India vs Australia, 2nd Test day 2 highlights Bengaluru Test: Despite Smith, Warner failure, visitors hold advantage at 237/6

Australia trail by 26 runs with 5 wickets remaining in the 1st innings. India will rely on their spinners to run through the tail.

That is it, Australia finish day 2 at 237/6. It has been a day Australia will not forget soon. India will look for a change of fortunes, come tomorrow. It is advantage Australia.

4:29: Ashwin will bowl the last over. He will desperately be looking for a wicket. He is tossing it well above the batsman’s eye level and also mixing it up with flatter balls.

Another over in all probability will be squeezed.

4:24: Australia have scored 74 runs in this session and lost a wicket, means this augurs well for them going into the third day. Indian bowlers bowled well but with minimal luck. Wade does not look flustered. He is solid in defense. The ball has kept low and it has been two-paced throughout the day.

Seems like Umesh Yadav will bowl the last over.

4:22: The shadows are growing. It seems this will be the penultimate over. Ashwin gets one to to spit and bounce, but it fell away from the outstretched hands of Virat Kohli. Wade lives on to fight another day.

4:16: Umesh is still putting in the hard yards and bowling with a heart. He is still looking to get a wicket. Starc seems to be in good form, he is hitting the ball right out of the middle of the bat.  Starc crunches one through covers to get off-the mark. Autralia lead by 39 runs.

4:13: India would be hoping for a couple more. Karun Nair into the attack, Wade bottom edges one for a FOUR. The batsman in the middle should look to drop anchor and play for the end of the days play. 228/6

4:07: Marsh goes finally. OUT Starc comes out. Saha squanders a tough one early into his innings. Will Starc make India pay heavily?

3:59: Umesh Yadav has been clipped by Wade for a single. The pitch monsters seem to have dozed off. This looks like a totally different pitch. 50 partnership comes up. There are no demons on the pitch.

3:57: Wade dispatches Jadeja for a FOUR. A cheeky little lap and he gets his desired result. He is looking confident. Wade then rotates strike.

With all the reviews over, India are looking down the barrel for certain.

3:53: The shoulders are drooping, even during an appeal they are not energetic.

3:49: Ishant with all his experience is not lucky with the wickets today. It has been a day Australia would be very proud of, they are surely in the driver’s seat. Marsh in the meanwhile, is playing a gem of a knock. Ishant stands in the middle of the pitch, tired and hoping against hope.

3:46: Ashwin is bowling much more quicker now, probably he is also losing hope.

Spectators are snoring away to glory.

3:39: Ishant is bowling well but without any luck. Kohli should stop taking DRS. Forsget about that aspect. India has lost both their reviews. The new ball seems to be bouncing a tad-bit more. It hits Marsh in his top handle, showing evidence of bounce.

3:36: Ashwin starts proceedings of the last hour. Australia has really shown spine and set a benchmark for visiting teams to India. Wade gets a single. FOUR of extras, it misses everything. Extras will haunt India. Marsh goes down town to get a single. Kohli goes for another review, he looks confident this time. It is again not out. Has it got the glove? Not Out. Virat’s tryst with DRS has been horrendous.

It is high time India should be wary of not allowing the game to slip.

3:27: Ishant has the brand new cherry. There is carry with the new ball. The new ball is moving in the air, off-the pitch. Marsh cuts one hard, will pick up a couple as Jadeja doesthe retrieving duties. DRINKS!

Australia take lead, India take the new ball.

3:23: Ashwin bowls, Marsh dabs one on the leg side and rotates the strike, something they have done well today. With Wade, Ashwin is again gone back to a leg stump line, frustrating to see Ashwin struggle for wickets at home. Surprisingly, the pitch looks better for batting in this session.

3:19: Umesh running in hard, this must be a moral dampener for Umesh. His body is taking a real toll. He goes past the outside edge of Marsh. Similar scenes, no breakthrough. This must be frustrating for Kohli. Marsh gets a single, strike rotation has been good. Hats off to Marsh’s efforts.

3:16: Ashwin bowling vicious lines but is failing to get the breakthrough. Marsh is looking class apart. Fifty for Marsh.

Kohli should be a step forward at slips.

3:12: Kohli drops a catch. It was simple of Marsh. This is bound to hurt Virat Kohli’s ego.

Why is Jadeja not bowling?

3:09: Ashwin traps Marsh on the pads, he appeals. India take a review. Bat involved! India’s woeful DRS form continues. Wade picks up two, down the ground. Wade sweeps for a single and Marsh picks up a single of the last ball.

