Has Virat Kohli become the Donald Trump of World Cricket?

It seems like Indian skipper Virat Kohli has crossed a line here by complaining to BCCI over former Head Coach Anil Kumble's style of coaching

Virat Kohli has done something which has never happened in the history of Indian cricket. Kohli has indirectly fired his own boss (Head Coach). It is safe to say that Kohli has now come close to becoming the Donald Trump of World Cricket. It seems like Australian media’s headline is coming back to haunt India, as the skipper did not agree with Kumble who is one of the most respected cricketers in the world.

An emotional letter posted by Anil Kumble on Facebook, Twitter managed to break every Indian cricket fan’s heart into a billion pieces as they were desperately hoping that the rift between Kumble-Kohli was only a product of mere creativity by rumour mongers. But, as soon Kumble confirmed the news their little bubble popped and the reality surfaced which will possibly be remembered by cricketing fans in the coming years too.

Kohli kept it all under the lid when he was asked about reports of his rift with Kumble. Kohli maintained a straight face while responding to questions while asserting that there was, in fact, no rift between them and termed the “rumours” as a work of fiction only to gain sympathy from his oh-so-loyal fans. Now that reports of the rift have turned out to be true, Kohli is in a fix as he will now be forced to answer all the questions in the pre-match press conference prior to first ODI against West Indies.

Kohli, quite similar to what the United President Donald Trump is known for, blamed it all on the media but has not yet come out to speak himself when Kumble has revealed the truth behind the story. Kohli is the skipper of one of the most powerful cricket teams in the world. Similarly, Trump too is the President of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Kohli’s recent tactics have forced us to compare him the US President considering the zero portrayal of emotions following India’s loss. While Virat has a massive fan following, his recent behaviour which clearly shows that he is full of himself considering the kind of success he managed to gain in such a short span of time. Once Donald Trump gained popularity or rather attention the man started spewing hatred more than he used to initially.

Kohli is behaving like a spoiled brat complaining to BCCI and indirectly asking them to replace him as well. Kohli has been called arrogant by many over the years. It seems like he is justifying the statement with his recent actions. Even after India lost to Pakistan in ICC Champions Trophy 2017 final, Kohli did not accept any of his mistakes in decision making. Unlike MS Dhoni, Kohli did not seem a tad bit sad after India’s loss, because he was too arrogant to accept it.

Even former Indian skipper Sunil Gavaskar lashed out at Kohli and other players who objected to Kumble’s ‘style’ of coaching. It must be noted that Kumble guided them to a terrific home Test season and they recently ended as the runner-ups of the tournament. Gavaskar had a few harsh words to say for Kohli who questioned Kumble’s coaching skills. Gavaskar indirectly said that the players who have complained against Kumble should leave and not him.

Not just Gavaskar but Indian Olympic medallist Abhinav Bindra expressed his disappointment over Kohli’s actions and Indian shuttler Jwala Gutta agreed to it as well.

It is time Kohli pays heed to what the seniors have to say and reassess the situation, otherwise, it will not be a good sign for the one who coaches the Indian Cricket Team next.