'Virat Kohli is frustrated because he is not getting runs', writes Mitchell Johnson on website which compared Kohli to animals!

Virat Kohli was never on good terms with Mitchell Johnson after a heated exchange between them on the field on 2014-15 tour of Australia

It is a well-known fact that Indian skipper Virat Kohli and former Australian left-arm fast bowler Mitchell Johnson have never been on good terms since their heated exchange on India’s tour of Australia 2014-15. Though, Johnson is trying to play mind games with Kohli ahead of the historic Ranchi Test starting March 16. But this time around he has taken it to another level as he calls Kohli frustrated in the ongoing Test series because he has not been able to perform with the bat.

After Bengaluru Test, there is a beehive of controversies floating around from ‘brain fade’ incident to BCCI filing a complaint against Steven Smith and then taking it back due to the pressure created by ICC over the two boards to solve their matters. Followed by Australian media’s shameful act of comparing Kohli to dogs and other animals and now Johnson had expressed all the above thoughts on the same news-publishing website.

The controversy does not seem to stop as Johnson tries to get under the skin of Kohli ahead of the crucial Test as the Border-Gavaskar Trophy is nicely poised between the two at 1-1. According to Johnson’s blog on the same news publishing website that compared Virat Kohli to animals, “He’s obviously quite passionate, but I just think he’s frustrated because he hasn’t scored a run and he’s letting his emotions get the better of him. You could sense the vibe change halfway through the match and it coincided with India getting ahead in the game,”.

Johnson also commented over Kohli’s celebration in the Bengaluru Test every time a wicket fell, he wrote, “Obviously, whenever there’s a wicket the cameras go straight to Kohli to see his reaction – they know they’re going to get those kinds of reactions from him. And they did! He was giving a send-off to just about every player, which you’ve got to be very careful with. It can happen sometimes when you’re pumped up and you get a bit too fired up,”.

Kohli has been going through a rough patch having scored 40 runs in four innings and recorded his first duck in Tests on Indian soil. He also opened about his heated exchanges on the field with Captain Kohli back in his day when he was still playing for Australia.