Ind v Eng 2nd T20: India win after beating England by 5 runs

For the second game, skipper Virat Kohli has made a change in the team. Spinner Amit Mishra has replaced Parvez Rasool while England has included Liam Dawson in place of Liam Plunkett.

In a yet another nail-biting T20 international between India and England at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur, India beats England by 5 runs and gets the hold back by leveling the series by 1-1.

Jasprit Bumrah was awarded the Man of the Match for his stunning bowling in the last over and his spell of 2 for 20 in four overs.

After winning the toss, English captain Eoin Morgan deided to field first and asked India to face their bowling attack. Batting first, India didn’t start well but by the middle of the middle of the game, Opener KL Rahul supported the Indian innings through his knock of 71 runs. India managed to put 144 runs on the score board after losing 8 wickets and set a target of 145 runs For England to chase.

In return, England fell short by 5 runs, despite fighting really very hard, and lost the second game of the series.

The series has noew levelled with both the side having won 1 game each. The decider is scheduled on February 1 at Chinnaswami Stadium in Bengaluru.

Match Highlights:

The last over was brought by Jasprit Bumrah who hit the last nail in the coffin. Took two wickets in the last ball, conceded just 2 runs and led the team to victory.

Wicket: Over 19.4, Buttler b Bumrah 15(10) [4s-1 6s-1]

Wicket: Over 19.1, Root lbw b Bumrah 38(38) [4s-2]

19 overs are over and England were at 137/4. Nehra continued his balling in the second last over and conceded 3 runs in the first two balls. It’s 20 needed in 9 now. And there came a boundary from Buttler’s bat off the 4th ball. One loose ball from Nehra and he paid the price. The over ended with a six hit by Buttler and an expensive over from India, 16 runs in the second last over.

After the 18th over, England were at 121/4. Bumrah came into the attack and delivered the over. A great spell from the young man at such a crucial point as he gave three continuous dot balls and conceded just 3 runs of it.

17 overs have gone, England were at 118/4. Nehra came back into the attack and started with giving single in the first ball. A slight misfield by Yuvraj in the 2nd ball which has cost India another single. But Nehra struck the English side once again and dismissed Ben Stokes for 38. Jose Buttler, the new man, came in at number 6.The over ended with a single and 5 runs, 1 wicket came off it.

Wicket: Over 16.5, Stokes lbw b Nehra 38(27) [4s-2 6s-2]

After the 16th over, England were at 113/3. Finally, after continuous 9 overs of spin attack, captain Kohli brought pace attack in action. Bumrah came in to bowl but was also hit for a four by Ben Stokes in the 3rd ball.  9 runs came off the over.

15 overs are gone and England were at 104/3. For the last 8 overs, skipper Kohli has not brought the pace attack in action and it was the 9th over in that row. Chahal came in to deliver the over. A six was hit by Stokes in the 5th delivery and a total of 11 runs came off the over.

After 14th over, England were at 93/3. In continuation to the spin attack, Raina came in to bowl but he was welcomed brutally by Ben Stokes. Stokes hit a four and a six in the first two balls respectively while Raina conceded 13 runs in the over.

13 overs have gone and England were at 80/3. Kohli yet not brought pace back and decided to continue with spin. A good use of the pitch at this time. Mishra came to bowl his last over of the 4-over spell and conceded just 3 runs off it.

After 12 overs England were at 77/3. Spin attack again and this time, it was Raina. Few good balls delivered by Raina in the over and 8 runs came off it.

By the end of 11th over, England were at 69/3. No pace attack yet and Mishra continued with his balling and shocked the English side. Mishra dismissed Eoin Morgan in the very first ball for 17 runs. Ben Stokes came in at number 5. At the second ball, Mishra could have done a Nehra-stunt (taking two wickets in first two balls of the over) as he broke the wickets behind Bend Ben Stokes and bowled him but it was no ball. Bad luck for Mishra there. A good over came for India along with 4 overs adding up in England’s account.

Wicket: Over 10.1, Eoin Morgan c Hardik Pandya b Mishra 17(23) [4s-1]

After the end of 10th over,  England were at 65/2. Skipper Kohli let the spin attack continue and called back Raina to bowl. 5 overs came off the over. India in serious need of wickets to gain back the control over the game.

9 overs are gone and England were at 60/2. Mishra came back and in the very first ball, England crossed the 50-run milestone. Joe Root hit Mishra for a boundary at the 2nd ball and the 3rd ball too went for a four. A good one for England and 11 runs came off it.

8 overs have gone and England were at 49/2. It was spin attack again and the man brought in to deliver was Suresh Raina. Again, both the batsmen rotated strike throughout the over and 5 runs came off it including a leg bye.

After 7 overs, England were at 44/2. Spin attack was brought back and the bowler was changed as Mishra bowled the over. Rotation of strike occurred throughout the over and 8 runs came out of it. In the last ball, it was a huge roar went up as Dhoni broke the stumps but Root seems at ease. Yes, a big stretch gets him home comfortably. Long reach with his hands. He pushed it with the turn through point again but Chahal was more alert at sweeper cover this time.

