AUS: 23/2. India vs Australia Highlights, 3rd Test Match, Day 4 at Ranchi: Jadeja's two wickets gives India advantage

India vs Australia Ranchi Test: Riding high on Cheteshwar Pujara's daddy ton and Saha's half century, India are in command

16:36 IST: Jadeja strikes again in the last over of the day. That is the end of the day’s play.

16:31 IST: Ashwin is picked for a FOUR on the leg side by Renshaw. Ashwin would be more comfortable bowling to Lyon it seems. Smith does not have his pads on, so that is suggestive. Renshaw has the ability to STICK AROUND HENCE HIS WICKET IS THE KEY.

16:27 IST: BOWLED. Jadeja gets through Warner’s defense, India draw first blood. It was a ball that pitched in the rough and bamboozled him. Nightwatchman comes out, Lyon. Huge appeal, but it would go down leg that is what the umpire is suggesting. Lyon sees of the last ball.

16:22 IST: Renshaw looks edgy. India have more fielders around his bat. He is surviving on thin ice. The ball is fizzing literally!

16:19 IST: Warner pops one in the air, he is lucky it lands in no-mans land. FOUR, Warner goes over the top. It seems aggression is the best way of defense for him. India needs a couple tonight. An appeal more in hope again.

16:15 IST: Renshaw is having problems facing Jadeja. Renshaw gets of strike with that single. Four men around the bat. Warner gets a single. Renshaw gets a couple on the leg side.

Will it be spin at both ends? Yes it is!

16:11 IST: Ashwin to Warner, lipsmacking! Close-in fielders in place. Ashwin nearly gets through Warner’s defense. Warner cuts to the fielder at backward point. Appeal from Ashwin but that was more in hope. FOUR Warner latches on to a short ball. FOUR No protection in the deep on the off side Warner is not going to miss out on them.

Look at that Ashwin has the new ball!

15:58 IST: Cummins has the ball, he is looking for number 5. FOUR, fifty for Jadeja. Yorker is the reply, well kept out by the Indian all rounder. He did his trademark talwarbazi on reaching the milestone. He picks up a single. India lead by 148. Is Kohli late in declaring? FOUR, fine tickle.

15:52 IST: Keefe continues, Yadav solid in defense. OUT Umesh Yadav is gone, he swings but finds Warner. Kohli will look to get a couple before stumps today.

15:48 IST : Cummins is back, he will look to wrap Indians quick. Is Kohli considering declaration today evening? FOUR Yadav hits a boundary, well played in control. Bouncer, well ducked by Yadav. Ishant seems to be getting restless in the dressing room. FOUR more to rub salt in their injuries. Yadav on song. Lead by 143. Probably an over more before they declare. Umesh takes a single of the last ball.

15:44 IST:  Jadeja advances, finds it out of reach makes it back on time. SIX He has now pressed on top gear it seems.

15:41 IST: Yadav gets a single of Lyon. When will Jaddu use the long handle. Huge appeal, umpire says no. Lyon is asking was it pad first or bat! SIX! He has slammed it down town, no stopping that. Jadeja cuts for a single.

15:37 IST: Keefe is getting ample spin from the rough, Jadeja gets a single. Keefe has figures of 2 for 191. Nightmarish! 

15:33 IST: Lyon has the ball, Jadeja on strike, he defends. Warner is warming up, will he get a bowl? Umesh gets a single. By the looks of it, it seems India will bat and get to about 150.


Last time, Australia bowled 200 overs was in 1994 at Durban.

15:26 IST: Keefe to Jadeja, he is looking for that rough. Jadeja will also get a fair idea of what is happening. It will help when he will bowl as he picks up a single. Streaky shot by Umesh but he will get a single. The ball is keeping low, invariable bounce persists. India extend lead to 114.

15:21 IST: Hazlewood continues, Jadeja huries for the second run after guiding it to the vacant point region. He moves to 24, 50 on the cards a mini milestone for the allrounder. Jadeja gets a single. India have a lead of 109 runs, which is gold. Another single for Umesh, this must be stinging the visitors. They have already bowled 200 plus overs in this innings.

