bangladesh are on ninth spot.

Playing XI: 

India: Murali Vijay, Lokesh Rahul, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Wriddhiman Saha(wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma

Bangladesh: Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Mominul Haque, Mahmudullah, Shakib Al Hasan, Mushfiqur Rahim(c & wk), Sabbir Rahman, Mehedi Hasan, Taijul Islam, Taskin Ahmed, Kamrul Islam Rabbi