India vs Australia, 4th Test Match, Day 4 at Dharamsala Highlights: India win Border-Gavaskar Trophy against the Aussies!

IND vs AUS: The series decider at Dharamsala is coming close to it's end after a riveting contest between two evenly matched sides

Anil Kumble lauds Indian team to make a comeback after Pune Test and win the series by 2-1. Kumble lauds Rahane for leading the side in Virat Kohli’s absence!

Ravichandran Ashwin says that Umesh Yadav blasted him away on Day 3 with his fiery spell. Ashwin was disappointed that he did not get the ball early on Day 3. Umesh Yadav feels it was a rare spell from him.

11:02 IST Pujara is happy with the series win, although he wanted to win it by 3-1! Rahul expresses his feelings after Pune Test defeat. Rahul becomes the first batsmen to score 6 fifties in a Test series between India and Australia!

Let’s take a moment and praise Ajinkya Rahane for the way he captained the side and helped his team win the crucial Test and continue their winning run in consecutive Test series. He showed intent today, taking the pressure off the players and going all guns blazing against Australian bowlers, especially Pat Cummins.


Smiles all around as both the teams come out in the field to congratulate one another. Virat Kohli comes into the field and acknowledges the crowd. Coach Anil Kumble takes his customary snap as Rahul punches his fist in the air completing his 6th Test fifty and winning the fourth Test for India!

10:53 IST India win the Dharamsala Test by 8 wickets and with it the Border-Gavaskar Trophy!

10:53 IST Rahul just 2 runs away from his half-century, O’ Keefe continues. Rahul plays the first one defensively, no run. Next ball, he misses that one trying to pull the delivery, no run. A single there from Rahul, Rahane returns the favour. Rahul is on 49 now, he hits the ball in the gap and takes three runs. Game, set and match! India win the Dharamsala Test by 8 wickets!

10:50 IST Nathan Lyon continues, Rahul on strike, extra bounce for him there, he goes back into the crease and defends it. Rahul takes a single on the next delivery towards point for a single. Lbw shout, bu the ball will run away for four! The Umpire signals leg byes. 100 up for India! Just six runs needed to win. Rahane takes a single on the next ball towards covers. Rahul takes a single and moves onto 48. Last ball of the over, he plays it towards square leg, no run.

10:46 IST Steve O’Keefe comes back into the attack, it seems like Australia have given up. Rahane takes a couple of runs on the second ball. Next ball, Rahane stays in his crease, no run. A front foot block follows after that, no run. FOUR! Poor bowling from O’Keefe as Rahane paddle sweeps that one to the fine leg boundary. A dot ball to end the over, India curising towards victory.

10:43 IST Lyon continues, Rahane on strike, he takes a single towards point. Rahul on strike now, he goes on the back foot, another FOUR! it’s just a matter of time before India wins the Dharamsala Test, he is on 46 now. He goes on the back foot on the next ball, dabs it away towards square leg, no run. Rahul takes a big stride forward to hit the ball towards covers, but the fielder puts in a dive to save that one. Lbw shout from Lyon! but the Umpire says no, 5 runs from the over.

10:39 IST Cummins continues, he comes round the wicket to Rahane. SIX! What a shot from Indian skipper, the fielders on the boundary does not matter of him, he will attack the Australian bowlers, there is no denying that. SIX! Rahane premeditates that one, hits that one making room for himself, a hard slap over covers boundary for a maximum. Rahane has turned on the IPL mode, he is not backing down! He takes a single on the next ball towards fine leg, India need 22 more runs to win! Rahul on strike, he does not offer a shot on the bouncer. A block from Rahul to follow. Another duck from him to end the over, 13 runs from it.

Drinks! India need 35 more runs to win Dharamsala Test!

10:31 IST Lyon continues, Rahul on strike, he starts off with a dot ball. Next ball, Rahul pushes it towards mid-on and takes a quick single. Rahane on strike now, another single as he turns it away to mid-wicket. Rahul mistimes the next ball, no run. A front foot block from Rahul on the next ball. Rahul gets back into the crease on the last ball and takes a couple of runs towards covers.

10:27 IST Pat Cummins continues, Rahul on strike, he starts off with a bouncer. Rahul ducks that away, no run. Another short ball from Cummins, he lets that one go to Wade, no run. The next one was angled in to the stumps, Rahul tries to take a quick single, Maxwell hits  a direct hit but the replay shows he is well in. Good fielding from Maxwell, he is been spot on today. Short ball, Rahane attempts the pull shot but could not get bat on that, no run, ball falls in front of stumps. FOUR! this time he gets hold of it, pulls the short ball, guiding it towards fine leg boundary for four! Another bouncer, Rahane lets it go to Wade, no uppercuts to offer this time.

