Virat Kohli reveals during chat with Aamir Khan who gave him the nickname Cheeku!

Virat Kohli has revealed much more than just that, so one must watch the show which will be aired during Diwali

What we love about Indian captain Virat Kohli is his nonchalance, toughness, and his candid side which we recently got to see at the Diwali special chat show hosted by Aamir Khan. From his hobbies, his favourite Aamir Khan movies to his nickname (which is Cheeku by the way) and what he dislikes about his alleged girlfriend Anushka Sharma, the man literally let out a piece of his heart on the show. Now coming to his nickname, Cheeku, the man also revealed an interesting detail about his nickname and also the person who made it public.

The origin of his name lies in his childhood, or let’s say childhood days. He was in his teens when it happened. He said that it was his under-17 days when he had this weird haircut which made his ears look big. That is when everyone started calling Cheeku rabbit. After a few years, when he was playing international cricket, MS Dhoni started addressing him with this nickname. And, it was caught on the stump mic, and the world came to know of it. Thus, making it a part of his personality.

“One evening, he returned to the hotel with his hair nicely cropped. He has spotted a fancy hair salon close by and given himself a new look. ‘How is it?’ he asked excitedly as he ran into a couple of younger colleagues. ‘Not bad, you look like a Chikoo (Sapodilla),” joked Ajit Chowdhary, the assistant coach looking from a distance.

“During my u17 days, I had a haircut due to which my ears looked big, so everyone called me Cheeku rabbit, Eventually MSD started & stump mic did its job.”

That was quite an interesting story we must say!