Why Pat Cummins sledged Hardik Pandya in the 3rd ODI | Watch Video

Here is the real reason behind the duel

India won the 3rd One Day International against Australia taking an unassailable 3-0 lead in the series. As always, India Australia ties are never short of excitement and this series too is living up to the billing by the looks of it. There was a stage in the match, where the home side was cruising to a series win when Pat Cummins tried to unnerve Hardik Pandya but failed. With all at bay, Cummins was trying to get into Pandya’s head, a ploy Aussies have used successfully in the past. But this is a new team India under the leadership of Virat Kohli and they do not take rubbish lying down.

Team  India all-rounder Hardik Pandya has been excellent form in the series with both bat and ball, throughout the tournament, bagging two man of the match awards as well.  The episode took place in the 26th over, India was well-placed as Kohli was there in the middle. Pandya tried to cut the bowler between point and backward point but found the fielder instead of the gap. Cummins took a couple of steps towards the batsman and past a couple of comments. Hardik Pandya responded instantly and indicated that he did not get to hear anything. Now was that a ploy or he could not hear remains a mystery.

In the very next ball, Pandya tried a repeat of the same shot, but once again the ball found the point fielder. The Australian once again tried to get into Pandya’s head but the all-rounder gave it back with the usual ‘can’t hear you, be loud’.

Pandya was obviously the clear winner in that duel as he went on to score a match-winning 78 off 72 balls, for which he also bagged the man of the match.

The fourth ODI takes place at Bengaluru and the forecast is not all that good. The weather experts say rain is on the cards.