15:19 IST: Did that bounce? Yes it did, Jadeja must be licking his fingers. He gets  as single. Jadeja will be deadly dangerous second-time round. Umesh is blocking but one can sense something coming.

15:14 IST: Josh has the ball, down the leg side for Jadeja. India lead by 99, that’s healthy. The pitch is not that easy to bat on. FOUR, Jadeja carves that past gully no third man and it races into the hoarding boards. Jadeja pulls along the ground for a single, Cummins would be eyeing five but will he get the chance?

15:12 IST: Keefe continues, Jadeja will look to attack this over. Yadav defends but he will not for long surely.  Long on is up. Dot ball, Umesh is getting itchy. Again a dot and again.

15:06 IST: Yadav gets off-the mark. Its big Josh who is bowling. Yadav slogs mistimes but just out of the stretched hands at short long on. Keefe dropped it, one feels if going with two hands would have been better. Jadeja swings and misses. Jadeja picks a quick single, had that hit he was gone for all money.

15:01 IST: OUT! Saha makes the long walk back after hitting one to short covers. Well played 117! Umesh walks out, India could fold soon. SIX!

14:58 IST: Lyon to Saha, exciting prospect. It is a well spread out field. Saha picks another single, he is playing sensibly. Jadeja on strike, he defends. No point taking a risk against Lyon, he realises that. He cuts FOUR. Runs are coming thick and fast.

14:55 IST: Jadeja gets a single down the ground. Umpires had a look at the pitch during the break. Saha gives the strike to the lefty to face the lefty Keefe. Jadeja plays it quietly down the ground for a single. He is trying to get his eye in. Saha could aim at 150 as well, not out of reach.

14:51 IST: Jadeja will have clear instructions to go an attack. He is on 934 runs and has 1000 runs in his sight. He is off the mark of Lyon. Good move to get Lyon to bowl to the left hander. Saha dabs that to third man and picks up three runs.

14:46 IST: Saha attempts a slog sweep, misses. Saha is looking busy. Keefe wisely is bowling negative lines. Saha opens up, goes inside-out FOUR more. He is pressing now. OUT. Pujara departs after a great 200. It was a soft dismissal.

14:42 IST: Pujara has a dot ball, Lyon is bowling. 200 for Pujara. India extend their lead.

Undoubtedly, Jadeja who comes in next will go on the offensive straightaway.

14:37 IST: There is a sense of urgency now, as expected. Pujara gets a single of the first ball, Pujara on 197. Saha will he go after Maxwell? It seems India is targeting a lead of 150 to be safe. 198. Saha goes aerial misques it but it lands safely, he picks up three runs. Pujara is on 199.

14:34 IST: Spin from both ends, its Keefe to Pujara, and he gets no run. Pujara pulls for a FOUR. An hour at best. Pujara on 195. Saha scampers back for a couple.

14:30 IST: After all the talks of Maxwell not bowling, surprisingly he has the ball after tea and will resume proceedings. Saha scores 100! Pujara is on 190 and there seems to be no change in approach. Saha has to be the aggressor.

14:28 IST: The umpires walk out and the players follow.

Virat Kohli will surely ask the visitors to bat as well because he wants nothing short of a win.


14:08 IST: There is a cheer across the stadium as Pujara takes a single and Saha is back on strike. Will he look to get it before TEA? 99 FOR Saha.

14:05 IST: India go past 500, this is big. Once both the players bring up their landmarks then may be they will press hard. Saha on 98*, crowd is expectant. Saha plays a false shot outside the off stump.

14:00 IST: Saha rotates strike, gets a single. It is a spread out field. Saha in his 90s’ now. It still seems he is not in any hurry. Saha cuts there is a misfield that will allow him a single. Pujara picks a single. saha smashes Lyon down the ground FOUR.

13:58 IST: Lyon is here. Saha will surely look to take him on. Good over by Lyon.

13:55 IST: Is a lead of 100 good enough?

13:52 IST: Quick single taken by Pujara of Keefe. Pujara is happy to pad. Will India give an hour and a day to the visitors? Declaration will be going past Kohli’s mind for sure.