After the end of 6 overs, England were at 36/2. Bumrah was called in to attack after delivered three balls along the correct line, he fumbled in the 4th and Morgan hit it out of the boundary. Over ended and 7 runs came of it.

5 overs have finished and England were at 29/2. Chahal returned after bowling an expensive last over. It looked as if he came with a mentality to control his economy rate as he conceded Just 5 runs and no boundaries in the over.

After the 4th over England were at 24/2. Ashish Nehra was brought back and he did the destruction to the English team. Nehra struck like a lightning and took two wickets back-to -back in the first two balls of the over. He dismissed Billings for 12 in the first ball while sent Roy back to the pavilion for 10 in the 2nd ball. Joe root and Eoin Morgan, the new duo came on the crease one after another. A great over from India, 2 runs and 2 wickets.

Wicket: Over 3.2, Jason Roy c Raina b Nehra 10(11) [6s-1]

Wicket: Over 3.1, S Billings c Bumrah b Nehra 12(9) [6s-1]

After the 3rd over, England are at 22/0. The spin attack continued and Chahal came in. After struggling in the first two overs, Egland changed the gear and Sam Billings and Jason hit Chahal for a six in the very first ball and the 3rd ball respectively. A good over for England and 15 runs came off it.

2 overs have gone and England were at 7/0. Bowling changes and Ashish Nehra came into the attack. It seems like, both the openers are not getting the Indian bowling so easily.Great piece of fielding at the straight from skipper Kohli off the third ball and jus a single was taken. A chance of run out occurred at the last ball but no harm happened to England. 5 runs of the over.

After the end of 1st over, England were at 2/0. Just like England, India also started the innings with spin attack and the successful chap from the last game, Yuzvendra Chahal, bowled the opening over. While, from the English side, Sam Billings and Jason Roy opened the inning. A great start from India and just 2 runs came off the over.

After losing the toss in the 2nd game of the T20 series against England, team India was asked to bat first by England and after losing 8 wickets, India scored 144 and set a target of 145 runs for England to chase.

The last over was bowled by Chris Jordan and he did nothing good for team India. This over proved to be the best over the first innings as only 5 runs but 3 quick wickets came off the over.

Wicket: Over 19.6, Dhoni b Jordan 5(7)

Wicket: Over 19.5, Mishra run out (Moeen Ali/Jordan) 0(0)

Wicket: Over 19.3, Hardik Pandya run out (Jordan) 2(3)

19 overs gone, India were at 139/5. Mills continued with his last over of his 4-over spell. Not much time left for Dhoni to get settled. India required some massive knocks and hence, Manish Pandey sent the ball out of the ground for six in the 3rd delivery. A huge six by the youngster. But get dismissed in the 5th ball. Mills found his man and bowled him at 30. Pandya comes in at number 7. Success in this over, 1 wicket and 10 runs.

Wicket: Over 18.5, M Pandey b Tymal Mills 30(26) [6s-1]

18 overs are finished and India were at 129/4. Chris Jordan came into the attack and dismissed the set batsman KL Rahul. Rahul was dismissed at 71. A great inning by the opener after numerous failures in the last couple of matches. A good knock by him. Now, MS Dhoni came in at no.6. Again a good over for England. 5 runs and wicket came out from the over.

Wicket: Over 17.2, Rahul c Stokes b Jordan 71(47) [4s-6 6s-2]

17 overs have gone and India were at 124/3. Stokes continued with his attack while Rahul looked more confident than before. Both the batsmen are rotating strikes ball by ball but they require few boundaries to increase the run rate, A partnership of 50 runs came off between Rahul and Manish with the double taken at the 4th ball. The over finished with a boundary and 10 runs came off the over.

After 16 overs, India are at 114/3. Pacer Tymal Mills bowled the over and both the batsmen were not in a mood for any other loss. Playing with a run rate of 7.15, the score is increasing at a steady pace which is required to fastened.  Again a controlled over for England, 6 runs came from the over.

15 overs have gone and India were at 108/3. Ben Stokes came in to attack and a good over for England and just 3 runs came from it. Rahul at 62 nd Pandey at 11.

After the 14th over, India were at 105/3. Spin continued and Rashid Ali bowled the over. Rahul looked much more confident and charged up now. 100 up for India in this over. Rahul also hit 2 fours to Ali in the 2nd and 4th ball. Again a good one for India and 12 runs came from it.

After the 13th over, India were at 93/3. Moeen continued with his spin attack and opener KL Rahul reached his 50. Excellent innings. Some of the shots he’s played were so good to watch. Gota good round of applause from the crowd and he gently points his bat towards the team dug out. All singles from the over making it 6 runs.

After 12th over, India were at 87/3. Liam Dawson was brought back after a gap of 11 overs and the spin attack continued. Rahul again playing from the front hit him a six in the third ball. A good over for India and 15 runs came off it.