3:06: Umesh Yadav continues, hope he does not lose heart. He has bowled well all day long and has shown why he is rated so highly. Umesh is clocking good speeds as well. Marsh guides one to third man/sweeper and gets a single.

It is a double paced wicket, some are climbing on the batsman and some are keeping really low.

It seems India is not learning from their mistakes.

3:03: Ishant continues. Australian show Indians how to use the DRS. Ishant is making sure he keeps asking questions to Wade. The umpires may go wrong, but that is when DRS becomes your friend. Marsh, will he look to cut lose and make India pay? Marsh edges, but again it falls short of Kohli. It seems Kohli is not learning, he should come up a step or two.

2:52: Umesh Yadav comes in, so it is pace at both ends. Kohli probably wants to give his spinners some rest. Umesh has bowled like a world class bowler today, even Ishant Sharma. Umesh is showing exactly why Kohli banks on him for outright pace. Umesh Yadav strikes, no, but impact outside the line, Marsh survives.

The stage is poised for a blockbuster last session. 

2:48: Ishant it will be, with a wicket under his name. Wade gets an edge, Saha fails to gather it, FOUR! Wade is off-the mark. Good probing lines. Ishant has really bend his back on this Bengaluru wicket. He gets another edge, this time Virat Kohli keeps it down to a single.

2:43: Marsh goes over the top against Jadeja, looking to disrupt his length, he is successful he gets a FOUR. Marsh is bringing all his IPL experience to the plate. It is n in-out field opted by Kohli.

With so many lefties in the Australian ranks, Ashwin is having a problem.

2:35: As expected, it is Jadeja with a slip and a forward short leg. Shaun Marsh picks up a single on the leg side. Wade has three balls to face of Jadeja. There is a leg slip as well. Wade sweeps to get off-the mark. Wade would be looking to get among the runs hence this is a big innings for him.

2:34: Matthew Wade the wicket keeper walks out with a set Shaun Marsh on 38.

2:32: Players walk out to the centre for the last session, India will look to bundle them for as less as possible. All in readiness, we are certain Jadeja would start proceedings. Kohli having a word with the boys.

India will now hope that there is no resistance shown by the Australian tail. India cannot afford to give a a huge lead. Australia trail by 26 runs with 5 wickets remaining in the 1st innings. India will rely on their spinners to run through the tail.

It can safely be said India have crawled back in this match.

2:12: Ishant has the ball. He is bowling round the wicket to Shaun Marsh. He is again bowling in that corridor of uncertainty. Shaun clips one on the leg side, picks up a comfortable two runs. Mitchell Marsh flicks one off his legs for no runs. Ishant strikes of the last ball before tea. OUT!! It is TEA , finally!


2:08: Jadeja with the ball. He has been the pick of the bowlers in this session for India. The Marsh brothers see Australia off to tea. No, wait!

Last over before tea.

2:05: Ashwin now has the ball in his hand after taking a blinder. An other wicket before lunch would mean this is India’s session. Kohli should now attack with another over to go.

2:01: Handscomb is OUT, Ashwin takes a blinder after three fumbles. Mitchell Marsh walks out to give his brother company.

1:58: Ashwin to Marsh FOUR, Marsh rocks back and smashes it in front of square.

1:54: Handscomb comes down the track, similar shot to the previous over over the top FOUR. Handscomb is a classy player, highly rated in the Australian domestic circuit.

Jadeja is breezing through his overs.

1:51: Twenty minutes to tea as Ashwin resumes. Handscomb goes arial, with the spin and gets a FOUR. Breaking of the shackles in a way. This should get Handscomb going.

Sachin Tendulkar would be ideal in these situations, just before a break. He usually picked wickets.

1:49: Jadeja is also keeping a lid on the scoring apart from looking to pick up a wicket. Marsh has showed experience and like a surgeon playing out the Indian spinners. Indians are looking for something before tea. Single of the last ball of Jadeja.

1:45: Handscomb on strike to Ashwin, picks up a single and hands the strike to the well set Marsh. Marsh rotates the strike again, they are not allowing Ashwin to settle. Handscomb is looking to dance down the track to everything. That is his game plan. Handscomb plays a cheeky paddle of Ashwin, gets a couple.

1:42: An uppish drive by Handscomb to get him started, slightly air-borne but safe. Jadeja is now making the ball talk. The ball seems to behaving but Marsh is well set, he tucks it on the on side and gets a single. Handscomb takes a risky single of the last ball.

