Former Australian pacer Stuart Clark feels, 'Virat Kohli plays 10 times better when he fights with people'

Stuart Clark slams Mathew Wade and Marcus Stoinis for arguing with Virat Kohli for taking a run off the misfield, backs Indian skipper's actions

There was an exchange of words when skipper Virat Kohli took a single off the misfield of Mathew Wade as he was struggling in the heat of Eden Gardens. Wade was often seen on all fours due to the extreme weather conditions, he was struggling to keep the ball in his hands and that’s why was slow to return the ball to Marcus Stoinis who was bowling to Kohli, that resulted in a single as Kohli was quick to improvise. But Wade and Stoinis felt that it was a dead ball and Kohli was not right in stealing the single. Former Australian pacer Stuart Clark has his verdict on the series of events in the second ODI and surprisingly it was in favour of Kohli.

What Wade said to Kohli-

Wade tried to criticise Kohli’s actions, he said, “I might have a cry like you. I might go to the dressing rooms and have a good cry like you.” “Everyone has to feel sorry for you,” he fuelled the argument further.

What Clark felt about the incident-

“He misfielded one. Whether the Indian batsman knew he was injured or not was probably a secondary question. It’s one run. Is this the biggest issue this team has got? If I’m Matthew Wade and I’m Marcus Stoinis — and full credit to him for standing up for Matthew Wade — I’d be worried about my own cricket, rather than all this other stuff. This is piddly crap,” Clark slams Wade for raising an issue out of nothing rather than accepting his misfield.

How Clark felt it helped Kohli-

“I wouldn’t be saying too much to Virat Kohli. He seems to want to fight with everyone and he seems to play 10 times better when he does fight with people,” Clark seems to be warning Australian pacer not to poke Kohli on the field as it might get worse for them.

There have been enough incidents where poking Kohli has not resulted well for the Australians. They have been warned many times by former players but it seems like the war of words is never-ending.