Has the mighty Virender Sehwag joined Indian Army?

And just like that, the cricketer turned commentator and part-time Twitter lord Virender Sehwag has added another feather to his cap

He can wear many hats at one time and he does it with a lot of panache, that is Virender Sehwag for you! With the bat, he can rip bowlers apart and with his tongue-in cheek sarcasm, he can blow the best of intellectuals. Recently, he did something that was just not expected from the ‘butcher of Najafgarh’. He has joined a Bengaluru army camp, for a two-day training programme. So, what prompted him to do so? There could be many reasons for it.

Does he want to join the Indian army to take on the Pakistani intruders from across the borders?

In a manner, he carted the Pakistani bowlers. Or does he want to set an example for all young Indians, who are in a dilemma over their career choice?

Whatever it be, we are sure Virender Sehwag will continue to do the rights to inspire the youth. He was also present as a part of the Kings XI Punjab franchise during the auctions that took place on February 20.

His tweeted: “Jawaan Hamaara Bhagwaan Bangalore Camp 2005-06 season,what a wonderful 2 days it were at the Army camp #ProudOfIndianArmy #AapHainTohHumHain”.

In the picture, you get to see Virender Sehwag wearing a rugged ‘jawan’ outfit and carrying what seems to be a paper. We guess it is a map outline of the boarding camp they will be putting up in. Do not miss the rifle he is carrying! He looks like a pro, Col. Virender Sehwag!