1:40: Ashwin is now looking a different bowler after Jadeja got Renshaw. He is giving the ball more air and tempting the batsman into a false shot.

Handscomb has not yet got off-the mark.

1:36: Couple of more wickets and it should be India’s session. Kohli would be hoping for that. Jadeja is bowling flatter through the air.

Jadeja is bowling a flatter trajectory which is the way to go on this wicket.

1:33: The wicket should give Ashwin confidence. This should give ashwin confidence from the other end. Now Ashwin is bowling more on a wicket taking line coming around the wicket.

Renshaw’s dogged knock comes to an end. Big breakthrough.

1:28: A six and Jadeja strikes, all happening so quickly. OUT As predicted Jadeja strikes. Handscomb comes in.

1:26: God knows which was the last time Ashwin had to resort to such negative lines in India. Both the batsman are rotating strike at will and there is a sense of calmness now.

Australia trail by 61 runs.

A tough fight. This is what brings excitement back in crickets purest form TEST

12:23: Jadeja nearly foxes Marsh. Nearly an edge.Marsh has grown in confidence and has just picked up a quick single. Renshaw has really made a mark in this series, in front of big crowds and unknown conditions. Hats off to the maturity and application he has exhibited.

Never thought India would be reduced to this at home.

1:21: No change of ploy for Ashwin, he is bowling negative lines now. He has to come more towards the stumps looking for an edge. Marsh is still happy to pad away stuff.

1:19: Jadeja should Renshaw, he drives one for FOUR. On the legs and had to be put away. Renshaw has just stepped on the accelerator.

Finally ‘SIR’ is here

1:15: Ashwin resumes after drinks, same line same shot. Marsh is slowly but surely getting well set. Marsh is happy offering the pad.

Jadeja is still not getting the ball. Surprising! Time for a DRINK. Kohli’s DRS woes continue.

1:10: It seems being positive by Renshaw has rubbed off on Marsh. Marsh pulls Umesh for a couple. Umesh remains unlucky.

Australia has suddenly found some momentum after lunch.

1:06: Renshaw finally goes aerial to pick up a well earned FOUR. This should not dishearten Ashwin. Renshaw gets to 50!

1:00: Umesh is again sticking to that fifth stump line from round the wicket. Giving the impression that the ball will come in only to move away in the last instance. How costly would that be, only time will tell. The pacer is getting mentally tired one feels. Marsh flicks the ball on the leg side and picks up a couple. Australia have really challenged the hosts.

12:58: Kohli still feels Ashwin is his best bet. Ashwin is finally getting some bounce by coming round the wicket. A probing over by Ashwin ends. No wickets after lunch.

12:55: Umesh finds the outside edge of Renshaw guides it to third man for a single. The bat pad has stepped back two steps. Ishant is clocking speeds of 145 kmph+ consistently. There is a loud appeal, but umpire says no. The impact was the issue. Oh and that is a peach, it pitches and straightens to miss the outside edge. Umesh still looking for that priced scalp. Replays suggest Marsh had got a faint feather on that.

12:52: Ashwin tosses it up, Marsh drives for a single. Renshaw tucks one to the leg side for a single. Ashwin has bowled 23 overs for just 32 runs.

Still no signs of Jadeja.

12:48: Umesh replaces Ishant. Renshaw inches close to a fifty. Marsh plays the pull, misses there is an appeal, but very optimistic one feels. Umesh has the pace to set up a double bluff. Marsh has had enough, he pulls one which did not get up for a FOUR!

India should look to bundle them for anything between 220-250 or else the game would go out of hand.

Australia crawl to a 100 finally!

12:45: Ashwin is playing with the patience of the batsman, not a bad ploy. Finally, Marsh plays the sweep all along the mat for a boundary. FOUR He attempts the sweep again, the ball misses everything, FOUR more. These runs could prove to be costly.

12: 41: Ishant continues and he is again peppering the Aussies with the short pitched stuff. He looks fiery, Where is the leg slip? Ans as we say that a ball goes through where the leg slip would have been. Kohli is not on the button. On the other hand, Renshaw is comfortable facing the bouncers.

92/2 off 53 overs. Tortoise-like

This is old school Test cricket, fascinating to watch.

12:37: Ashwin is bowling negative lines, the ball is bouncing, there is a fielder at 45 degrees hoping for a top edged sweep. Marsh is content in kicking away balls. Ashwin comes around the wicket, Marsh picks up a single.

I still believe a couple of wickets could change things quickly. Imagine, 90/4.

