Australian journo's Indian map insult is countered by Indian Twitterati who shows us a Pakistani map!

It seems the Australian media is in fascination with Virat Kohli, last year they called him Donald Trump and this year they crossed the line

Australian journalist Dennis Freedman’s Indian map has stirred a controversy on Twitter already when he tried to troll Virat Kohli before the start of the historic Independence Cup 2017 between Pakistan and World XI cricket teams. He took it a step further and posted a picture, where the Indian map and its shape has been mocked by comparing it to an inner-wear worn by ladies. That did not go down well with the Indian audiences, who countered him in the best possible manner. Freedman also has a history of making a lot of nonsensical remarks and comments. He had also posted a picture of Virat Kohli with a broom sweeping the stadium. The caption of that tweet read, “Sweepers clean the stadium in readiness for the World XI match”. It was highly insensitive of him to speak like that about the Indian captain.

Meanwhile, India is hosting Australia at home and have already taken a handsome 3-0 lead in the series. The young Turks, more importantly, have raised their hand and got counted, like Hardik Pandya, Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav. India will now take on Australia at Chinnaswamy in Bengaluru, where the predictions of rain hover.

This is the Freedman tweet we are talking about.

This is what a Twitter fan retorted:

The picture is already going viral and it seems like this is the ideal response Freedman could have got. Hopefully, he will be watchful now that now he has got a perfect reply from a Twitterati.

Corrigendum: We had by mistake used a wrong image of Dennis Freedman. We apologise. The story has since been updated with the right photograph.