13:47 IST: Cummins continues and the short pitchers continue as well. Both players are 15 shy of their landmarks. He sprays one wide down leg. Indians are just playing normal cricket, nothing wishful. This is the kind of application that makes Tests so interesting.

13:42 IST: Will Lyon finally be trusted, probably they are not looking at him because Saha can take on Lyon. Keefe continues, Pujara hits it down the ground picks up a single, he wants this hundred badly. Saha does the same, goes to the other end. Another single, magnificent partnership and looking good to get more.

13:37 IST: Cummins has really made a great comeback after 5 odd years. He has been the pick of this attack. There is an attendance of 18K people. The short barrage continues, Saha unperturbed. There is a leg slip for Saha but he keeps the ball on the ground. A body blow for Saha, Smith takes a catch but umpire says not out. Well played Saha. Desperate visitors go for the review but it is turned down, they have wasted their DRS again.  An yorker to finish. Approximately 40 overs to go after this, Virat Kohli should give at least 20 overs to the visitors or 10. 

13:33 IST: This also is the most number of balls faced by an Indian in a Test innings against Australia. Keefe to Pujara, he pads gleefully. Smith is slowly becoming negative. Saha is on 81. He picks a single. The boundaries have been hard to come by.

13:27 IST: Cummins is back, its aerial but out of the diving fielder, just falls short, Saha picks a couple and moves into the 80s’. Saha cuts nicely on this occasion.  Pujara is on 182 and India lead by 26. This has been chance-less batting from both the Indians.  Pujara sways away to a short delivery. The partnership is 150!

13:24 IST: Keefe continues and Pujara pads. Pujara has batted for over ten hours now. Pujara again pads it. This is good as Australians will have to bat on a terrible pitch and they will be tired as well.

13:19 IST: India lead by 21. Pujara and Saha should show some intent and look to score quickly. Saha hits it straight to the fielder. Warner is having a word with Keefe. No change in Saha’s approach, seems like he is playing for a century. Ashwin is rolling his arms over in the dressing room. Saha cuts, its in the air, he picks up two.

13:15 IST: Keefe to Saha, single. Will there be a change of plan? Saha still is studiously defending. Saha sweeps straight to the fielder. The lights have come on because of overcast conditions. Straighter one by Keefe to end the over.


13:07 IST: The strategy could be to attack an hour after lunch. Pujara pushes, no run. Hazlewood has run in all day long and has yet not shown any problems. FOUR Pujara gets atickle past the keeper on the leg side to move into the 180’s. Pujara has already faced 469 balls. Patience got a new definition! Josh is tiring it seems, he is digging it short but the effort is finally looking not there. What a ball by Josh, it cuts Pujara in half, appeal but not out.

13:04 IST: Pujara picks a single gets Saha on strike. Saha should now look to cut loose. Saha tries to lap, misses.

12:56 IST: Bad bounce is becoming more regular, just signs that the pitch is breaking up. Josh’s delivery dies to the keeper. Saha looks well accomplished and it has to be said that IPL has played a big part in his growth. The visitors must be reminded of Starc’s knock in Pune. They have got the taste of their own medicine. India lead by 15. Lyon has bruised his fingers.

12:53 IST: Will Kohli ask Australia to bat today? Pujara is still happy padding to Keefe. No signs of change of gears. Probably, Virat wants thenm to bat out Australia, so that India does not bat four. Saha on strike, he tries going aerial but does not find the middle, he picks up two. He goes over the top, does not time it well but lands in no-mans land, Saha gets 3. Saha on 76*, Pujara on 176*, is there going to be a race to the milestone?

12:48 IST: Josh continues, he is getting a hint of reverse it seems. Josh gives Pujara a look, well Pujara will be the last person to get affected by that. Huge appeal by Josh, but that is sliding down leg, he picks a couple. Josh has just upped the tempo.

12:45 IST: Saha gets a single of Keefe. Jadeja is padded up, we expect he will come in and do some pinch hitting. Saha knows he needs to take no risk at all. 129 is the partnership.

12:40 IST: Pujara picks a single of Cummins. It is good to see they are not getting bogged down. None of the Australian bowlers have been able to bottle up an end. Saha drops on the off side and gets a run. This is good cricket from India. Cummins continues peppering the Indians with short-pitched stuff. Saha is on 70*.