12:32: Ishant is generating serious pace and posing pressure to the visitors. He is also working up good pace. Everything is happening barring that wicket. There is a bat pad in place for the bouncer. Renshaw is showing nerves of steel.

12: 30: Ashwin has been picked for two singles, but he is troubling Marsh for sure.

12:23: Where is Jadeja? It is Ishant, he has troubled the Australians since morning but wickets have not come. He is unlucky. Marsh is looking to leave anything outside the off stump. Ishant has pushed Marsh on the back foot with two bouncers but he does not have the pace for a sucker delivery.

12:19: Ashwin continues, and continues bowling that nagging down the leg line to Renshaw. Leg slip comes in. Renshaw is really digging deep. He is happy to offer his leg. One feels Ashwin has to bowl more on the middle timber.

12:17: Ishant Sharma will take care of the other end. Ishant is bowling probing lines. As we saw a subtle banter between Ishant Sharma and Smith, this will surely get the TRP’s. There is an appeal, Shaun Marsh trapped, but Kohli seems to have lost his faith, wisely does not opt for the DRS. Replays showed the ball had pitched down the leg stump.

12:13: Ashwin to start proceedings. Renshaw tucks one to the on side, takes a single. Ashwin is bowling a bit too leg-sidish for one’s liking. 2 runs of the over.

47 runs in the first session, India have kept a lid on the run scoring for sure. 

12:10: Both the teams are out there in the middle for the second session.

Australia have the depth in  batting and that means it is tough for India.

Lunch it is!!!

11:32: Australia will believe they were lucky to have only lost two wickets.

11:29: Renshaw will surely look to bat till lunch. No risks. It has been a shared session, India got the most dangerous batsman and did not allow a lot of runs. Ishant looks fired up.

Probably one over left before lunch and Ishant replaces Umesh.

11:26: Ashwin is bowling well, he looks threatening, but he has to be patient.

11:21: Umesh is now looking to get one desperately. He is now shifted his line a touch outside the off timber. Yorker, but Shaun March equal to the task keeps it out.

Australia: 83/2 

As we were talking about two wickets before lunch, one has come, a big one.

11:18: Shaun Marsh walks out. Kohli is now having an in-out field. Jadeja completes a wicket-maiden, just what the doctor had ordered.

11:16: Renshaw picks up a single of Jadeja. Jadeja has got Smith out. OUT!!


Couple of wickets before lunch and the complexion of the Test could change.

11:12: Umesh is coming from around the wicket, in order to bring the leg before into play. Renshaw clips him to leg for a single as he strays in length.

The partnership is 29 of 111 balls.

11:10: Flicks it on the on side, scamper through for a single. Renshaw tries to be cheeky, launching the paddle to miss. Jadeja is keeping it dead tight. Jadeja nearly squeezes on through.

11:07: Renshaw is well set now.

11:04: Umesh starts a new over, he is on the money. So close to the outside edge but does not get a feather. Renshaw is smiling after missing another one, this must be frustrating for Umesh.

Australia trail by 111. NELSON Folks!

11:03: Just one run of the over.

11:02: Whatever it be India has not leaked runs, 37 in this session till now. This is good from India’s point of view as well. Time will be important in this Test.

11:01: As predicted Jadeja has the ball.

Its time for Jadeja, may be today it is his day. Half and hour for lunch it is time for some left arm spin.

10:57: Umesh is generating serious speeds. Renshaw edges, Kohli drops FOUR. Tough chance goes to ground. Another one misses the edge, Umesh is coming close but the finishing blow is missing. An additional slip comes in.

10:55: Smith is looking to come down the track to Ashwin, Ashwin mean as a miser. One has to be said Indian bowlers have been unlucky.

10:49: Smith is just giving a demo to all Indians, why he is number one. He is playing the ball late, showing class.

10:47: Ashwin is trusting his flight, a good attacking option. A breakthrough is needed.

10:44: Smith pushes one to the off-side, and scampers off for a single, direct hit was required. Finally, Renshaw gets a FOUR of a thickish outside edge that went past second slip and gully. These are important runs. Another edge but falls short of Kohli. Umesh is really working up the speeds. Renshaw gets a streaky FOUR.

Slowly but surely they are settling in. India needs a wicket quickly…

10: 40: Ashwin has come around the wicket to Renshaw, the offie is now ready to toss the ball inviting a drive. Straighter one around the corner?

10:37: Umesh is bowling stump to stump looking for an leg before wicket. This is certainly worrying Steven Smith. The final ball keep alarmingly low, Smith still manages to get a bat on it. Miracle. He is a genius.

