ICC finds Mohammad Hafeez's bowling action illegal again, suspended from bowling in international cricket

Mohammad Hafeez's bowling action has been suspended for three times in three years by the International Cricket Council

Pakistan cricketer Mohammad Hafeez’s bowling action has been suspended AGAIN by the International Cricket Council (ICC). The 37-year-old’s bowling action was reported suspicious in the third ODI against Sri Lanka at Abu Dhabi on October 18.

This is the third time in three years ICC has found Hafeez’s bowling action to be illegal and stopped him from bowling in international cricket.

According to the recent assessment, Hafeez’s bowling arm bends more than 15 degrees which exceed the permitted regulations of the ICC.

According to ICC’s official website: 

In accordance with Article 11.1 of the ICC Illegal Bowling Regulations, Hafeez’s international suspension will also be recognised and enforced by all National Cricket Federations for domestic cricket events played in their own jurisdiction. However, pursuant to Article 11.5 of the Regulations and with the consent of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Hafeez may be able to bowl in domestic cricket events played under the auspices of the PCB.

However, Hafeez has a ray of hope as clause 4.5 of the Regulations enables him to apply for a re-assessment of his bowling action after reworking on it.

Hafeez is the second spinner of Pakistan in the recent times to be reported of a suspicious bowling. Saeed Ajmal’s bowling action was banned by the ICC which resulted in his retirement from all forms of cricket on November 14.