Brad Hodge apologises to Virat Kohli, here is why he should NOT accept it

Border-Gavaskar trophy: Brad Hodge reckoned Virat Kohli was not being a part of the crucial decider at Dharamsala because of his IPL commitments

The Australian media has bashed him left, right and centre with even questioning his commitment towards his national team. They called him Donald Trump, a cheat, a child and so much more. But the Indian maintained his dignity and just stopped short of calling his Australian counterpart a ‘cheat’. If Virat wanted, he had a free hand to replying them back in equal fashion, but he didn’t and that’s his class. Oh, and the Australian media called him ‘classless’. What a pity!

Do they even follow the Oxford dictionary or are they short of understanding the meaning of ‘classless’? You do not certainly kill someone and then apologise saying sorry. To spice up the entire episode, Brad Hodge had earlier questioned Virat’s integrity towards the tricolour. He reckoned Virat Kohli was not being a part of the crucial decider at Dharamsala because of his IPL commitments.

It’s a farce

The timing of Brad Hodge’s apology is also questionable as he now knows the Indian Premier League is around the corner. He knows if he doesn’t do this, he would face the flak anywhere he moves during the month-long event.

Earlier, India won the Dharamsala potboiler convincingly and they regained the Border-Gavaskar trophy in style. The Indian fans want everybody who doubted Virat Kohli or said ill things about him to apologise. In fact, in a press conference after the last Test, Virat Kohli clearly stated that he was just not interested in continuing any friendship with the Australian counterparts after Mitchell Johnson also got into the fray and said Ajinkya Rahane should captain and not Kohli. This is so clear that it is a ploy to create a divide in the team. Till the Australian media and Johnson does not apologise, there is no point Virat should accept Brad Hodge’s apology.