Watch: Did you hear Ravindra Jadeja & Matthew Wade's 'WAR OF WORDS'

India vs Australia, IndvAus: Jadeja as asked by Wade pulls the ball for a boundary to bring up his fifty and then fulfill Wade's wish of launching the sword

If you have actually missed it, then you have missed something big. In the ongoing Test between India versus Australia on day 3, we saw the wicketkeeper of the visiting team, Matthew Wade engage in a verbal dual. Thankfully, it did not snowball, but we expect the bantering to continue when the Rajput and ICC’s No 1, Jadeja has the red cherry in his fingers. He is not someone who will shy back from a face-off, that is how he functions, very similar to Virat Kohli. The score was 284 for six when the event sparked off.

In the video by the BCCI, you hear that Wade starts it and then when the umpire came to intervene, Jadeja said, “If he continues, I will.” Wade, in a humorous way, replies, “Can we do that after the game, please?” Wade continues further and questions, “When are you going to get your sword out?”

The story wasn’t over until then. In the very next over, Jadeja, as asked by Wade, pulls the ball for a boundary to bring up his fifty and then fulfils Wade’s wish of launching the sword. The Rajput had the final say on the subject.

Wade does not stop there, Jadeja comes back on strike and then he starts it again. Jadeja tries to walk away but then, Wade continues. One feels that after the brain fade gaffe and this happening right under the umpire’s nose, it is high time that stringent actions are taken against the Australians. This series is already being touted as the ‘TOXIC’ Test ever, the reason being obvious to all.