12:37 IST: India should now set themselves a target of 50 runs lead first and then take it from there. Keefe comes in, there is an appeal, umpire says not out. He is coming around the wicket, which talks about his frame of mind. It will be interesting to see India’s strategy from here. Pujara on 172*. Saha has played a gem, no one can undercount.

12:32 IST: Cummins continues, he troubled Saha last over. Scores level! Saha gets a single. Indians will now be feeling a lot better about the game. India lead by 1 run.

12:28 IST: Pujara tucks one to pick up a single on the leg side. Saha cuts to get another single. India get to 450! A short ball, Pujara ducks. No spinners that is interesting. Smith now has protection in the deep for a pull.

12:22 IST: Saha gets a FOUR! He caresses Cummins through the covers, this is exquisite. India trail by 3 runs. Saha has a century within his sights, he is on 67. Saha plays that bouncer really well. Cummins is bowling serious pace. He is making the ball talk. The umpire having a look at Cummins’ follow through. Saha throws it bat at that and misses.

12:16 IST: Will it be spin? It is big Josh and he gets one to go past Pujara’s outside edge. Good bowling! Josh comes straighter towards the stumps. FOUR! Pujara clips it with ease. Pujara has got most of his runs on the leg side.

Its quadra-Nelson for India 444!

12:10 IST: Pujara to take strike and Cummins will start proceedings. Pujara guides it to third man for a single. Saha handsomely times one through the covers. FOUR! A snorter by Cummins to end the first over after lunch.

Australia must be scratching their heads trying to figure out what actually went wrong. As Virat Kohli said in his press conference that if his team is winning that is all that counts.

11:30 IST: It has been a session India will not forget soon. The two Indian batsmen showed what Virat Kohli should have done. After luch, India should look to press on the accelerator.

11:24 IST: Saha cuts through the off side gets two more. This is what Lyon wants him to do more often. Pujara gets a single, there was a misfield as well. Saha sweeps misses there is an appeal but umpire says no. Australia take a review. Smith is thinking that ONE wicket before lunch. But it looked not out. Nothing on the SNICKO! Australia just have one review left. Australia is shattered after that was given not out. They were being optimistic on that one. Safely negotiated by Saha. THAT IS LUNCH, GENTLEMEN!

11:21 IST: Smith is certainly having migraines. Keefe starts, Saha clips it on the on side to get a single. Pujara has notched up 1000 runs against Australia in 11 Tests. Pujara opens the face of the bat to play it to the sweeper on the off side for a single.

11:18 IST: Pujara gets a single of Lyon, he is on 162*, India trail by 24 runs. Saha picks another single, no stopping singles it seems. 100 partnership up! CONGRATS! Lyon is asking Pujara to play through the vacant covers.

11:15 IST: Saha tries to be cheeky, nearly got double bluffed. Saha cannot afford to take risks before lunch as they are playing well and the runs are coming. Saha gets a thickish edge, Pujara wants a run, he is sent back. Both the batsmen have kept the scoreboard ticking and that is the silver lining.

11:12 IST: Pujara picks a quick single on the off side. Wade is hurt while collecting the ball. Saha picks a single, there is runs on a platter with this field it seems. Saha looks confident. Pujara is on 162*. Pujara has used the crease really well. India trail by 25 runs.

11:09 IST: They should now look to up the ante a wee-bit. Pujara picks up a single of Keefe on the leg side. Was there an edge, Saha cuts, Wade drops it but it seems there was a knick. Saha marches on, picks up a single. Pujara gets a single of the last ball.

11:05 IST: Saha is oozing with confidence, he laps one for a couple.  Pujara gets another single. India trail by 31. Pujara is given OUT leg before, he reviews it. No bat involved, so height will be the question. India get their review right. The ball was missing the leg stump. Virat Kohli is clapping!

11:02 IST: Saha one short of half century. Pujara gets a single of Keefe. The crowd is getting excited, Saha knocks it down the ground for a single. 50! 

It seems they are looking to shift gears. Virat Kohli is there congratulating him.

