MS Dhoni climbs on sofa chair as Manish Pandey gets decorated with his birthday cake | Watch Video

Manish Pandey cut his birthday cake in nothing but a towel as he knew anything he wears will get dirty because of his teammates putting on cake

Manish Pandey celebrated his birthday celebration video surfaced after almost two weeks and it has been making rounds on the internet ever since. Pandey was wearing a towel below his torso, he was shirtless before cutting his cake. Pandey was anticipating that his teammates will not spare him and that’s exactly what happened. MS Dhoni held Pandey from the back as Kedar Jadhav started the proceedings with applying the cake on Pandey’s face. Yuzvendra Chahal and other teammates joined him soon, they were throwing water at him as he moved away from them.

Axar Patel poured a milk product on Pandey’s head and he pushed him back in an instant. Pandey was trying to move away from his teammates who were constantly putting the cake on his face. There were enough cake on the floor of the dressing room. Chahal, Patel and India’s physiotherapist Patrick Farhart too did the honours. They did not leave Pandey’s back or chest and put the cake almost everywhere. Dhoni was seeing this from a distance, as he felt that the floor was too dirty with the cake spread all over, he climbed up to the sofa and sat there.

Maybe Dhoni did not want his shoes to get dirty or just wanted to stay away from the celebrations. At the end, skipper Virat Kohli can be seen handing over the towel to Pandey in order to clean up the mess from his body.

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There has been a norm in the dressing room on birthdays to get a spare cake for celebrations and other for eating. The players later enjoyed the other cake. Dhoni was still standing on his chair as he took a bite from the cake.

India will be taking on Australia in the third ODI at Holkar Stadium, Indore. Pandey has not been able to perform in the first two ODIs, he might be given another chance to prove himself in the third ODI of the series.