How foreign cricket commentators Nasser Hussain and Sir Ian Botham are also demonetisation victims

Foreigners visiting India are having to change their plans due to the demonetisation unrest in the country. Nasser Hussain, and Sir Ian Botham are also victims of the same ongoing problem

The BJP government’s sudden decision on demonetisation has not only taken a toll on the Indian public but also on Nasser Hussain and Sir Ian Botham who are in the country for the India-England series. The former England cricketing legends turned commentators had to encounter a variety of difficulties while paying their hotel bills. They are even having a hard time meeting their personal expenses while traveling.

If Indians are not being able to deal with the demonetisation issue with ease, it is quite understandable as to why Hussain and Botham are so puzzled with the ongoing crazyness. Not just them but almost every foreigner visiting India is having to change their plans due to the demonetisation unrest in the country. Ever since the money conundrum started, people are either standing in ATM queues or are visiting banks to get their money exchanged.

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Demonetisation has seen people standing in ATM queues almost 24×7

“I was a bit concerned because I had a flight via Mumbai and I had used up all my cash to clear off hotel bills in Rajkot. And I wasn’t sure if there would be cash available at the airport,” claimed Nasser Hussain while speaking to the media.

“At Rajkot, the long, long queues in front of banks was a regular feature. At first, we weren’t able to fathom why this was so but the queues were there even when we were going back to the hotel at the end of the day’s play. The moment we landed in Vizag for the second Test match, members of the crew started checking if they could get some cash exchanged. ATMs aren’t working everywhere and there was some concern,” stated Sir Ian Botham.

Elsewhere, India and England having drawn the first test match at Rajkot will be gunning for glory as they lock horns with each other in the second test match starting today at Vishakhapatnam.