Harbhajan Singh lashes out at Australian journalist who posted a photo of Virat Kohli sweeping the floors

The Australian journalist does not seem to realise his mistakes as he tries to justify his tweet on Indian skipper Virat Kohli

Harbhajan Singh aka the ‘Turbanator’ is a no nonsense person. Harbhajan responds to insults on and off the field and this time it was the Australian journalist, a cricket journalist who calls himself the ‘writer of bad jokes’. The Australian writer’s post went viral before the first match between Pakistan vs World XI, Independence Cup as he posted a photo of  Indian skipper Virat Kohli sweeping the floors. The caption of the insulting tweet read, “Sweepers clean the stadium in readiness of the World XI match”. Twitterati slammed him for his post and it was just a matter of time before Harbhajan responded.

Harbhajan opined in India Today’s show, “Shame on this guy to actually put such a comment. It is very stupid of this guy to write something on Virat Kohli or for that matter anyone. You have got to maintain the dignity and understand who we are talking about and you do not need to show anyone down. At the end of the day we are all human beings whether we are Australians, Indians or Pakistanis. Let us just respect the fact that we are human beings without putting anyone down,” he said.

Though the off-spinner felt that Kohli has no need to respond to the ‘stupid guy’ as he compared the Australian journalist to a barking dog.

“I do not think that Virat (Kohli) needs to respond to everyone because when an elephant walks on the street then there are a lot of dogs that bark. Virat Kohli is an elephant and he does not need to give answers to all these guys who are commenting on him or saying things about him because they can never be someone like Virat Kohli, it is as simple as that,” Harbhajan added.

Despite all the criticism he faced, the Australian just could not accept his mistake as he tried to troll Harbhajan and Kohli.

He tried to troll Indians as well.

He asked S Sreesanth for the backing as well. Though we doubt he will get it, he might get a slap-equivalent-tweet from Sreesanth if he pays any heed to it.

With the India vs Australia limited overs series coming up, we don’t see any end to the war of tweets between the adamant Australian writer and the Indian Twitterati.