10:22 IST Rahane on strike, Lyon continues, a block to start with. Rahane tries to make room on the next ball and cut the ball past point but finds the fielder, no run. He takes a big stride forward and sweeps the ball towards square leg for a single. Rahul on strike, he comes forward in an attempt to drive but the ball takes an edge, luckily it lands safe and thanks to the fast outfield, it runs away for FOUR! Rahul sweeps the next one for a single towards square leg. Rahane, on strike, a front foot block from him, 6 runs from the over.

10:18 IST Pat Cummins continues, Rahane on strike. FOUR! what a shot from the skipper, pushes that one towards long-off for a boundary. The crowd is going bananas. FOUR! back-to-back boundaries for Rahane, this time he pulls the ball for a boundary, he is leading the Indian counter-attack, that will put pressure back on the Aussies. Next ball, he plays it towards point, no run. Rahane is looking positive. Chants of India India! in the stadium, the crowd are cheering their captain. Rahane flicks the next ball towards deep square leg for a single. Short ball, that one surprised Rahul, took an edge but lands safe in front of gully. Another short ball, it was dabbed down from Rahul, end of over, 9 runs from it!

10:13 IST Nathan Lyon comes into the attack, Ajinkya Rahane takes a single on the first ball towards long-on. Rahul on strike, that one hit him on the pads, he came too much down the wicket with his stride. Another one going down the leg side hitting him on the pads. Next ball, a front foot block from him, no run. This time he goes back into the crease and plays it with a straight bat, no run. A beauty of a delivery to end the over, just a single from this over.

Is this the miracle Australia were looking for?

10:08 IST WICKET! Cheteshwar Pujara runout (Maxwell) 0(5) Oh boy! this is not good for India, Pujara makes a mess, there was no run there, he was short of the crease by a mile. Maxwell would not miss those as he uproots the stump with his direct hit.

Pujara is blocking the ball, he is in defensive mode against Cummins who came back into the attack and took the wicket on the second ball. A huge lbw shout on the fourth ball but it was going down the leg stump. OUT! Pujara gone.

Cheteshwar Pujara comes into bat!

10:02 IST WICKET! Murali Vijay c  Mathew Wade b Pat Cummins 8(35) Cummins squared him up as the ball took an edge and goes to Wade, the movement got the better of him. Is this the opening Australia were looking for?

10:01 IST Hazlewood continues, starts off with a dot delivery, fast bowling from both ends. Rahul lets the next one go to Wade, no fishing outside the off stump line. Short ball on the stumps, Rahul pulls that one and dispatches that with disdain towards mid-wicket boundary for four! A good comeback from Hazlewood, making Rahul defend that one. Next ball, another short one, he tries to play a pull shot but could not get bat on that. A dot ball to end the over as Rahul lets it go to Wade, shoulders arms.

9:56 IST Pat Cummins comes into bowl, Vijay on strike, a short ball down the leg side. Vijay lets it go to Wade. Next ball, Vijay pushes it off the back foot and takes a quick single, good thinking from him, rotating the strike and not letting the bowler settle in against one player. Back of the length delivery, Rahul glances it for a single towards fine leg. Vijay on strike, he plays that one towards mid-wicket, no run as it goes straight to the fielder. Next ball, it was driven towards covers but the fielder does well to save it, saves a boundary for his team. A defensive block to end the over, 2 runs from it.

9:51 IST Hazlewood continues, Rahul on strike, that one came back in sharp, hitting him on the ribs. Hazlewood is generating pace from the pitch. Next ball, this time Rahul picks the line and lets it go to Wade. Next ball, that one squared Rahul up, hitting on the pads, a faint appeal from him but it was too high. Whoa! another one going past the edge, that one swung outside. Next one kept low, Rahul does well to get bat on that, no run. Anotther dot ball to end the over, a maiden form Hazlewood.

9:46 IST O’Keefe continues, Rahul on strike. FOUR! Lovely wrists, he works that one through covers for four. It is all but over for Australia, it seems like that only. Next ball, Rahul plays it back to the bowler, no run. FOUR! Rahul has come out with an intent to end this early, a sweep shot towards square leg boundary for four, another fifty on cards, this time an unbeaten one. He takes a single towards long-on, brings Vijay on strike. He watches the straighter one closely go into Wade’s hands. A front foot block to end the over.

9:43 IST Hazlewood continues, angles the ball in again, Rahul plays it back to the bowler, no run. Next ball, that one came back in again, Rahul turns it away towards mid-wicket, no run. Hazlewood runs in again, edge and FOUR! the ball goes through gully and the slips, towards the third man boundary for four! Frustration from Hazlewood. He takes a single on the next ball and brings Vijay on strike. Vijay this time takes a big stride forward and hits the ball towards covers. Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Matthew Renshaw! but you would not be getting the gift of victory. Another dot ball to end the over.