11:00 IST: SIX!! He breaks the shackles, young Saha, hits Lyon out of the park. He laps the next, gets a single. This must be frustrating Smith and Co., who must have thought of wrapping India in the first hour. It has been India’s session for sure. A single of the last ball means Pujara will farm strike next over.

10:56 IST: Solid in defense to Keefe is Pujara. He has shown high levels of concentration. He picks up a couple down to fine leg. The ball spins sharply for Keefe. Pujara should set his eyes on a double.

10:53 IST: Saha is inching close to a landmark as well. Pujara works it on the on side, gets  a single. Saha has played a gem of a knock.

10:51 IST: Keefe into the attack, spin from both ends before lunch. Edge, a genuine one but evades first slip, single taken.

10:47 IST: Lyon continues, India are 50 shy of going past Australia’s first innings score. Saha has shown the right temperament. Pujara on 149*. 150! A big knock by Pujara.

10:43 IST: Cummins is back, Smith is looking for extra pace. A leg slip in place for Pujara. Probably they are going short. Cummins is really pressing Saha back, is the SUCKER delivery round the corner? Saha picks up a single of the last ball. India sit pretty.

10:39 IST: Saha is looking comfortable rotating the strike. Pujara too picks up a single and gets to the other end. This will be frustrating for Lyon. It strikes Saha on the pads, an appeal but umpire says not out. Looked that height was the problem.

10:34 IST: Josh bowls a great over after tea.

10:32 IST: Starc usually creates the rough, which is missing for Lyon.


10:27 IST: Will it be Lyon, alas? We said it right again, Lyon is in and is worked for a couple of his first ball, he has kept a vacant cover, inviting Saha to drive. He will look for some bounce. Saha gets a single, India trail by 55. Pujara says no to a single of a misfield. Saha inches close to an important half century.

Hazlewood has a word with Pujara, the heat is on. Josh should realise he is not Karun!

10:22 IST: Saha gets a single to third man. Hazlewood is really bending his back, taking the bulk of the workload. Pujara is one of those batsmen who puts a price on his wicket. Pujara gets one through covers, picks up two and moves on to 146*. Pujara is having a problem with the sightscreen, that that will not stir his focus.

What a series it has been, a great endorsement to Test cricket, the purest form!

10:19 IST: No signs of Lyon yet. Keefe comes around the wicket to Pujara for the first time. A maiden over!

India is looking promises to take first innings lead.

10:14 IST: Josh continues, he bowls short, Pujara lets it go. Pujara punches that of the back foot and gets a single. Umpire FAKES! India trail by 61. Umpire has an OSCAR moment!

10:11 IST: No signs of Lyon yet, will Keefe get a respite? Jadeja is all ready. Keefe continues, Saha gets a single. Pujara is content in kicking away balls. But then that forces Keefe to come closer to the stumps and Pujara picks a single. This is good batting. Saha pops one in the air but lands in no-mans land.

10:07 IST: Pujara picks up another single. The strike is getting rotated which means the batsman are well set. Pujara is on 143*. India trail by 66 runs.

10:04 IST: Occupying the crease is important from India’s point of view. That negative leg stump line is not getting Pujara flustered as he gets a single. This is good cricket. For Saha, Keefe comes around the wicket. Saha picks a single of the last ball.

9:59 IST: Cummins should be given a break. He gets one, first bowling change, Big Josh is back! Josh is bowling wicket to wicket. Josh is as accurate as it gets. Saha should be mindful of the job at hand, which is bigger. Saha finally gets a single of the fifth ball. Pujara too has a big task in his hands. Single of the last ball. The runs are now coming slowly but surely.

9:55 IST: India have done well not to lose a wicket in the first half hour of the game. This means they have got their eye in. Keefe continues with an attacking field, yet Saha nudges one to the leg side to get a single and rotate the strike more importantly. Pujara steady in defense. He has been India’s run machine this home season and he is not done as yet. He kicks the last two awkwardly.

9:51 IST: Cummins wastes a ball by spraying it wide. Pujara cuts to third man to get a single and the partnership is 48. Smith is egging on his players. Saha rock solid in defense of the backfoot. Saha has show his mettle, big opportunity for the Bengal lad. Saha cuts handsomely to pick up a single.

