'Google Translator' Fails East Bengal; Kolkata Club Forget To Arrange Interpreter For Costa Rican Player

If only East Bengal FC had spent money on a translator, the blunder could have been avoided

East Bengal football witnessed an awkward situation when they forgot to arrange a translator for their new Costa Rican player Johnny Acosta. Kolkata club authorities were left red-faced at the press conference which was meant to unveil the Costa Rican World Cup player.

The club’s brand ambassador Alvito D’Cunha tried to save the situation, but the basic knowledge of the Portuguese language was of little help.

The officials tried to make up for their blunder by taking help from the ‘Google Translator’ but poor connectivity at the media centre hindered the proceedings. They even shifted the press conference to a different room but the failure to translate only led to added embarrassment for the newly appointed CEO Sanjit Sen. Eventually, the press conference had to be cancelled.

According to Goal.com, club ambassador Alvito D’Cumham, who is from Goa, tried his best to help with the little Portuguese he knew but could not translate the two languages accurately. Acosta was then asked to move to a different corner of the media centre where there was better connectivity but most of the questions from the journalists were in Bengali, making the task of ‘Google Translator’ even more difficult.

Here’s the video of the press conference:

A faux pas like this was bound to receive criticism from fans.

Here’s Google translator’s version of what Acosta had to say about joining the club.

“I know Guimaraes is in Mumbai City. Carlos Hernandez in Prayag United. I heard he had good experience. Yendrick Ruiz joined Pune City in 2015.”

Acosta was in the starting line up of each Costa Rica match in the Russia World Cup 2018. The central defender has featured in 71 matches for his national team. His practice sessions for East Bengal FC will be starting soon as he has declared himself fit to play ahead of joining.