Umesh Yadav continues….

10:33: The first hours play has been shared by both sides, David Warner was the big wicket. DRINKS!

10:30: A bat-pad appeal, umpire feels no bat involved, India do not review. India take a review, no bat involved, will it take the leg stump with it? Indians are looking hopefull, looks very close, just clipping leg stump Smith survives a scare.

10:27: Smith is someone who likes such pitches. Umesh bowls a tight over.

Bowling change, Ishant has been given a breather, Umesh comes in with a fairly old ball. Reverse swing!

10:24: Renshaw is really grinding it out and Jason Gillespie likes it.

10:20: Ashwin is sticking to an outside the leg stump line for the left hander. The ball is spinning viciously. A bit of kicking of the ball takes place.

Indian bowlers have bowled really well today morning.

10:17: Ishant is bowling bouncers, is the sucker delivery around the corner? There seems to be a tennis-ball bounce in the pitch. Ishant to Smith, the ball does not bounce at all. An animated reaction after defending the ball, a howl so does Ishant Sharma.

Renshaw seems to have got a fair idea about the pitch, Smith is fairly new.

10: 13: Ashwin almost repeats his first dismissal of Warner to Renshaw.

Ashwin has got the better of David Warner 8 times in Tests, BUNNY, you may say.

10:09: Close, there is an appeal but there is bat involved. Ishant is really coming close. There is a beautiful curl on the ball, which is troubling Smith. To help Ishant, the ball is also keeping low, it means batting last would be tough. Smith does the right things, he picks up a single and goes to the other end. Ishant is hitting the right areas to left and the right hander. Finally Ishant digs in the bouncer to end the over. 1-off.

10:04: Ashwin continues to Renshaw. The ball is spinning means Ravindra Jadeja counld soon be given the ball. Renshaw defends, defends and defends. What an over, he looked good to take a wicket every ball.

10:02: Ishant Sharma is doing well to keep it tight and not concede runs.. There is a huge appeal as Smith is trapped on his pads. Umpire says no, Virat gives it a thought then feels height is the factor. Smith has an uncanny way of leaving the balls, interesting.

9:58: Smith looks determined as ever.

9:56: Ashwin cleans up Warner, BOWLED! OUT! He is now looking like the bowler he is. Ashwin is looking unplayable. Ashwin and Smith have a word.

Inform Steven Smith walks out to the middle.

9:51: Ishant is keeping it tight, not giving freebies. This is good, he is building pressure by sticking to the corridor of uncertainty.

9:45: Ashwin has made a couple of adjustments in the field. Renshaw is backing his pad more than the bat. MAIDEN.

9:42: Ishant is really bending his back, asking questions all the time. Warner caresses a short ball for a FOUR. Ishant finishes well, gives Warner a glance.

Warner and Ashwin had a word between overs. Battle on! Both the Aussie openers are standing well outside the batting crease, a ploy to negate any misbehaviour from the pitch.

9:37: Ashwin is keeping it tight outside the leg stump. Warner comes forward of the fourth ball and misses, the ball is spinning. Warner is cautious. A maiden!

9:35: Will it be Ashwin? Yes it is Ashwin.

9: 33: Straying down the leg side and Warner clips it for a boundary FOUR. He will take that any day of the week. Ishant is bowling much straighter, not allowing with on either sides to Warner who can murder you. Warner picks up a single of the fourth ball, Virat already has a sweeper on the offside. Renshaw takes strike for the first time, Ishant is on the money. Five from the over.

9: 29: All in readiness for ball one. Ishant it will be to Warner.

9:28: Australian openers walk out to the middle and take guard, interesting to see who will start proceedings from the Indian side.

9:27: Last minute huddle for Virat and Co. ahead of what could be the most important day of the series.

Handscomb and Marsh hit the nets before the match to get a look in.

9: 20 Ravi Shastri says the pitch is looking better today.

After a disastrous start to the second Test day 1, India are facing an uphill task to pose a challenge in this Test. India were again beaten on their strength, spin, Nathan Lyon finished with a magical 8/50. Australia will start day 2 with more than an advantage. Australia are 40 for no loss, a situation that is tailor-made for a player like David Warner to go on the offense from the outset. Steven Smith will be bringing good form on the table. Australia look well in front in this Test.

Hello and welcome to the live coverage of day 2 between India and Australia. It promises to offer a lot on stake for both the teams. Stay tuned for the fastest digital updates on InUth.