Pujara has to better Smith if India want to have their noses in front!

9:48 IST: Pujara flicks one for FOUR! He knows runs are important. He backs it with a single. India trail by 75 runs with 4 wickets in hand. Saha has to provide support and forget about time and other things.

9:44 IST: Cummins has the ball, Saha plays the short ball well. Saha should look to rotate the strike and not not bogged down at one end. Pujara should look to do the same. Saha rotates the strike with a single by guiding one to fine leg.

9:43 IST O’Keefe continues, Pujara on strike, he presents a straight bat, no run. He comes forward and defends one more. The next one was on the leg side, Pujara tried to play it towards square leg, fielded by short leg fielder, no run. Another defensive block, no run. Pujara is still playing the ball on it’s merit. He presents a straight bat again, no run. Another defensive shot to end the over, a maiden for O’Keefe.

9:40 IST Pat Cummins into the attack, an lbw appeal straightaway and the Umpire raises his finger, Saha is a goner or is he? He takes the review, the hawk-eye shows the ball going down the leg side. A successful review, Vijay cheers that from sidelines. FOUR! A powerful cover drive from Saha, perfect reply to that lbw appeal. He defends the next one, no run. Next ball, Saha dabs it towards on side, no run. Bouncer! Saha ducks on that occasion and lets it go into wicketkeeper’s gloves. He takes a single off the last ball and retains strike.

9:33 IST Steve O’Keefe opens the bowling, Pujara on strike, he pushes the ball wide off mid off for a single, puts in a dive, good running from the two there. Saha on strike, he plays that one with a straight bat, no run. Another front foot defense from him, no run. Edged and safe! takes a single towards short third man, Pujara on strike. He pushes the next one towards off side, no run. He tries to take a single towards point, denied by the fielder.

9:29 IST Players are walking out to the field for the first session of play.

9:18 IST Sunil Gavaskar and Brett Lee assess the pitch. The former players categorise as still a batsman pitch but will help the spinners as it starts deteriorating.

Welcome to inUth’s digital coverage of Day 4 of the third Test match at Ranchi. Cheteshwar Pujara will be leading the Indian batting lineup as they look to get rid of the trail. The first session will be pretty crucial as Pujara and India’s lower order have their task cut out, first score 91 runs and then take a lead to put pressure on the Aussies.

Pujara is currently batting on 130 from 328 balls holding onto one end. Wriddhiman Saha too looked promising in the last session, he has scored 18 till now. They need to score quickly as the game will be headed for a draw if they don’t or if they bundle out quickly, Australia have a chance of putting India under pressure in the fourth innings even if the target is a bit lowly.

The mocking-game clarifications:

Glenn Maxwell mocked Virat Kohli’s shoulder injury as he stopped the ball in a similar fashion on the boundary. Maxwell’s mocking infuriated Twitteratis as it was considered in bad taste and stooping to a new low. However, the bigger controversy here is there was a photo of Steven Smith after taking the catch of Kohli. The photo showed that he was mocking Kohli by placing a hand on his shoulder but after a while it surfaced that it was Peter Handscomb’s hand when he was celebrating Indian skipper’s wicket.

Pitch Report:
Ranchi Test was nothing like anyone expected it to be as it did not help the bowlers from Day 1. There are a few roughs where spinners are bowling to get uneven bounce and turn but it has not worked well for them yet. According to Sunil Gavaskar, the pitch will deteriorate quite quickly and India will have a good chance winning the Test if they take a substantial lead.

Playing XI India: Lokesh Rahul, Murali Vijay, Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli(c), Ajinkya Rahane, Karun Nair, Wriddhiman Saha(wk), Ravichandran Ashwin, Ravindra Jadeja, Umesh Yadav, Ishant Sharma

Playing XI Australia: David Warner, Matt Renshaw, Steven Smith(c), Shaun Marsh, Peter Handscomb, Glenn Maxwell, Matthew Wade(wk), Pat Cummins, Steve O’Keefe, Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood

Umpires: Chris Gaffaney, Ian Gould
Third Umpire: Nigel Llong
Match Referee: Sir Richie Richardson