After the 11th over, India were at 72/3. Captain Morgan brought Moeen Ali again and he again a loss to the Indian side. Ali dismissed Yuvraj for 4. Manish Pandey came in at number 5. A good over for England again and 5 runs came of it.

Wicket: Over 10.3, Yuvraj lbw b Moeen Ali 4(12)

After the end of 10th Over, India were at 67/2. Rashid Ali continues but couldn’t put the pressure on Indian batsmen for long. Rahul, playing from the front, hit a massive six in the 3rd ball to Ali. What a massive six it was. Finally, a good over for India and 10 runs came off it.

After the 9th over, India were at 57/2. Spin continued and Moeen Ali was brought into the attack. Changing the bowler again benefitted England as just 1 run came from the over.

After the 8th over, India were at 56/2. Spin continued and Rashid Ali was brought into the attack. Changing the bowler benefitted England as Ali gulped Raina in the fourth ball and he went fro 7. Yuvraj Singh came in at number 4. Another successful over for England and 2 runs and a wicket came from the over.

Wicket: Over 7.4, Raina c Jordan b Adil Rashid 7(10)

After the 7th over, India were at 54/1. Spin attack introduced back by captain Morgan and Moeen Ali bowled the over. It seemed like the batsmen were settled on the crease. Meanwhile, in the 4th ball, India crossed the barrier of 50 runs. India were 52/1. The over ended with 8 runs coming off it including a wide.

After the end of the 6th over, India were at 46/1. Bowler changed and Ben Stokes had the ball. KL Rahul looked furious out there after losing his opening partner. He hit an outstanding 4 to Stokes in the 4th ball. A single came in the last ball and 9 runs coming from the over.

After 5th over, India were at 37/1. Chris Jordan came back in attack and took the very first wicket of the game. Skipper Kohli dismissed for 21. Kohli tried to hit it out for a boundary but was caught by Dawson. Suresh Raina came in at no.3 and he smashed a phenomenal four in the very first ball he faced. Over finished with a single and 7 runs came out of it.

Wicket: Over 4.1, V Kohli c Liam Dawson b Jordan 21(15) [4s-2 6s-1]

After the end of 4th over, India were at 30/0. Tymal Mills came back to bowl and Kohli greeted him a huge 6 in the 2nd ball itself. He didn’t just stop there but also sent the ball out of the boundary for 4 in the very next ball. The over finished with a single. Great over for India and 15 runs came from it.

After the 3rd over, India were at 15/0. Continuing the pace attack, English skipper Eoin morgan brought Chris Jordan into the attack. Both the batsmen looked charged up while Jordan also didn’t miss his line and length throughout the over. Again, 5 runs came from the over.

After 2nd over, India were at 10/0. Bowling changes and Tymal Mills, who was the main bowler to ruin Indian batting in the last game, came with the ball and Kohli hit him a massive four in the 3rd ball. A mistimed shot which sent the ball out of the boundary. Again, 5 runs came from the over.

After 1st over, India were at 5/0. Once again the duo of KL Rahul and skipper Virat Kohli opens the Indian innings while England started the match with spin bowling attack. Liam Dawson who has replaced Liam Plunkett bowled the first over. A calculated over from Dawson and 5 runs came from the over.

After thrashing India in the very first match of the Paytm T20 series at Kanpur, England have won the toss and elected to bowl first in the 2nd T20 International at Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur.

For the second game, skipper Virat Kohli has made a change in the team. Spinner Amit Mishra has replaced Parvez Rasool while England has included Liam Dawson in place of Liam Plunkett.

After tasting an unfortunate defeat in the first T20 international against England on January 26 at Kanpur, team India will be pulling its socks up at Nagpur. Moreover, skipper Kohli would definitely not like to face the blot of ‘series-defeat’ against the English opponents in the first ever T20 series under his leadership.

Earlier on January 26, the ball fell to the English court as Eoin Morgan and company thrashed India by 7 wickets in the first of the three-match Twenty20 International. The entire Indian batting line-up went on knees before the English bowling attack, especially the duo of Tymal Mills and Chris Jordan who conceded less than seven runs in an over.

Now, today in Nagpur, it is expected that the Indian spin attack will again continue with the Chahal-Rasool pair but skipper Kohli may install off-spinner Amit Mishra after replacing either of the two, played in the last game. On the other hand, Veteran bowler Ashish Nehra gave almost more than 10 an over in the Kanpur game and it remains to be seen if India will continue to bank on his experience or bring in Bhuvneshwar Kumar, who performed well in the ODIs.


India (Playing XI): Lokesh Rahul, Virat Kohli(c), Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, MS Dhoni(w), Manish Pandey, Hardik Pandya, Amit Mishra, Jasprit Bumrah, Yuzvendra Chahal, Ashish Nehra

England (Playing XI): Jason Roy, Sam Billings, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Moeen Ali, Liam Dawson, Chris Jordan, Adil Rashid, Tymal Mills