India lose '5 runs' as Umpire commits mistake, ignores ICC rule. Virat Kohli fumes in anger! — WATCH

Virat Kohli did not hold back his emotions sitting in the dugout while Umpire Nigel Llong ignores ICC rules during the first Test at Eden Gardens, Kolkata

The ICC new rule ‘fake fielding’ made rounds on the internet when an Umpire gave a penalty in a domestic cricket match in Australia in the last week of September. After almost two months the ‘fake fielding’ law is back in the news because on-field Umpires Nigel Llong and Richard Kettleborough did not penalise Sri Lanka ‘5 runs’ for their skipper Dinesh Chandimal’s fake fielding.

The series of events were set in motion in the 53rd over of India’s first innings. Bhuvneshwar Kumar pulled a delivery from Dasun Shanaka through covers. Chandimal chased the ball but could not succeed in fielding it. However, he acted as if he was throwing the ball towards the stumps which resulted in Bhuvneshwar and Mohammed Shami not going for a couple of runs.

The on-field Umpires had a talk among themselves and Chandimal but did not give the penalty runs to India. Virat Kohli who was sitting in the dugout did not seem to be agreeing with the Umpire as he signalled that ‘five’ runs should have been added to the scoreboard.

Here’s the video of the whole incident –

Virat Kohli signals 5 penalty runs on Sri Lanka's fake fielding

Dinesh Chandimal fake fielding 1

Dinesh Chandimal fake fielding 2

Here’s the video of the ‘fake fielding incident in JLT Cup in September –

Commentators Sunil Gavaskar and Simon Doull had a laugh about the incident as they got involved in a little banter of their own in the commentary box.

The former Indian cricketer jokingly said,

He (Bhubaneshwar Kumar) missed the shot so the fielding side should get 5 penalty runs as he faked it.

To which Doull replied,

Waiting for Herath to bowl a quicker delivery and that will be fake bowling pretending to be a spinner and he cannot bowl quick.

Before bashing Kohli for his anger, have a look at MCC’s new rule under mock fielding.

Where a fielder feigns to field the ball and/or feigns to throw a non-existent ball in an attempt to prevent the batsmen running

Now, you be the judge whether Kohli’s anger was justified or not!