9:38 IST Steve O’Keefe comes into bowl, Rahul on strike, he takes a single straight away towards backward square leg. Vijay on strike now, nice drive from him, he takes a single towards covers. Wade is still chirping a few words from behind the stumps. Next ball, Rahul goes on back foot and tries to cut that away, no run. He comes forward the next ball and defends it, no run. Four Byes! That one spun a mile and missed the bat and Wade’s gloves and ran away towards the boundary. He takes a single on the last ball of the over.

9:34 IST Hazlewood starts the proceedings, Vijay on strike, he bowls the first one down the leg side, Vijay could not get bat on that, a dot ball to start with. Next ball, angling into Vijay, he plays it on the front foot, no run. Next ball, another one pitched up, making Vijay play that one, he turns it away to mid-wicket, no run.

Another one angled in, huge lbw shout from Hazlewood but the Umpire says no, SMiuth opts not to take a review, they have only one left in the quiver. LBW Shout again, this time a serious one, the Umpire shakes his head. Vijay is having a few problems against Hazlewood, two sounds there, the inside edge saved him. He lets the last one go, Hazlewood gives him a stare, a maiden over to start with.

9:28 IST KL Rahula and Murali Vijay are out in the middle to chase those 87 runs and seal the series with 2-1

9:26 IST The match is about to start in 5 overs, hold onto your horses folks, the first session might add a few twists to the Test!

9:18 IST KL Rahul and Murali Vijay will be walking out to bat, who are currently batting on 12 and 7. They will be tested by Australian fast bowlers followed by Nathan Lyon and Steve O’Keefe. Lyon, especially will be the one to look out for as he can provide breakthroughs and take a bunch of wickets in no time.

9:07 IST Australians are frustrated after their Day 3 performance. Steven Smith was found cursing Murali Vijay for claiming the catch of Josh Hazlewood. One can estimate the intesnsity and the disappointment the Aussies are facing on giving away the Dharamsala Test. There is pin-drop silence in Australian Dressing Room, says Greame Hick, well, we believe that too!

Welcome to inUth’s digital coverage of the Day 4 of the Dharamsala Test and the last day of the roller coaster Border-Gavaskar Trophy. What a day of cricket we had on Day 3 as first Ravindra Jadeja came in and expressed himself with the bat and later on tormented Australian batsmen with his spinner-buddy Ravichandran Ashwin. It was a day that had everything go into India’s favour. Murali Vijay and KL Rahul will walk out with just 87 more runs to chase and seal the series by 2-1.

Rahul and Vijay were at ease on Day 3’s last session as the Aussie bowlers were getting anxious already and giving them loose deliveries to score. As long as the ball is hard, they have a chance to score runs at a good rate releasing the initial pressure they would be facing on Day 4 to keep their wicket intact and score off without taking any risks. India have 10 wickets in their hand, that means Australian bowlers will have to do something miraculous to pull off a win from here.


Josh Hazlewood and Pat Cummins will be walking out with a game plan exploiting Rahul-Vijay and other batsmen’s weaknesses early on. They would look to bowl in the areas where Umesh Yadav and Bhuvneshwar Kumar bowled and tormented Aussie batsmen. But, Nathan Lyon would be the key here as he got a five-wicket haul in the first innings and is getting the ball to turn and bounce which will enforce edges in catching positions.

It has been a riveting contest so far between the two teams in the Border-Gavaskar Trophy. We have seen it all, controversies, drama, batting collapses, marathon runs from the batsmen to rescue their teams, one-sided wins and matches as close as Bengaluru Test and now at Dharamsala. Both teams provided us with a fantastic Test series giving us topics to talk about for days, months and years to come forth. Let’s hope that Day 4 has the final twist in it’s story too.

Pitch Report:
The Dharamsala pitch stunned everyone on Day 3 as it helped the seamers through the day. Indian bowlers bowled a spell unlike any in recent times as they got rid of the Australian top order. The hard patches due to a sunny day on Day 3 provided bowlers with much help. On the other hand, spinners too are having a ball with immense turn and bounce the pitch is offering. The Day 4 pitch is not an easy one to bat on. India needs to score quickly as long as the ball remains hard.

Playing XI India: Lokesh Rahul, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Ajinkya Rahane(c), Karun Nair, Ravichandran Ashwin, Wriddhiman Saha(wk), Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Umesh Yadav

Playing XI Australia: Matt Renshaw, David Warner, Steven Smith(c), Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade(wk), Pat Cummins, Steve O’Keefe, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood

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